EXHEAT Bulldog - ATEX Hazardous Area Heaters

worlds first truly portable atex heater

Meet The Bulldog - our portable ATEX fan heater for use in Zone 1 or 2 (IIA, IIB & H2 T3 T4) hazardous areas.

Safely providing air warming to workplaces in potentially explosive atmospheres and flammability zones.

Features & Benefits

Portable & Lightweight - single user operation, castored for added mobility

"Plug & Play" - optional plug fittings or hard wiring to an isolator unit

Tough & Durable - an industrial heater moulded from a steel reinforced polymer

Heating Hard To Reach Hazardous Areas

Available with flying lead to direct heat in restricted access and confined spaces. Ducting can be connected to provide a warm airstream that can be felt metres away. Suitable and certified for use in ambient temperatures between -40C…+40C IP65

ATEX Certified

EX II 2 G D Ex h

Ex db eb IIB + H2 T3 to T4 Gb

Ex tb IIIC T200°C to T135°C Db

Just A Few Applications

Offshore Oil & Gas | Ammunitions Stores | Spray Paint Booths & Coating Shops 

Battery Stores | Resin & Composite Curing | Confined Spaces | Tank Cleaning

Sewerage Systems | Pumping Stations | Aircraft Hangers | Shot Blasting | DSEAR Sites


For further information see HAZARDOUS AREA HEATER - contact us to discuss pricing, application or to arrange a demonstration.

Thorne & Derrick are Specialist Distributors of Electrical, Mechanical, Process & Instrumentation Equipment to the oil, gas, petrochem and hazardous area industries.

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Maximum Efficiency, Safety & Reliability For Power Supply


Working with Marechal, T&D can provide increased safety and improved reliability to the traditional “hard-wiring” approach to low voltage power distribution.  


  • Safe disconnect under load
  • Watertight up to IP69K
  • Up to 63A 750V 
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • ATEX certified options


See: Marechal DXN Self-Ejecting Hazardous Area Plug & Socket Assembly

More Info
Lighting For Hazardous Areas
Zone 2 Hazardous Area Lighting

Appleton ATX hazardous area lighting ranges are ATEX and IECEx certified suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas:


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Portable & Temporary Lighting For Hazardous Areas


  • Torches
  • Headlamps & Handlamps
  • Luminaires & Floodlites
  • Leadlamps & Airlamps


Tank Lighting Kits for cleaning, inspection and maintenance work in explosive atmospheres.

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Gas Detectors For Industrial & Hazardous Area Working 


Drager Gas Detectors and sensors are used for monitoring a wide variety of flammable and toxic gases - including portable gas detectors for providing lifesaving warning to workers exposed to risk. 


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Zone 1 & Zone 2 Offshore



Hazardous Area ATEX
Largest UK Stocks
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Thorne & Derrick stock a broad range electric surface heating jackets to protect contents of drums and IBC containers from freezing or solidifying.


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Read T&D's Blog to discover how our Electrical Heating Products protect plant and process against freezing temperatures.

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Shutdowns & Turnarounds
Hazardous Area Equipment

Thorne & Derrick supply customers carrying out “Shutdowns and Turnarounds” to the UK and worldwide hazardous area industries.


Supported by world-class manufacturers we provide Heat, Light & Power using explosion proof products.



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