Conductive Bulk Bags | Safe Ignition Protection Against Static in Hazardous & Explosive Atmospheres

Published 18 Mar 2021

Type C FIBC Bulk Bag

Type C FIBC Bulk Bag – Image From National Bulk Bag

Conductive bulk bags (anti-static / type C)

Safe Protection Against Ignition Hazards

BSFL Packaging offer a range of FIBC Bulk Bags manufactured and designed to manage the occurrence of static electricity safely during FIBC filling and emptying operations, which is a critical concern for many industries.

As bulk bags are made from polypropylene, an electrically insulating material, they are prone to the build up of static electricity as friction and separation occur during filling and discharging of the products.

When filling and emptying the FIBC with a bulk product, a combustible dust arises inside the FIBC. Thus when filling and emptying the FIBC in hazardous areas with explosive atmospheres, a reliable protection against the risk of electrostatically induced ignitions is essential.

BSFL Packaging’s range of Conductive Type C Anti-Static Bulk Bags is designed for use with materials and in locations where it is essential to avoid the risks of electrostatic ignitions during handling.

BSFL Packaging offers the entire range of protective measures for the safe handling of FIBCs in hazardous areas. There are four types of FIBC in use differentiated by their ability for charge dissipation and/or limiting the energy of possible discharges. The four types of FIBC are explained below:


As there is no static protection provided by Type A FIBC, it is essential that they are not used to store or transport combustible materials or used in flammable or combustible environments.

FIBCs made from non-conductive materials without any measures against electrostatic charging therefore grounding and charge dissipation is hardly possible.

Do not use Type A FIBCs in the presence of flammable vapours or gases


FIBCs are made from materials that have a low breakdown voltage to prevent the occurrence of high energy propagating brush discharges (PBD).

This FIBC has a breakdown voltage not exceeding 6 kV which reliably prevents the ignition of explosive dust atmospheres. Type B FIBCs can be used in the presence of combustible dusts with ignition energies > 3 mJ.

Do not use Type B FIBCs in the presence of combustible dusts with ignition energies ≤ 3 mJ.

Do not use Type B FIBCs in the presence of flammable vapours or gases


FIBCs normally made of non-conductive fabric with interwoven conductive threads forming either a reliably interconnected grid of max. 50 mm mesh size or if the threads are in one direction only, a distance between each thread of less than 20 mm.

The breakdown voltage does not exceed 6 kV. Type C FIBCs can be used in the presence of combustible dusts and in the presence of flammable gases or vapours with ignition energies ≥ 0,14 mJ.

When filling and emptying, the Type C FIBC must be connected to system ground or earthing point such as the Earth-Rite FIBC Static Earthing System By Newson Gale.


FIBC made usually from non-conductive fabric containing conductive threads or filaments which are not interconnected. Charge dissipation occurs into the surrounding of the FIBC via corona discharge.

Earthing of the Type D FIBC has only a minor effect on charge dissipation and is not required. Type D FIBCs can be used in the presence of combustible dusts and in the presence of flammable gases or vapours with ignition energies ≥ 0,14 mJ.

Use of Different Types of FIBC Conductive Bulk Bags

MIE of dust 
(Minimum Ignition Energy)
Non-flammable atmosphere Explosive dust atmosphere Explosive gas and
vapour atmosphere
MIE > 1000 mJ A,B,C,D B,C,D C,D
1000 mJ > MIE > 3 mJ B,C,D B,C,D C,D
MIE < 3 mJ C,D C,D C,D
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