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Water Leak Detection

Aquilar leak detection cables, sensors and panels are specified to provide protection against water, oil and refrigerant gas leaks. Specialising in commercial building applications, Aquilar have developed a full range of products and solutions to solve customers and construction engineers challenges, keeping up with the newest building regulations and standards including BREEAM Wat 03.

Aquilar manufacture their own Aquitron brand of leak detection systems for water, oil and refrigerant gases including leak sensing cables, sensors and control panels. Aquilar also specialise in Tyco’s Tracetek leak detection systems – T&D can provide specification, design and competitive supply of leak detection equipment from stock to UK and overseas customers.

Aquilar Aquitron Leak Detection systems installed in critical areas provide advance warning to prevent damage, reduce disruption and limit loss to property and assets.

Aquilar Leak Detection for Water, Oil & Refrigerant Gas

Aquilar Leak Detection for Water, Oil & Refrigerant Gas


T&D supply Aquilar Leak Detection systems including cables, sensors and control panels from stock. The Aquitron range has been developed by Aquilar with technical input from the Tyco TraceTek laboratories and to complement the Tyco TraceTek leak detection system allowing both to be fully compatible with each other.

  • Aquitron AT-SZA Single Zone Alarm Zone Location Control Panel
  • Aquitron AT-MZA Multi Zone Alarm Zone Location Control Panel
  • Aquitron AT-LDM Leak Detection Module Zone Location Control Panel
  • Aquitron AT-SD Speech Auto Dialler Leak Detection Control Panel
  • Aquitron AT-RAP Remote Alarm Control Panel
  • Aquitron AT-Probe Water Leak Detection Probe
  • Aquitron AT-OPSEN Optical Oil Leak Detection Probe
  • Aquitron AT-OPSEN-R Optical Oil Leak Detection Probe
  • Aquitron AT-600A Immersion Probe
  • Aquitron AT-TDWS Tundish Water Sensor
  • Aquitron AT-G-SENSE Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection Sensor
  • Aquitron AT-G-DETECT Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection Sensor
  • Aquitron AT-GU Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection Sensor
  • Aquitron AT-RLM2 Refrigerant Leak Monitor

Aquilar Aquitron AT-MZA Control Panel, AT-Probe & AT-G-DETECT Refrigerant Leak Gas Sensor

Aquilar Aquitron AT-MZA Control Panel, AT-Probe & AT-G-DETECT Refrigerant Leak Gas Sensor

Aquilar Aquitron AT-MZa MULTI-ZONE


Aquilar’s AT-MZA multi zone leak detection control panel can be used to monitor up to 8 individual sensing zones which can be spread across multiple areas or floors of a building. The AT-MZA can be used alongside TraceTek’s leak sensing cables and Aquitron sensor probes and can monitor up to 100m of sensing cable and 10 leak sensors and probes per zone.

The AT-MZA control panel can be configured with alarm relay outputs to control individual air conditioning units, pumps and valves in separate zones and in the event of a leak being detected or a cable fault developing, a visual and audible 90 decibel indicator is triggered.

Multiple relay contact options are possible with the AT-MZA to connect each zone to other equipment such as BMS, PLC’s and other alarm and monitoring systems.

The unit is wall or flat surface mounted and a semi-flush mounting flange is also available. Typical applications for the AT-MZA control panel include monitoring air-handling units, water-cooled machinery, tanks, pumps and lift pits.

Contact T&D Sales for technical support and quotations for Aquilar leak detection systems.

Aquilar Aquitron AT-MZA

Aquilar Aquitron AT-MZA Multi Zone Leak Detection Control Panel

TraceTek Aquilar Commercial Buildings

Water leak detection

Animation shows the TraceTek leak detection solution for quickly detecting the precise location of water leaks in critical infrastructure.

Aquilar Leak Detection Applications

Leak detection systems can be utilised to prevent damage caused by water, oil, chemicals and refrigerant gases. Water leaks in particular can cost millions to businesses in environments such as data centres, banks, libraries, art galleries and office buildings.

Water leaks in office buildings can be monitored with fire rated leak sensing cable installed around fan coil units around the edge of the building’s office floors and detector probes surrounding the central utility core on each floor. Additionally, key areas such as electrical switch gear rooms, server rooms and network communication rooms can be monitored using a combination of leak sensing cable, probes and sensors in a dedicated zoned system to provide rapid notification of developing problems.

Oil and chemical leaks can occur during fuel and hydrocarbon processing, storage and transportation presenting a danger to life, property and the environment whilst also being costly to clean up.

Finally, refrigerant gas leaks can increase operating costs due to inefficiencies in refrigeration systems and the rising cost of refrigerant gases. Early detection of issues can avoid costly emergency service call outs and prevent continued depletion of the ozone layer and health and safety concerns for occupants of the air conditioned spaces.

Aquilar Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

Aquilar Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

About Aquilar

Aquilar were founded in 1999 in Horsham and quickly became the number one partner for Tyco TraceTek leak detection systems. Finding that one manufacturer did not offer a solution for all types of leak detection applications in one place, Aquilar carried out a customer focus programme and researched the problems encountered by clients and construction engineers.

Using the information gathered Aquilar developed the Aquitron range and continue to this day with a heavy focus on research and development to create new products and solutions to meet with new and changing standards within the building industry. For more than a decade Aquilar have designed and supplied leak detection solutions to almost all markets available.

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Aquilar Aquitron

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