NEW Grounding & Bonding Handbook for Hazardous Area & Explosive Atmospheres

Published 17 Mar 2021

Newson Gale - Static Earthing for Hazardous Areas

Newson Gale | Static Earthing Clamps & Cables For Hazardous Areas

Static Earthing for Hazardous Areas

Application Handbook By Newson Gale

Newson Gale’s new Static Grounding & Bonding Applications Handbook identifies the processes at risk of discharging incendive electrostatic sparks into hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres. The Handbook highlights some of the processes that can be susceptible to static charge accumulation

Newson Gale manufacture the most extensive range of static earthing and bonding clamps with ATEX certification for use in Zone 1/21 & Zone 2/22 potentially explosive gas and dust hazardous areas.

Thorne & Derrick together with Newson Gale will identify the dangers of static electricity and discuss how to correctly specify and install the most appropriate Static Earthing & Bonding Solutions to mitigate the hazard.

Static Grounding & Bonding

Application Handbook

Newson Gale’s new Grounding and Bonding Handbook includes:

  • Examples of the processes most commonly associated with electrostatic ignitions
  • A wide range of solutions that enables HAZMAT engineers and QHSE professional demonstrate compliance with recommended practice
  • Latest state of the art guidance from the National Fire Protection Association and the EX division of International Electrotechnical Commission
  • Understanding static electricity and why it is a credible ignition source in HAZLOC/EX atmospheres


  • 4-5 Static electricity as a hazard, legislation and codes of practice
  • 6 The basics of the hazard
  • 7 Real world scenarios
  • 8-9 Grounding & Bonding applications Operator Training General Requirements
  • 10 Increased Layers of Protection
  • 11 Static Ground Monitoring & Interlock Systems Earth-Rite Range
  • 12 Grounding a road tanker with system interlocks and indication Earth-Rite RTR™
  • 13 Grounding railcars, IBCs and drums with system interlocks and indication Earth-Rite PLUS™
  • 14-15 Truck mounted static ground verification with system interlocks and indication Earth-Rite MGV
  • 16 Hose testing and electrical continuity testing with visual indication OhmGuard
  • 17 Grounding interconnected plant assemblies and piping with system interlocks and indication Earth-Rite MULTIPOINT II
  • 18 Protecting Type C FIBC against static electricity Earth-Rite FIBC
  • 19 Panel mounted grounding with system interlocks Earth-Rite OMEGA II
  • 20 Self testing clamps with visual indication and monitoring Bond-Rite Range
  • 21 Grounding and bonding drums and containers with visual indication Bond-Rite CLAMP
  • 22 Static earthing clamps, cables and personnel safety equipment Cen-Stat™ Range
  • 23 Grounding drums and containers Cen-Stat™ Clamps
  • 24 Personnel Footwear Tester with Visual Indication Sole-Mate™
  • 25 Personnel grounding with grounding straps Personnel Grounding Strap
  • 26 On-going maintenance of static control procedures and equipment
  • 27 Equipment commissioning and maintenance service Earth-Safe™
  • 27 Safety Checklist

Newson Gale Static Earthing Clamps, Cables & Products

Hazardous Areas & Explosive Atmospheres

Electrical equipment, including static earthing systems and electrical apparatus, for use in hazardous locations must be correctly specified and suited for the flammable gas/dust group, the temperature classification and that particular explosion protection concept.

Contact Thorne & Derrick for expert and professional guidance on the selection of the most suitable static earthing products for your application from the Newson Gale range.

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