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Dart Valley Systems

Thermostatic Mixing Showers, Taps & Valves

Dart Valley Systems offer a wide range of water saving products for automatic washrooms in the commercial, industrial, public sector, custodial, retail markets, healthcare and mental healthcare.

For over 30 years Dart Valley Systems have been providing reliable reduced water consumption products that are hygienically designed and are suitable for tough commercial environments. All Dart Valley System products come with extensive installation support and specification advise.

Dart Valley System Automatic Washroom Controls

Dart Valley System Automatic Washroom Controls: No-Touch & Self-Closing Taps

Dart Valley Systems – Automatic Washroom Controls

Dart Valley Systems offer a wide range of products including automatic no touch taps, self-closing taps, safe ensuites, anti-ligature washroom controls, urinal controls and a number of other washroom controls. The Dart Valley product portfolio is focussed upon reducing water consumption through hygienic washroom controls:

Dart Valley Systems Products:

  • WC Flushing – Kits, Cisterns & Spares
  • Thermostatic Mixing Taps
  • Urinal Controls – Flushmatics, Urinal Control System, Sleeves & Franke Flush-C & Flush-S
  • No-Touch Taps – Classic, Aquarius, Franke Protronic & Tap Control Systems
  • Self-Closing Taps – Franke Aqualine, Franke Aquamix, Franke Aquafit & Franke Pureline
  • Thermostatic Mixing Showers – Shower Towers, Shower Heads, Temperature Blending Valves, Control Systems, Franke Aqualine, Franke Smartwave Aquacontact, Franke Aquapay & Spares
  • Bath Controls – Bathplates, Spouts & Control Systems
  • Water Management – Overflow Detection Control, Restrictaflow, Water Isolation, A3000 Water Management & Franke Aquapay
  • Healthcare – Aquarius Scrub Taps, AquariTherm, EZ Spouts, Scrub-up Troughs, Medical Ducts, Medi-Showers & Accessories

Automatic washroom controls are water saving products that manage water flow accurately so there is no waste. These solutions are cost effective and the design of the products offers maximum hygiene levels.

Anti-Ligature Washroom Controls

DVS Anti-Ligature Washroom Controls For High Risk, High Security Or High Demanding Public Environments



Dart Valley No-touch taps provide proven water savings with durable performance for commercial and public building washroom controls – utilising infra red technology no-touch taps have integral intelligent electronic sensors which can be pre-set or site adjusted using controllers. Dart Valley infra red no-touch taps have a built in purge facility – a separate solenoid valve controls water flow which is connected to the tap to provide fully programmable, hygienic water supply with WRAS Approval and ECA Listing.

No-Touch Taps Benefits:

  • Adjustable run-on time
  • Adjustable range and trigger level
  • Adjustable anti-vandal lockout time
  • Automatic purge
  • Adjustable purge run times
  • Commissioning flush



Self-closing push taps with lower cost of ownership achieve commercial payback through high water level savings in short time periods. Dart Valley self-closing push taps are manually operated (hand, elbow or knee operated) and suitable for public and industrial type washrooms. Push taps provide excellent hygiene levels with water savings tamper resistant and anti-vandal designs.

Self Closing Push Taps Benefits:

  • Up to 50% water savings achieved
  • Easy to use with adjustable flow rates
  • No-touch self-closing operation
  • Low pressure and high pressure taps
  • Hand, elbow or knee operated push taps
No-Touch Taps - Dart Valley Systems

Dart Valley Automatic Sensor No-Push Taps

Dart Valley taps are available in chrome plated brass or 316 stainless steel (brushed or polished finish) – taps are available in deck mounted or wall mounted design suitable for hygienic washroom controls and recessed, raised, disabled and glass bowl sinks. Optional tap designs include high neck, short neck, swan neck and pillar neck and a choice of lengths.

DVS washroom products are HTM and HBM compliant with healthcare specification requirements. No-touch taps have been identified by the NHS as offering significant infection control and water-saving benefits – Dart Valley Systems have achieved extremely high levels of reliability and value for money. Many building guidelines (HBN’s) recommend ‘no-touch’ taps and WC Flush Valves.

HTM: Health Technical Memoranda (HTMs) provide comprehensive advice and guidance on the design, installation and operation of building technology used in the delivery of healthcare.

WRAS Approved Taps

WRAS Approved Taps, Showers & Valves – ask T&D about the Dart Valley range of thermostatic mixing valves, fully WRAS Approved under TMV3 Scheme to D08 Specification.

Dart Valley Systems Anti Ligature Washroom Controls

Dart Valley Systems Anti Ligature High Security Basin & Backplate

Anti Ligature High Security Basin & Backplate

Dart Valley Systems provide a wide variety of anti-ligature washroom controls specified for high security and custodial buildings where people may self-harm. To ensure suitability the products need to be carefully designed to a high standard so they are robust and blend in with the surrounding environment.

DVS meet the demands of the most challenging environments and ensure that all products are vandal resistant. Extensive testing of the anti-ligature washroom controls product offering has taken place to ensure they are suitable and adaptable for different environments – tested by HM Prison Service. DVS high security sanitaryware range includes anti-ligature shower heads, automatic flush valves, wash basins and automatic no touch taps.

Dart Valley Systems are market leaders in providing high security automatic washroom control solutions.

Dart Valley Systems

Washroom Solutions For The Healthcare Industry

DVS healthcare washroom pre-plumbed panels and standard boxed out panels in various colour options are available with lift off or hinged panels, and can also be supplied with locks or security screws.

Ligature Resistance Test

High Security Safe Ensuite Integrated Basin

Testing procedure of the ligature resistance of Dart Valley VR01-030 High Security Safe Ensuite Integrated Basin.

Dart Valley Systems Aquaritherm Taps

HealthCare applications

Dart Valley Systems AquariTherm taps are designed specifically for the healthcare industry as they include infection control features.

AquariTherm Tap – Manual & Automatic

AquariTherm Tap – Manual & Automatic

Down time is kept to a minimum due to a simple patented isolation feature which allows for quick and easy tap servicing without needing to remove any panels to isolate the water supply. Filters can therefore be easily accessed, replaced and cleaned within seconds.

Designed in both manual and automatic type taps the DVC AquariTherm is ideal for a number of healthcare applications with both having no sharp corners permitting easy cleaning. Both also include a mechanism so the hot water is mixed before being delivered to the users’ hands stopping the hot spike effect and the tap body is always cool during use even when the hot water has been running. The automatic specification offer a no-touch solution with adjustable range and automatic purge facility.

Dart Valley Systems AquariTherm Tap Approvals

BREEAM & WRAS Approved

Dart Valley Systems AquariTherm Tap

Dart Valley Systems AquariTherm Tap


About Dart Valley SYSTEMS

Founded in 1985, Dart Valley Systems has over 25 years experience in the field of water saving products with a hygienic design for many niche applications such as healthcare, custodial and public sector markets.

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