Axioma QALCO – MID Class 2 Approved Heat Meters

Qalco Heat Meters

Qalco Heat Meters – MID Class 2 Approved

Axioma heating and cooling energy meters provide accurate measurement of heat used and for monitoring the levels of energy generated through renewable energy. The range of heat metering technology includes ultrasonic, electromagnetic and energy calculators – visit QALCO website.

Qalco energy and heat meters provide accurate, reliable energy measurement and can be used under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme in the UK. The range of heat meters and energy meters from Axioma are RHI MID Class 2 Approved.

MID Class 2 Heat Meters

Meters – Measuring Instruments Directive MID Approved (Water & Heat Meters)

Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) is an EU Directive (2004/22/EC) harmonising requirements of 10 different measuring instrument types, including heat meters. MID approved heat meters must pass specific conformity assessment procedures and have MID markings which allow the meters to be used in any EU member state.

Water Meters MID Class 2

MID Class 2 Water Meter: Axioma Qalcosonic Flow 4 ultrasonic water meter is designed for the measurement of cold and hot water consumption in households and blocks of flats, as well for industrial applications.

Heat meters and energy meters are used globally throughout many industries with typical applications and industries for Axioma products including components for heating and metering, bio-fuel energy solutions, boiler-house equipment and electrical engineering.

Axis Industries Heat Metering

Axioma Heat Metering

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MID class 2 Approved Heat Meter

Commercial Heating & Cooling Meter

Qalcomet Heat 1 Metering Solutions

Axioma Qalco Heatmet 1 Energy Meter

Axioma Qalco Heatmet 1 Energy Meter

Axioma metering products provide the highest quality, most reliable metering available and are suitable for a wide range of applications. The Qalco family of meters range from heating and cooling energy meters for use on commercial buildings with varying heat transfer mediums.

The Axioma Qalcomet Heat 1 heat meter is designed for the metering and monitoring of heating and cooling energy systems that are installed in dwelling houses, office buildings and energy plants.

Qalcomet Heat 1 is a sub-assembly heat meter combined with standard flow sensors based on ultrasonic, electromagnetic or mechanical measurement principle with standard pulse output, a temperature and pressure sensor.

Measuring and calculating supplied flow parameters, the Qalcomet Heat 1 displays measurement data on the display, records and stores data in the internal archive.

There are many advantages of using the Axioma Qalcomet Heat 1 including:

  • Can be used to calculate energy values for two independent heating systems
  • Cold water temperature for open systems application can be measured or fixed
  • Flexible menu setup – a list of parameter values displayed on the LCD screen may be configured according to individual requirements
  • Up to 5 flow measurement inputs and temperature sensors
  • Protection class IP65
  • Two channels for pressure measurement

Axioma Metering Solutions Industry Applications

Axis Industries heat meters are used in many industries globally for commercial heat measurement and energy flow output metering applications.  The full range of Axis Industries heat meters are MID Class 2 and RHI approved meaning they can accurately be used when claiming financial incentives from the RHI scheme.

Heat Meter

Bio-Fuels: The EU defines biofuels as a ‘liquid or gaseous fuel produced from biomass’ (organic material). The most common biofuels include bioethanol – which is made from sugar and starch crops – and biodiesel – which is produced from natural oils and fats. In addition, vegetable oils and other liquid biomass can also be used as biofuels without modification for power generation. T&D have extensive experience providing heat metering products to the renewable industry. Image: Mott MacDonald.

About Axioma

Axioma group of companies brings together Axis Industries, Axis Power and Axis Technologies representing over 20 years experience in providing effective engineering systems for industry and the energy sector.

Axioma products represent excellent value for money and can help monitor, measure and meter energy usage and consumption as well as amounts of energy generated.

Axis industries and designers and manufacturers of heat, energy and water management devices and other products for use throughout industries and the energy sector. Within the Axis industries company there are a number of brands including Qalco heat and energy metering devices.

Heat Meters - AXIS Qalco

Energy Management & Metering Products

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Axioma QALCO

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