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Sensus Gas, Heat & Water Meters

Gas, Heat & Water Meters


Sensus energy measurement products include water meters, gas meters, heat meters and ultrasonic flow meters. For over 100 years Sensus have been providing comprehensive metering solutions for many worldwide applications from innovations in sensing and to using different communication technologies.

Sensus are one of the world’s largest public service providers helping utilities, industrial complexes and campuses to help maximise their infrastructure and ultimately improve the quality of life in their communities through energy efficient and accurate measurement and metering of heat, water and gas.

Sensus Heat Meters & Cooling Meters, Flow Meters & Energy Measurement Meters

Sensus Heat Meters & Cooling Meters, Flow Meters & Energy Measurement Meters

Sensus gas meters

See how Sensus Gas Meters provide accurate measurement, precision and reliability for the metering of gas with varying pressure and flow rates while maintaining highest levels of gas metering accuracy – Sensus Turbo gas meters are adopted by utilities throughout the world.

Sensus Gas Meters - Mark II Turbo Meters

Sensus Gas Meters – Mark II Turbo Meters. Mark II turbo gas meters combine wide rangeability, low pressure loss, uninterrupted gas flow and near instantaneous response to rapid flow change.

Sensus Heat Meters

Sensus heat meters are designed to measure the thermal energy provided by a source, or delivered to a use by a liquid. This can include sources such as heat exchangers, heating systems, district heating, chilled water or general HVAC applications.

Heat meters are able to calculate the thermal energy produced using a number of different components, measuring the flow rate of the liquid within the heating system and the temperature difference between the flow and return pipes.

Heat meters are comprised of flow meters or flow sensors to measure the flow rate, a pair of thermocouples or temperature sensors and a heat calculator. The heat calculator uses the data from the flow rate and temperature differential and calculates the amount of heat generated or used, displaying this for the user typically in kilowatt-hours (kWh).

Sensus heat meters are designed to suit a full range of application requirements from domestic households and commercial buildings to industrial environments:

Sensus Heat Meters

Sensus Heat Meters – PolluCom C thermal heat meter with coaxial connection is used to measure energy consumption in heating or cooling circuits.

Sensus PolluCom E Heat Meter

Sensus PolluCom E Heat Meter

Sensus PolluCom E Heat Meter

The Sensus PolluCom E is a compact heat meter which includes a high precision flow sensor. The heat meter is suitable for applications ranging from district heating transfer stations to consumption billing for individual apartments.

The PolluCom E heat meter can be supplied either for heating systems, cooling systems or as a combined heating / cooling meter.

The combined heating & cooling version has a switchover point between heating and cooling energy metering. This function is programmable, so even after meters have been installed any changes can be made with regards to plant specifications (e.g. for buildings with concrete core activation).

PolluCom E – Features & Benefits

  • MID Class 2 Approved heat meter
  • Temperature range of the flow sensor from 5 to 90°C (ideal for “6/12°C chilling systems”)
  • Standard optical interface
  • Easy to install thanks to removable integrator option
  • Measuring values update quickly
  • Tariff function for flexible heat consumption calculation (dependence on heat output
  • Storage of 16 “monthly values” of data

Sensus Heat Meter Applications

Sensus are manufacturers of heat meters with a dedicated focus on the utility sector. They strive to help energy and water utilities operate more efficiently, conserve valuable resources, and provide a first class service to their customers.The Sensus range guarantees the highest level of system flexibility, reliability and accuracy. Water utilities are under pressure from growing demand, out of date water systems and a sharp increase in energy process.

Sensus smart metering can decrease the pressure and save utility companies worldwide millions that can be invested in continually improving the systems to make sure they are up to date.



Sensus Water Meters

MID Approval 2004/22/EC Compliant Water Meters From Sensus. Contact T&D for specification and technical support to ensure RHI MID compliance for water metering installations.

Sensus Water Meters

Sensus: “Nothing’s Out Of Reach”. Save money. Increase safety. Conserve resources.

ABOUT Sensus

Founded in 1870 Sensus have vast experience helping public service providers worldwide improve their infrastructure and ultimately their quality of life. Sensus have been reliable, flexible and trusted metering products to guarantee advanced measurement, data collection, analysis and control capabilities for many years There main aim is to help customers improve operational efficiency while reducing their environmental impact.


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