Newson Gale – Static Earthing For Zone 1 & Zone 2 Hazardous Areas

Newson Gale

ATEX Earthing Clamps

Newson Gale static earthing and bonding clamps with ATEX certification for use in Zone 1 & Zone 2 hazardous areas – depending upon the static electricity levels and protection required a range of static earthing clamps, cables and connectors are available for road tankers, vacuum trucks, tank car, IBC’s (intermediate bulk containers), process plant and equipment.

Newson Gale Static Earthing – Hazardous Areas

  •  Earth -Rite
  •  Bond-Rite
  •  Cen-Stat

Newson Gale static earthing clamps with ATEX certification provide hazardous area location static bonding controlling the risk of explosion caused by discharge of static sparks.

Typical static earthing applications include: Road Tanker Filling & Emptying, Mobile Earthing for Trucks, Railcar Filling & Emptying, Filling IBCs & Large Containers and FIBC Filling & Emptying.

Static Earthing For Road Tankers In Hazardous Areas – safe control of electrostatic discharge risk where flammable gas and vapours are present in Zone 1 & Zone 2.