Elster H4000 Woltmann Cold Water Meter

Published 25 Sep 2016

Elster Water Meters

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Elster H4000 is a Woltmann type cold water meter designed for measuring bulk flows of cold potable water for revenue billing in commercial or industrial applications and distribution system monitoring.

Elster H4000 Water Meter is a horizontal Woltmann type water meter designed for installation where occasional low and moderate to high sustained flows are demanded. Accuracy is maintained in both forward and reverse flow directions and there are various register/pulser options to suit the metering application.

The water meter is for use only with potable cold water up to 120 °F (50 °C) and working pressure up to 230 psi (16 bar). The water meter will perform with accuracy registration of 100% +/- 2% within normal flow. Both pressure loss and accuracy tests are made before shipment. No adjustment is needed before installation.

The Elster H4000 is available in a number of different sizes from 1 ½” through 12″ covering a wide range of flow rates for accurate measurement of potable cold water.

Elster H4000 Meter

Cold Water Meter Key Features

Elster - World Leaders In Water Metering

Elster – World Leaders In Water Metering

  • Multiple pulsed output for increased management information
  • Extended low and high flow performance
  • Suitable for forward and reverse water flow metering
  • ISO 4064 Class B specification for forward flow installations in the horizontal, vertical and inclined position
  • ISO 4064 Class B specification for the reverse flow for sizes up to 150mm
  • Robust shroud and copper can register for long life and readability
  • Use of an in-line strainer to protect the rotor.
  • Elster H4000 maximum working temperature of 50ºC.
  • Maximum working pressure of 16 bar.

Elster H4000 meters are available in 10 sizes for flow rates between 0.35m³/h and 2000 m³/h – the cold water meter provides total installation versatility and is suitable for horizontal, vertical and inclined pipelines.

Elster H4000 Water Meter

Elster H4000 Water Meter is a Woltmann-type meter designed for measuring bulk flows of cold potable water for revenue billing in commercial or industrial applications.

Elster H4000 Meter

Elster H4000 Meter Design & Specification

Elster H4000 Meter Design & Specification

Effective Water Metering

Elster H4000 meter uses an inductive register to deliver enhanced communications performance and tamper-proof security, offering protection against fraud.

The H4000 meter can be integrated with the Elster Emeris PR7 inductive pulse transmitter and provides both low and high speed bi-directional pulse capabilities as standard. The PR7 is fully compatible with ancillary devices including data loggers and AMR systems.

When used In conjunction with Elster H4000’s optional integrated pressure port, this allows convenient logging of flow-rate and pressure for effective water resource management.

1. Tamper-proof shroud and robust lid

2. Epoxy powder coated body and cover

3. Maximum lenght flow straightening vanes

4. Low mass rotor with hydrodynamic thrust relief

5. Hard surface rotor bearing – tungsten carbide and synthetic sapphire

Elster H4000 Woltmann Water Meters

Selection table

Elster H4000 Water Meter Sizemm40mm50mm65mm80mm100mm125mm150mm200mm250mm300mm
Overload Flowm³/h9090120200250250600100016002000
Permanent Flowm³/h50506512018018045070010001500
Transitional Flowm³/h111.5222461115
Minimum Flow (Horizontal)m³/h0.350.350.
Minimum Flow (Vertical)m³/h0.450.450.751.
Starting Flow (Approximately)m³/h0.
Headloss At Maximum Flowbar0.840.490.690.270.430.580.330.320.370.58
Maximum Registrationmillions of m³11111110101010
Maximum Water Temperature°C50505050505050505050
Maximum Working Pressurebar16161616161616161616


Elster H4000 Meters Dimensions

Elster H4000 Meters Dimensions

Elster H4000 Woltmann Water Meters


Elster H4000 Water Meter Sizemm40mm50mm65mm80mm100mm125mm150mm200mm250mm300mm
Overall Meter Length (IOS) (A)mm300200/300200/300200/350250/350250300/500350450500
Overall Meter Length (Kent) (A)mm311311 –413483 – –520 – –
Meter Height (B)mm78788694106118135165198225
Meter Height (D)mm148148148159159159206228246246
Meter Height (E)mm236236236247247247294316334334
Flange Diameter (C)mm151166186201228251286341409461
Weight (ISO)kg11.812.2/13.113/14.414.1/16.619.4/2120.537.5/43.547.582104
Weight (Kent)kg1213.3 –17.623.6 – –54 – –

Elster H4000 Woltmann Water Meters

Pulse Connectivity

Elster H4000 Water Meter SizePulse FactorK1K10K100K1000
40mmP:11 ltrs10 ltrs100 ltrs1,000 ltrs
50mmP:11 ltrs10 ltrs100 ltrs1,000 ltrs
65mmP:11 ltrs10 ltrs100 ltrs1,000 ltrs
80mmP:11 ltrs10 ltrs100 ltrs1,000 ltrs
100mmP:11 ltrs10 ltrs100 ltrs1,000 ltrs
125mmP:11 ltrs10 ltrs100 ltrs1,000 ltrs
150mmP1010 ltrs100 ltrs1,000 ltrs10,000 ltrs
200mmP1010 ltrs100 ltrs1,000 ltrs10,000 ltrs
250mmP1010 ltrs100 ltrs1,000 ltrs10,000 ltrs
300mmP1010 ltrs100 ltrs1,000 ltrs10,000 ltrs

Calculating Pulse Weights for Elster H4000 when fitted with PR7 inductive pulser.

Elster H4000 Water Meter

Elster H4000 Water Meter Register – from the dial plate customer can identify type of pulser and Pulse Factor.

Pulse weight is calculated by multiplying the Register “Pulse Factor” (P) by the PR7 “K_Factor” (K).

Pulse Weight (Litres per Pulse) = P x K.

PR7 is an open collector pulse transmitter suitable for data logging, AMR and telemetry equipment for the Elster H4000 water meter.

Elster Meters

Elster H5000 – Next Generation Woltmann Turbine Bulk Water Meter

The H5000 is Elster’s next generation Woltmann turbine bulk water meter featuring a range of important features and its innovative measuring technology. Elster H5000 is ideally suited for billing or water distribution applications. A new rotor design combined with proven sensor technology maximizes its measuring range.

Elster H5000 water meter has an advanced electronic register which includes integrated communications covering a range of industry standard outputs compatible with common AMR/AMI systems and data-logging equipment.

Elster H5000 Features

Elster H5000 Water Meter Features

Water Meter Specialists - Thorne & Derrick

Water Meter Specialists – Thorne & Derrick

Elster Water Metering

Elster Water Metering is the industry leader in the development and implementation of innovative metering solutions to the water industry and is committed to address the unique challenges the industry faces, including increasing customer demand and water scarcity.

Elster Water Metering designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of water metering solutions, which includes high accuracy mechanical meters, fully electronic water meters and Smart metering solutions for residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

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Hazardous Area Flow Meters

T&D also distribute ATEX Certified Hazardous Area Flow Meters for clamp-on to the pipe measurement of clean water in potentially explosive atmospheres – we are Approved Distributors for Katronic Flow Meters.

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