Marechal Plugs, Sockets & Decontactors (Hazardous Area Zone 1 & Zone 2 ATEX)

Marechal - Plugs Sockets Decontactors

Plugs & Sockets – Decontactors

Plugs & Sockets

Marechal plugs and sockets (decontactors) provide low voltage power supply for high current and hazardous area (Zone 1 & Zone 2) ATEX power distribution applications – this includes power plugs for electric generator sets, motors, machines, distribution boxes, pumps and electric cabinets.

The range of Marechal plugs and sockets are available in a range of current ratings, switching capabilities, voltage supply and hazardous area certifications (according to ATEX & IECEx) for safe use in potentially explosive atmospheres – this includes oil, gas and petrochem industries.

MARECHAL Live Disconnect Plugs

Decontactor = Plug + Socket + Motor Load Make/Break Switch

Marechal Decontactors can be disconnected under full load for planned maintenance or rapid change out of equipment during plant shoutdowns.

The decontactor from Marechal is supplied with an integral load-break switch offering technical benefits including quality contact, safe disconnection under load, watertight seal (up to IP68) and power supply reliability.

Marechal plugs and sockets are used in various industries globally including mining, oil & gas, offshore, food & drink, shipping and petrochemical as well as other areas that require a guaranteed safe electrical connection.

The Marechal range of ATEX plugs and sockets have automatic watertightness, comply with the relevant standards and can be used in Zone 1 & Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Hazardous Area Plugs Sockets - Marechal

Hazardous Area Plugs & Sockets – ATEX certified for explosive atmospheres Zone 1 & Zone 2 (Gas) and Zone 21 & Zone 22 (Dust).

Marechal Plugs & Sockets

Standard Marechal plugs and sockets (decontactors) provide extensive coverage of all power supplies and industrial electrical distribution requirements from 16A- 250A and up to 700A. Using Marechal plugs ensures a reliable electrical power connection whilst ensuring the safety of users. Despite providing power up to 250A, the design of the decontactors is extremely compact eg Marechal DSN 63amp plugs have an 83mm overall diameter.

  • Current Ratings 16Amps-750Amps
  • IP66/IP67 Waterproof Electrical Connections
  • AC-22 & AC-23 Load Breaking Capacity
  • IK09 Impact Shock Resistance (GRP or Metal Casing)
  • Simple Connection
Marechal Plugs

Industrial Power Plugs – decontactors with 16A to 700A current ratings and 1,000 volt power supply.

Marechal Electrical Safety

Load Break Release Button & Safety Shutter

Marechal plugs feature a safety button placed on the upper section of the safety socket enabling the user with a single press of the button to disconnect the equipment up to 250A – no specialist skills or training is required to install the plugs. The plugs can therefore be removed in complete safety – the power outlet installation is safe and does not represent an electrical hazard guaranteeing operating speed and time savings during installation operations or machine shutdown. As an additional feature a safety shutter protects the user according to IP4X/IPXXD – the live contacts are inaccessible behind the closed shutter.

Marechal Plugs Sockets

Marechal Decontactors – their range of power plugs, sockets and connectors provide the highest levels of electrical safety.

Marechal – Key Products

Hazardous Area Plugs – Zone 1 & Zone 2 Plugs & Sockets (Explosion Proof ATEX & IECEx)
  • DXN Plugs – compact and watertight 20A to 63A
  • DX Plugs – metal 20A to 200A
  • PXN12C, DXN25C, DXN37C – multi-contact power connectors 12 to 30 contacts
  • SPEX – single pole power connectors up to 680A 1000V
  • MXBS – hazardous area socket boxes
  • MXBJ – hazardous area junction boxes up to 350A 750V
  • CRIC – connection terminals
  • B2X – distribution boxes up to 750V

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Industrial Plugs – 16Amp to 250Amp Plugs & Sockets
  • DSN Plugs – compact and watertight 20A to 63A
  • DS Plugs – industrial connectors 30A to 250A
  • DN Plugs – industrial connectors 20A to 150A
  • PNC Connectors – compact up to 16A
  • PN Connectors – compact up to 30A
  • Star Delta – 7 pole decontactor 30A to 150A
  • DB Motor Switches – disconnectable motor switch up to 45kW

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Signal & Control Plugs – 16Amp to 30Amp Up To 37 Contacts
  • Marechal PN7C, DN9C, PN12C, DN20C, DSN24C, DSN37C, DS37C – multi-contact connectors up to 37 contacts

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High Current Plugs – 75Amp to 700Amp Power Connector Plugs & Sockets
  • PF Plugs – heavy duty plugs/sockets up to 600A 8 Aux
  • DS4 Plugs – high current plugs/sockets up to 400A 2 Aux
  • CS1000 Connectors – single pole power connections up to 400A
  • SP Connectors – single pole power connections up to 700A plus pilots
  • CS Connectors – single pole welding connections 75A-500A
  • CCH Connectors – battery charger connections 75A-200A

