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Water Management Products

Cistermiser manufacture washroom control products that are simple to install and are hygienically designed. For almost 40 years Cistermiser have developed their product portfolio of reliable and proven water saving products earning themselves the title experts in water management.

Their brand name is synonymous for urinal flush controls.

Cistermiser Washroom Control Systems

Cistermiser Washroom Control Systems

Cistermiser Washroom Control Systems

Cistermiser have been designing and manufacturing a range of high quality cost effective, water efficient products for over 35 years. Over the years the Cistermiser product offering has developed to help reduce water consumption, help utility savings and more flexible installation options. Now able to offer solutions for commercial, industrial and public sector washroom environments where security, hygiene and cost reductions are a main requirement.

Cistermiser Product Range

  • Urinal Flushing Valves
  • WC Flushing Valves
  • Taps, Spouts & Showers
  • Anti-Vandal Washroom Controls
  • Washroom Control Systems
  • Limescale Prevention

All products are WRAS approved, listed on DEFRA’s ECA Water Technology and several of the Cistermiser products are part of the Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme. The product range is widely used by plumbers, heating contractors and specifiers providing effective water management and water saving solutions for commercial and domestic installations.

Cistermiser Sensazone System

Cistermiser Sensazone System

Cistermiser Sensazone System

Cistermiser Senazone is an electronic management system that helps to control the water supply, lighting and extractor fan within washrooms. The system helps to prevent water being wasted, decreases the risk of flooding and reduces utility bills.

The electronic management system and the AV Range are able to provide vandal-resistant touch-controlled water delivery to washrooms.

The Sensazone system controls the water supply, lighting and extractor fans within the washroom.

Cistermiser Sensazone uses solenoid valves to control the water flow opening when movement is detected supplying water to urinals and cisterns. When no motion is identified the water supply is cut off (usually configured to 15 or 30 minutes). As Sensazone controls water at its entry point, the water is prevented from passing uncontrolled through any defective or damaged outlet, eliminating the risk of wastage or flooding during vacant periods.

Cistermiser Sensazone System 3D

Cistermiser Sensazone System 3D

Cistermiser Sensazone

Cistermiser Sensazone is an easy to install, all in one solution to reduce water wastage and energy bills controlling water supply, lighting and extractor fans within the washroom.

Cistermiser Anti Vandal

Anti Vandal Range Suitable For Secure Units

Cistermiser Washroom Control Systems For Secure Units

Cistermiser AV WC Flush Control

AV WC Flush Control

Cistermiser have an anti-vandal range of products suitable for demanding public environments such as prisons and mental health hospitals. The AV range are designed to stop vandalism, aggressive behavior and attempts of self harm.

The entire range of products provides vandal-resistant touch controlled water delivery to washrooms:

  • Piezo touch button
  • WC cistern with flush and fill
  • Direct flushing urinal valve
  • Direct flushing WC valve with six channel controller and power supply unit

Installing Washroom Control Systems In Secure Units

What To Consider?

1. Water efficiency

It is essential to ensure waste is kept to an absolute minimum when reviewing water efficiency. Ineffective water outlets should exchanged to consume less water and reduce water bills.

2. Vandal resistant

All of the AV including taps and flush controls need to be strong enough to minimise vandalism. Secure mounting fixings are also required to stop them being tampered with. Anti-ligature design is also a consideration.

3. Hygiene

No-touch controls help to reduce cross-contamination and infection. Automatic hygiene rinses reduce the risk of harmful microbial build-up such as legionella.


BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the industry leading environmental performance assessment of any type of building (new and existing). Credits are awarded according to performance and environmental impact –  a set of environmental weightings then enables the BREEAM credits to be added together to produce a single overall score. Building are then rated on a scale of: PASS, GOOD, VERY GOOD, EXCELLENT or OUTSTANDING and a BREEAM certificate is awarded to the development.

Cistermiser products assist a building design achieve BREEAM credits and hence a higher overall BREEAM rating. To achieve an OUTSTANDING rating for example, a building design will need to obtain 2 credits under the Wat 01 category – contact T&D to discuss how the installation of Cistermiser water management products can contribute towards a buildings BREEAM credit score.

BREEAM Leak Detection

Thorne & Derrick have supported the M&E building services industry since 1985 and today provide expert technical support, system design and supply for water leak detection systems compliant with BREEAM Wat 03.

About Cistermiser

Founded in 1976 with over 40 years experience in manufacturing and supplying high quality washroom control systems for cost effective water management.

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Integrity, Values & Trust. T&D are a world-class business committed to ensuring the correct installation and application of all products we distribute. Where applicable installer training and support services including site surveys can be made available.

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