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Temperature Calibrators, Flow Meters, Flow Switches, & Pressure Gauges - Sika

Temperature Calibrators, Flow Meters, Flow Switches, & Pressure Gauges – Sika

Sika manufacture Electronic Measurement, Metering & Calibration Instruments demonstrating long-term reliability, innovative calibration techniques and core products including: Temperature Calibrators, Flow Meters, Magnetic Flow Sensors (Magmeters), Flow Switches and Pressure Gauges.


Temperature calibrators are portable instruments designed for site, workshop and laboratory use, both onshore and offshore.

Temperature sensors are subjected to chemical, mechanical and thermal stresses causing a drift – the longer the sensors are in use and not calibrated. Regular calibration of sensors provides accurate data on the difference between the actual temperature and the measured temperature and highlights the drift. Dry block calibrators check and calibrate most temperature measuring instruments and temperature sensors.

Sika Temperature Calibrators

Temperature Calibrators


Flow Meters - Threaded & Flanged Variable & Oval Gear Flow Meters

Flow Meters – Threaded & Flanged Variable & Oval Gear Flow Meters

Sika flow meters are available in variable flow and oval gear type design (threaded or flanged) with optional process connections – suitable for most nominal pipe diameters providing long term stability, easy installation and are applicable for metering fluids including lubrication oils, mineral oils and hydraulic oils.

T&D can design and supply flow meters for high pressure hydraulic systems, fuel systems and offshore chemical injection systems

  • Oval Flow Meters
  • Variable Area Flow Meters


Sika Magmeters provide reliable, uninterrupted flow measurement with no moving parts to cause obstruction resulting in virtually zero drop in pressure.

Sika magmeters are a range of electromagnetic flow meters that are installed in industrial applications and provide accurate, reliable flow readings. Magmeters use electromagnetic sensors and a magnetic field that passes an alternating current through the flowing liquid.

The meter body is then used to calculate the flow rate. This method of flow measurement is extremely advantageous as there are no moving parts which results in highly accurate, consistent results with very low levels of product malfunction.

Magmeters - Magnetic Flow Sensors

Magmeters – Magnetic Flow Sensors

Connecting A Sika Electromagnetic Flow Sensor


Digital pressure gauges are used for stationary and mobile measurement with display of pressure. SIKA mechanical pressure gauges are high quality measuring instruments for use in industrial applications – fitted with stainless steel cases as standard and compliant to EN 837-1 – EN 837-3 European standards.

  • BS EN 837-3:1998 : Pressure Gauges. Diaphragm & Capsule Pressure Gauges.
Pressure Gauges - Sika

Pressure Gauges : Bourdon Tubes, Diaphragms & Capsule Element Gauges


Sika springless flow switches for liquids provide long-term stable setpoints as there is no spring fatigue – switches suitable for most industries and applications with optional process connection options:

  • flow switches with pipe tee – brass/PVC tees, PN25 pressure rating and temperature range -25 to 110 °C
  • flow switches for direct installation – PN25 pressure rating and temperature range -25 to 110 °C
  • OEM flow switches – potable water, 2.5 ± 0.5 l/min setpoint, suit nominal pipe diameters DN50-150
Flow Switches SIKA

Flow Switches


T&D International distribute Hazardous Area Process, Instrumentation, Heating & Gas Detection Equipment for both onshore and offshore oil and gas projects :

  • Pump & Tank Skids
  • Chemical Injection Unit – CIU
  • MEG / Methanol Injection Skids
  • Chemical Dosing Panels

Chemical Injection - Pump Skids - Tank Skids

SOLAS Regulation XI-1/7 for Enclosed & confined Spaces

Sika PS200 portable gas detectors provide personal protection in confined spaces and hazardous areas with audible and visual alarms in the event of exposure to flammable or toxic gases – the gas detector conforms with SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Seas) Regulation XI-1/7.

Offshore confined spaces include : cargo spaces, fuel tanks, ballast tanks, cargo pump-rooms, cofferdams, chain lockers, void spaces, duct keels, inter-barrier spaces, boilers, engine crankcases, double bottoms, engine scavenge air receivers, sewage tanks.

According to SOLAS Regulation XI-1/7 every ship is to carry at least one appropriate portable gas detector which as a minimum is capable of measuring concentrations of oxygen (O2), flammable gases or vapours, hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and carbon monoxide(CO) prior to entry into enclosed spaces, and at appropriate intervals thereafter until all work is completed.

  • IMO – the International Maritime Organization is the United Nations maritime agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine pollution by ships.
Hazardous Area Certification

IEC Ex d ia d IIC T4 GB
ATEX Ex II 2 G Ex ia d IIC T4
CSA Class 1 Groups A, B, C, D

Sika PS200 Portable Gas Detector (ATEX IECex) SOLAS Regulation XI-17

Sika PS200 : Detecting LEL, Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) & Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas

Image: NERC.

About Sika

Sika Instruments Ltd is the UK subsidiary of SIKA Dr. Siebert & Kühn GmbH & Co. KG who are manufacturers based in Germany.

Sika specialise in manufacturing Flow Meters, Flow Switches, Thermometers and Temperature Calibrators providing market leading products and customer bespoke solutions.

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Since 1985 T&D have serviced the UK and world markets with an extensive range of Electrical, Mechanical, Process & Instrumentation Equipment – our Export Department is staffed by a team of professional sales engineers, sourcing specialists, expeditors and customer service advisors.

T&D global project experience has enabled us to build a solid reputation for the reliable supply of brand leaders – we consolidate your supply chain by providing single-source logistics to any international destination.

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      • Heat Tracing Systems & Trace Heating Cables
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