Sontex – Heat Meters (RHI Compliant MID Class 2 Heat Meter)


Heat Meters

Heat Meters

Sontex manufacture heat meters, flow meters and energy calculators – thermal energy and flow metering specialists.

Based in Switzerland Sontex operate predominantly as an export orientated company serving energy companies, utilities and the submetering business throughout Europe, North America and Middle & Far East Asia.

Sontex Superstatic 440 Heat Meter

RHI Compliant MID Class 2 Heat Meter: Sontex Superstatic 440 Heat Meter – the flow meter with no moving parts and compatible with systems containing glycol.

Sontex HEAT METERSRHI Compliant MID Class 2 Heat Meter Sontex

RHI Compliant MID Class 2 Heat Meter

Sontex heat meters are designed to measure the thermal energy provided by a source, or delivered to a use by a liquid – this can include sources such as heat exchangers, heating systems, district heating, chilled water or general HVAC applications.

Heat meters are able to calculate the thermal energy produced using a number of different components, measuring the flow rate of the liquid within the heating system and the temperature difference between the flow and return pipes.

Heat meters are comprised of flow meters or flow sensors to measure the flow rate, a pair of thermocouples or temperature sensors and a heat calculator. The heat calculator uses the data from the flow rate and temperature differential and calculates the amount of heat generated or used, displaying this for the user typically in kilowatt-hours (kWh).

Sontex’s heat meters utilise the static measuring principle of fluidic oscillation which allows for a greater flexibility of size, mounting range and cost than ultrasonic heat meters.

RHI Heat Meters

RHI Heat Meters

Sontex’s heat meters are designed to suit a full range of application requirements, from domestic households and commercial buildings to industrial environments.

Sontex Superstatic 440 Static Heat Meter

Sontex Superstatic 440 Static Heat Meter – fluidic oscillation heat meters for multiple flow rates, low to very high flow rates (qp 1.5 – 1500 m3/h). Superstatic 440 measuring head is the same for any flow rate, thus simplifying metering planning.

Sontex Superstatic 749 Static Heat Meter

Sontex Superstatic 749 Static Heat Meter – robust heat meter designed for less complex uses of static heat and cooling meters for flow rates of qp 0.6; qp 1.5; qp 2.5 m³/h and in lengths of 110 mm, 130 mm and 190 mm. MID 2014/32/EU and EN 1434 Class 2 Approved.

Sontex Superstatic 789 Static Heat Meter

Sontex Superstatic 789 Static Heat Meter – light compact heat meter for a flow measurement of qp 1.5 – 2.5 m³/h meeting European Measuring Instruments Directive MID 2014/32/EU and standard EN 1434 Class 2.


The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (Domestic RHI) is an UK government financial incentive to promote the use of renewable heat. Switching to heat metering systems that use eligible energy sources can help the UK reduce its carbon emissions and meet its renewable energy targets. View our complete range of RHI Heat Meters.

Sontex Heat Meters

Sontex Heat Meters

Sontex Superstatic 749 Fluidic Oscillator Heat Meter

Sontex Superstatic 449 Heat Meter

Sontex Superstatic 449 heat meter is a compact solution ideal for low flows from qp 0.6 – qp 2.5 m3/h. Due to the use of a static flow sensor, the Superstatic 449 heat meter does not have any moving parts and thus no wear. Superstatic 449 heat meter is a split device with a detachable multifunctional modular integrator with a large variety of communication modules and can be battery or mains powered.

This allows a wide field of applications and an easy integration in building automation or in district or local heating to record the consumption dependent thermal or cooling energy for the billing of thermal energy consumption costs.

Designed and optimised to measure the consumption of thermal energy in any district heating, district cooling or building management system for the individual billing of thermal energy cost, the Superstatic 449 can be easily integrated in any Smart Metering environment with bi-directional Supercom radio, M-Bus, LON, GSM, Relay, RS-232, Analogue modules and more. Download the Sontex Superstatic 449 specification opposite.

Sontex Superstatic 449 Heat Meter

Sontex Superstatic 449 Heat Mete

Sontex Heat Meter Applications

Heat meters can be used within a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial metering applications ensuring that thermal energy can be accurately measured and billed. Most of Sontex’s heat meters are approved to EN 1434 and MID class 2 which guarantee conformance to installation, operating monitoring and maintenance and also allows these to be utilised for the RHI scheme.

  • BS EN 1434-1:2007 Heat Meters (General Requirements) was replaced by BS EN 1434-1:2015 in November 2015.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a UK government backed scheme and is the worlds first long term financial support programme based around renewable heat. Under the RHI, participants will be paid for all renewable heat that they use and generate. The RHI is intended to increase the generation of renewable heat rather than relying on fossil fuels, not only reducing greenhouse gas emissions it will also help the UK meet targets for reducing the effects of climate change. As part of the RHI scheme, applicants are required to submit a number of support documents, including photo’s of the heat meter used for calculations clearly showing the serial number and the MID Class 2 markings.

Sontex Supercal 539 is not RHI compliant as this product only meets MID class 3 requirements.

ABOUT Sontex

Sontex formed from a management buy-out in 1989 of the “heat meters” division of Sonceboz S.A.

Formed in 1989, Sontex heat meters are developed and manufactured using the most modern technology.

Synonymous with innovation, Sontex heat meters have been developed to serve thermal energy measurement, heating and cooling systems and consumption data collection and have a 2000m² manufacturing area, equipped with the latest infrastructure to produce and test heat meters, temperature sensors, heat cost allocators and suitable communication systems.

Sontex is active globally with over 100 highly active, specialised employees, they place great importance on future-orientated products, services and developments to achieve the most accurate and reliable thermal energy measurement technology for their customers.

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