Prevent Freezing Pipes Using Heat Tracing Cable For Frost Protection

Published 24 Jun 2021

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Are You Ready For The Winter Freeze?

“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail”.

This old saying applies when it comes to plant and site winter preparations.

Throughout the winter months when temperatures drop to sub-zero levels water pipes if neglected will freeze. Installing thermal insulation, commonly referred to as lagging, alone does not prevent freezing pipes – guaranteed frost protection of pipework is achieved by the installation of heat tracing cables.

With thorough preparation and installation of heat tracing cable, the danger and worry of burst pipes is prevented.

Don’t wait for that first prolonged frost snap or the first burst pipe.

Winter temperatures now regularly fall below -10ºC and temperatures as cold as -20ºC were recorded in some parts of Scotland last winter.

The commercial cost of burst water pipes in the retail industry can be significant – burst pipes, closed shop, empty till.


Frost Protection Heat Tracing

Heat Tracing – Preventing Frozen Pipes This Winter

Heat Tracing Cable For Frost Protection

T&D distribute leading brands including Thermon, Eltherm, Chromalox and EasyHeat – contact us to discuss and overcome your concerns about pipework potentially prone to freezing and bursting this winter.

Heat tracing brands

T&D Distribute For The Following Heat Tracing Cable Brands

Prevent Burst Pipes This Winter With Heat Trace Cable

During the very cold snap in 2010 the Association of British Insurers reported that 3500 claims resulting from damage by burst pipes were dealt with every day.

Prevent Burst Pipes This Winter

Heat Tracing Cable From T&D Can Prevent Burst Pipes This Winter

Don’t take a chance this winter – talk to us about frost protection of water pipework.

Make sure you prevent burst pipes this winter by taking preventative action by installing freeze protection trace heating.

Freeze or frost protection trace heating cable is installed on pipes which should then be insulated. The trace heating cable replaces heat lost from the pipe with the insulation ensuring that heat is retained.

Trace heating freeze protection is an essential requirement for designers and specifiers of new buildings, including offices, schools, hospitals and industrial installations.

Prevention of burst pipes should also be considered essential by site maintenance contractors and for temporary offices used on a wide range of sites – fresh water supply to cabins on a remote site where mains water is not available need heat tracing to ensure adequate water supply throughout winter months.

Heat Tracing - Frost Protection Of Plastic Pipework To Temporary Site Cabins

Heat Tracing – Frost Protection Of Plastic Pipework To Temporary Site Cabins

T&D cater for all your freeze protection needs offering kits for self-installation or full systems, designed in-house, for installation by one of our approved installers.

The dangers posed by burst water pipes can be catastrophic and cause great damage to infrastructure as well as injuring life. The video below demonstrates exactly what can happen when a mains water pipe bursts.

Water Main Line Pipe Burst in Factory

In the following security footage the damaging effects of burst water pipes caused by cold temperatures dramatically demonstrates the need for pipe frost protection using trace heating cables.

What is Frost Protection Heat Tracing?

Frost protection heat tracing takes the form of an electrical heating element that is fixed along the length of a pipe. After the cable is fixed to the pipe it must then be insulated with thermal insulation to prevent heat loss from the pipe. The heat generated by the heating element then maintains the temperature of the pipe thereby providing frost protection.

Eltherm Heat Tracing

Eltherm Heat Tracing Cable


The cable uses two parallel bus-wires which are connected via a semi-conductive polymer containing carbon. It is this polymer that generates the heat by allowing the current to flow between the two bus-wires. Once the cable is manufactured it is then irradiated.

The output of the cables can be altered by varying both the carbon content and the dosage to produce different output characteristics. The different cable outputs make it possible to provide frost protection not only on small bore pipes but also on large pipes by using higher output cables.

Cable Technology News

Cable Technology News is the leading provider of news and information for the cable and wire industry.

In addition to being used for frost protection, heat tracing cables have a number of other applications some of which are listed below.

  • Temperature maintenance
  • Ramp heating –  snow / ice protection
  • Gulley and roof snow / ice protection
  • Underfloor heating
  • Door / frame interface ice protection
  • Window de-misting
  • Anti-condensation
  • Pond freeze protection
  • Soil warming
  • Anti-cavitation purpose

Trace heating specialists

thermon Electric Heat Tracing Installation 

How To Frost Protect Your Water Supply

How do I frost protect my water supply is a question often asked during the winter months.

How to Frost Protect Your Water Supply

Protect Your Water Supply From Frost With Heat Tracing Cable

Ensuring your water pipes are not exposed to freezing temperatures is simple. By installing frost protection self-regulating trace heating cable you can easily make sure that you frost protect your water supply by stopping your pipes from freezing.

The process is really quite simple and is outlined as follows:

  • Calculate how many linear metres of pipework you need to frost protect
  • Contact T&D to obtain a cost effective quote – we will include everything you need to trace heat your pipes
  • Your frost protection kit will be delivered on a next day service
  • Follow the installation instructions which direct you to simply fix the cable to the pipe using the fixing tape provided. Terminate the heating cable and connect into the thermostat (it’s as simple as wiring a household plug) and then connect to a power supply and that’s it – JOB DONE – your pipework is trace heated
  • Install some insulation on and your water pipes are now fully frost protected


Heat Tracing I Frost Protection

Thorne & Derrick hold the largest UK stocks of frost protection & winterisation equipment to help keep your plant and personnel operational during the winter months.

Thorne & Derrick understand that prolonged periods of low ambient temperatures can bring operations to a standstill costing thousands of pounds in lost downtime.

Experts in heating solutions for use in industrial & explosive atmospheres, Thorne & Derrick have the knowledge & expertise to help clients prevent unnecessary down time this winter.

We can provide overnight delivery of Trace Heating Cables at the most competitive prices to guarantee frost protection of your pipelines and mechanical services.| Ask About Our Heat Trace Design Service.

💡 Contact us today and our skilled and friendly team can provide technical support as well as reliable, fit for purpose and compliant solutions to suit your exact requirements.

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