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Sensors – Temperature, Flow, Level & Pressure Sensors

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T&D International are suppliers of IFM Electronic sensors for precision accuracy measurement of flow, temperature, pressure and level in all industry applications – over 500,000 sensor products are available, contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

T&D are Specialist Distributors of Process Instrumentation Equipment from market-leading brands – we welcome your enquiries.

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Process Instrumentation - IFM

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T&D Sales Team aim to respond to all UK and international enquiries with a competitive IFM quotation within 24 hours.

IFM Sensors

IFM Sensors From Thorne & Derrick – Process Instrumentation Specialists

Process Instrumentation

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IFM Flow Sensors

Drager & Crowcon Distributors

T&D – Drager & Crowcon Distributors

IFM flow monitors have an integrated control monitor or external amplifier – available to suit industrial flow sensing applications and hazardous areas (ATEX certified sensors available for Zone 1 & Zone 2 hazardous area locations).

Also available are IFM air-flow monitors, thermal compressed air meters for leakage monitoring and consumed quantity meters for special gas flow sensing.

IFM Pressure Sensors

IFM pressure sensors have a high overload resistance, a universal process fitting via an adapter and an alphanumeric LED display.

IFM pressure sensors are maintenance free with long term stability and setting of the switch points is possible without system pressure.

Special versions for process technology and integration into hydraulic / pneumatic networks are available.

IFM Level Sensors

IFM capacitive level sensors for liquids, dry bulk material and increased noise immunity.

Additionally, IFM level sensors with a local level indication and point level sensors with approvals to the German overspill standard WHG Section 19 are available.

IFM capacitive sensors are used for the non-contact detection of any objects. In contrast to inductive sensors, which only detect metallic objects, capacitive sensors can also detect non-metallic materials. Typical applications are in the wood, paper, glass, plastic, food and chemical industries.

How Do Capacitive Sensors Operate?
The capacitance between the active electrode of the IFM Electronic sensor and the electrical earth potential is measured – an approaching object influences the electrical alternating field between these two “capacitor plates”. IFM capacitive sensors are suitable for use with metallic and non-metallic objects. In principle, capacitive sensors work with an RC oscillator – a minor change in capacitance is sufficient to influence the oscillation amplitude. The evaluation electronics converts this into a switched signal and the sensitivity level can be set with a potentiometer.

IFM Electronic - Capacitive Sensors

IFM Electronic – Capacitive Sensors

IFM Temperature Sensors

IFM offer control monitors with integrated sensors or for the connection of probe / cable sensors – PT100 & PT1000 versions are available. A universal process connection is possible via an adapter as well as an alphanumeric LED display. Temperature sensors with an integrated drift monitoring, diagnostic and backup function is available as well as analogue / switching outputs.

IFM Electronic Sensors

IFM Electronic Sensors – specified for process, industrial and automation sensing in the machine tool, food and beverage, hydraulic and steel and metal industries.


Since their foundation in 1969, IFM Electronic has developed, produced and sold sensors, controllers and systems for industrial automation worldwide. Today, the family-run IFM group is in the second generation with more than 5,500 employees in 70 countries.

How T&D Can Help You

IFM Electronic – Pioneering Automation Technology

Since 1985 T&D have serviced the UK and world markets with an extensive range of Electrical, Mechanical, Process & Instrumentation Equipment – our Export Department is staffed by a team of professional sales engineers, sourcing specialists, expeditors and customer service advisors.

T&D global project experience has enabled us to build a solid reputation for the reliable supply of brand leaders – we consolidate your supply chain by providing single-source logistics to any international destination.

See how Thorne & Derrick service and support our key global markets and hazardous area industries in the following SlideShelf of Industry Infographics.

  • Process Instrumentation – Temperature, Flow, Pressure & Level Measurement
  • Gas Detectors (Industrial), Leak Detection (Refrigerant) & Analyzers
  • Heat Tracing Systems & Trace Heating Cables
  • Heaters – Drum, IBC, Tank, Immersion & Process
  • Valves, Gauges, Sensors & Monitors
  • Meters – Flow, Water, Gas, Heat & Energy
  • Surface Heating Elements, Mats & Pads
  • Hazardous Area Power Distribution, Lighting & Enclosures
IFM Electronic

Integrity, Values & Trust. T&D are a world-class business committed to ensuring the correct installation and application of all products we distribute. Where applicable installer training and support services including site surveys can be made available.