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IECEx & ATEX Certified Infrared Heaters for Explosive Atmospheres

Please Note: The below EX infrared heaters are no longer available from T&D. Please contact a member of our EX heating team for to discuss your application.

Star Progetti infrared heaters provide safe, direct heating with a range of heaters suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous area heating applications. Simple to use infrared heaters provide the perfect heating solution for heating workplaces and industrial buildings whilst making considerable energy savings compared to conventional heating types in explosive atmospheres classified according to the ATEX & IECEx directive and regulations.

There are many benefits to using infrared heaters including instant heat, energy savings, targeted heating and significant environmental and financial savings.

As with all heating and process installations, it is vital that the correct system is specified and installed – contact us for expert technical support and product selection.

Star Progetti Infrared Heaters - Commercial, Industrial & Hazardous Area IR Heating

Star Progetti Infrared Heaters – Commercial, Industrial & Hazardous Area IR Heating. ATEX Certified.

Infrared Heaters – Instant & Efficient Heating

Star Progetti infrared heaters are used in many industries globally, providing safe, direct heat where needed. The IR Technology used avoids heat dispersal through doors that are constantly opening and closing or large buildings with drafts.

With infrared heating, heat can be directed where it is needed provided targetted, localised heating. This method of direct, instant heating not only provides an extremely quick source of heat but also offers excellent energy savings.

Helios Radiant heating is not only cost effective but also provides excellent product longevity and a low total cost of ownership. The heaters are highly innovative and are the result of years of experience, research and planning – designed for many applications, however their main usage is zonal heating for industrial processing and hazardous areas with potentially explosive atmospheres.

Infrared Heating

Infrared Heating: Specified for space heating in warehouses, production, manufacturing and buildings in non-hazardous (safe) and hazardous area workplaces.

Star Progetti EHSAFE 15 & EHSAFE 20

Hazardous Area infrared heaters

Star Progetti EHSAFE Zone 2 Hazardous Area Heater

Star Progetti EHSAFE Zone 2 Hazardous Area Heater for Explosive Atmospheres

The Star Progetti EHSAFE 15 & EHSAFE 20 infrared heater is an adjustable, wall mounted hazardous area heater with a heating area of 10-12sqm. EHSAFE is certified for use within Zone 2 ATEX rated hazardous areas.

EHSAFE heater is available in either a 1500 watt (EHSAFE 15) or a 2000 watt (EHSAFE 20) version and is suitable for installation within zone 2 hazardous areas. These are working areas which are not normally explosive or there is no presence of explosive gas or dust during normal operation.

Unlike other ATEX certified heaters which distribute heat by convection, the EHSAFE provides shortwave infrared heat and local warming. A single heater can be used for areas up to 20m² providing both energy and cost efficient industrial and hazardous area heating – with ingress protection IP66 rating the infrared heaters can be installed to provide outdoors exterior heating, including spot heating.

Star Progetti EHSAFE heater is constructed from a steel body with an oven, epoxy powder coating, an extra pure and buffed anodically oxidised aluminium parabolic reflector.

The front of the heater is manufactured from ceramic and glass with a safety valve and silicone rubber seal. The supply cable is 1.5m in length and resistant to temperatures of = 180°C.

Star Progetti EHSAFE ATEX Infrared Heater Technical Data

IR Heater – Product Part Number Colour Voltage Power Heated Area Protection Rating (IP)
Star Progetti EHSAFE 15 Micaceous Iron 240V 1500W 15 sqm 66
Star Progetti EHSAFE 20 Micaceous Iron 240V 2000W 20 sqm 66

Star Progetti Infrared Heaters

The advantages of using helios heaters

There are many benefits to using installing Star Progetti heaters – both instant and long term. Typical advantages include:

  • Economical and energy saving heating – consume less heat
  • Heat large areas with clean, non-polluting energy
  • Easily adjustable and instant heat with no warming up time required
  • Range of heater accessories – timers, thermostats, presence detectors
  • No maintenance required
  • Environmentally friendly, noise free and no dispersal of dust
  • Various models for different applications

infrared heater applications

Typical hazarodus area and explosive atmosphere industries using infrared heaters include oil and gas, petrochemical, manufacturing and production facilities.

The instant heat provided, low running costs and improved production ensure Star Progetti infrared heaters to be the choice of many manufacturers. Helios infrared heaters can help solve many problems within the manufacturing industry including paint drying, curing process, removing humidity/damp, providing specific temperatures and the speeding up of glue bonding times.

Within other industries, Star Progetti heaters provide:

  • Savings of heater costs
  • Environmentally friendly heating that is silent and removes draughts
  • No CO2 production means the range of heaters save a significant amount of energy
  • Maintenance free – Helios infrared heaters provide around 7000 hours of heat without the need for any maintenance
  • With direct heat exactly where it is required Helios heaters provide efficient heating
about Star Progetti

Star Progetti were established in 1994 manufacturing the Helios Radiant gas patio heater for heating outdoor spaces. Since 1997 Star Progetti has been dedicated to the development and research of infrared heating, providing safe heat solutions to many industries such as military, industry and civilian.

The company has three production facilities: two located in Milan, Italy and one located in Cuisery, France.

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