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Newson Gale | Static Earthing for Hazardous Areas

Newson Gale | Static Earthing for Hazardous Areas

Newson Gale Static Earthing | Clamps & Cables  

Hazardous Areas & Explosive Atmospheres

IECEx & ATEX Certified Static Earthing, Bonding & Grounding Clamps 

Newson Gale manufacture the most extensive range of static earthing and bonding clamps with ATEX certification for use in Zone 1/21 & Zone 2/22 potentially explosive gas and dust hazardous areas – depending upon the static electricity levels and protection required a range of static earthing clamps, cables and connectors are available for road tankers, vacuum trucks, tank car, IBC’s (intermediate bulk containers), process plant and equipment.

Thorne & Derrick, Experts in Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres, are the largest stockist and supplier of Newson Gale static earthing products in the UK including ATEX and IECEx certified clamps, cables and connectors – the 3 core ranges are:

Dangers of Static Electricity | Static electricity is the retained charge on a conductor. All the energy stored on the conductor can be released in one arc or ‘spark’ to catastrophic effect. To retain charge on a conductor, it has to be insulated from other conductors and insulated from earth by means of a non-conductor. Sparking, due to static electricity, can be avoided by using recognised earthing and equipotential bonding techniques.

Static Earthing

Newson Gale | Manufacturer of static earthing solutions for hazardous areas for companies handling flammable and combustible products | ATEX, IECEx, SIL Compliant | Distributed by Thorne & Derrick International based in the UK.

Newson Gale Static Earth Clamps 

Product Range

Should you require any customer support or service to enable the selection or specification of the correct static earth clamps for use in explosive atmospheres please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cen Stat  Bond Rite  Earth Rite 
The Earth-Rite range of static earthing & interlock systems provide the most comprehensive layers of protection over electrostatic ignition hazards. All Earth-Rite systems contain advanced electronics that continuously monitor the resistance between the equipment requiring static earthing protection and the site’s designated earthing point, LED indicators for operator visual verification and internal volt free contacts that can control the flow of product or control additional attentions grabbing devices. The Bond-Rite range provides a “middle ground” between earthing systems and basic clamps. Bond-Rite enables operators achieve a low resistance static dissipation path and have this verified via a green LED indicator. Equipment specifiers have the option of specifying an LED indicator mounted earthing clamp or utilising a wall mounted indicator station. All Bond-Rites continuously monitor the resistance between the object requiring static earthing protection and the site verified earth for the duration of the operation. The Cen-Stat range of FM and ATEX approved static earthing clamps are designed to operate in the harshest EX areas. The certifications achieved by our Cen-Stat range of clamps and cables benchmark their ability to establish and maintain good electrical contact with equipment requiring static earthing and bonding protection.

Newson Gale static earthing clamps with ATEX certification provide hazardous area location static bonding controlling the risk of explosion caused by discharge of static sparks.

Typical static earthing applications include: Road Tanker Filling & Emptying, Mobile Earthing for Trucks, Railcar Filling & Emptying, Filling IBCs & Large Containers and FIBC Filling & Emptying.

Static Earthing For Road Tankers In Hazardous Areas – safe control of electrostatic discharge risk where flammable gas and vapours are present in Zone 1 & Zone 2.