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High Temperature Plugs – 240° to 400° Celsius Power Connectors
  • PNHT & DSHT – power connectors
  • DN7C3HT & DN7C6HT – motor connectors
  • PN7CHT – multi-contact connectors

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Power Distribution Boxes, Connectors, Sockets & Service Boxes
  • BM Modular Boxes
  • BG Gas Transfer Boxes
  • BD Distribution Enclosures
  • BRP Portable Service Enclosures
  • CRIC Connection Terminals

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Marechal – The Widest Range Of Electrical Plugs & Connectors For All Industry Power Distribution

Marechal Decontactors

Plugs & Sockets With An Integrated Power Switch

A Decontactor is a plug and socket outlet system with an integrated power switch permitting absolutely safe connection and disconnection of electrical equipment with plug-and-play simplicity.

Marechal decontactors can be safely disconnected under electrical load without introducing potential electrocution risks into power distribution systems – accidental disconnection is impossible. Marechal decontactors all quick, easy and safe electrical connections and disconnections from live power supply up to 250Amp and 75kW, this includes under short circuit conditions.

Marechal Plugs & Sockets

Marechal Plugs & Sockets: Non-Hazardous (Industrial) & Hazardous Area Power Plugs

Marechal DSN Decontactors


Marechal DSN plugs cover 20A-250A current ratings for safe-area low voltage electric power distribution.

Marechal DSN plugs and sockets are suitable for low voltage power supply and motor connections providing low voltage power with current ratings 20amps to 63amps. Marechal DSN decontactor plug and socket is equipped with silver-nickel butt contacts for lifetime reliability.

Marechal DXN Hazardous Area Plugs & Sockets

ATEX Certified zone 1 & zone 2

Marechal DXN ATEX Hazardous Area Plugs & Sockets

Marechal DXN ATEX Hazardous Area Plugs & Sockets

Marechal DXN is a range of hazardous area ATEX certified plugs and sockets suitable for use within Zone 1 & Zone 2 potentially explosive atmospheres – the DXN range of plugs and sockets are available in power current outputs of of 20A, 32A and 63A including integral watertight seal with ingress protection to IP66/67.

The robust, compact design plug is coupled with high performance poly casing provides product longevity and performance when required. In addition, the DXN range of hazardous area plugs and sockets comply with the ATEX 94/9/CE Directive and are also certified according to IECEx standards.

DXN ATEX plugs and sockets provide impact resistance and insensitivity to thermal shocks for reliable hazardous area power distribution.

  • Hazardous Area Plugs ATEX Certified: ATEX Ex II2 G D Ex de IIC Gb.

Marechal Technor

In 2013, Marechal Electric announced Technor, a specialist manufacturer of hazardous area products, joined the Marechal Electrical Group (MEG). Technor manufacture hazardous area lighting, enclosures and control stations for safe use in both Zone 1 and Zone 2 where increased safety and flameproof protected equipment is required.

Technor Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment

Technor Hazardous Area Equipment – T&D distribute electrical enclosures, lighting luminaires, electrical panels and control stations.

The History of Marechal

Marechal is a french family business that was created in 1952 that specialises in the manufacture of low voltage electrical connectors from 5A to 700A as well as electrical solutios for potentially explosive atmospheres from the aforementioned Technor brand.

The unique selling point of Marechal’s products are that they are designed to ensure safety, durability, performance, ease of use and energy efficiency. The principles of Marechal stands also for collaboration based on trust, proximity with partners, suppliers, customers and employees.

History of Marechal


AC-23 AC-3 switch rated, automatic IP69K, spring-loaded butt silver-nickel contacts with safety shutter prevents access to live parts, off button for circuit disconnection.

About Marechal

Established over 60 years ago, Marechal Electric are today one of the worlds largest manufacturers of industrial electrical plug and socket connections. With over 300 employees and activity in over 20 countries, Marechal are a global enterprise committed to innovation with over 5% of turnover being re-invested into R&D yearly.

T&D International are Main UK Distributors for Marechal Plugs and Sockets (Decontactors).

How T&D Can Help YouManufacturing

Since 1985 T&D have serviced the UK and world markets with an extensive range of Electrical, Mechanical, Process & Instrumentation Equipment – our Export Department is staffed by a team of professional sales engineers, sourcing specialists, expeditors and customer service advisors.

T&D global project experience has enabled us to build a solid reputation for the reliable supply of brand leaders – we consolidate your supply chain by providing single-source logistics to any international destination.

See how Thorne & Derrick service and support our key global markets and hazardous area industries in the following SlideShelf of Industry Infographics.


Integrity, Values & Trust. T&D are a world-class business committed to ensuring the correct installation and application of all products we distribute. Where applicable installer training and support services including site surveys can be made available.