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ATEX Fans | Zone 1 Hazardous Area Portable Fan | IECEX & ATEX Approved

Worlds First ATEX, IECEx & UKEX Certified Portable Ventilation Fan

Certified to Electrical & Non-Electrical Standards (Mechanical)

The Exstream range of 3rd Party Certified Portable ATEX Fans are manufactured by 3rd Party Certified ATEX FansWoodcock & Wilson and Distributed by Thorne & Derrick.

The independently tri certified IECEx, UKEX & ATEX portable ventilation fans are certified to both Electrical & Non-Electrical standards for safe ventilation of hazardous area workplaces and potentially explosive atmospheres – providing a world wide safety solution.

  • Class Leading Airflow: Up to 7750m3/hr
  • Robust: Mild Steel or Stainless Steel Casing
  • Low Power Consumption: <8A FLC
  • Low Noise Output: 49db
  • Easy to Use: Plug & Play Fan
  • Voltage Options: 110V/230V & 3-Phase Options Available


Increased Safety, Improved Reliability & Optimum Performance

The Exstream is the worlds first portable ventilation fan to be ATEX, IECEx & UKEx certified to both electrical and non-electrical standards.

There are currently innumerable industrial application fans in service as part of hazardous area ventilation systems – these fans which do not meet the non-electrical standards pose serious potential Health & Safety risk to end users plant assets and personnel. Non-compliant fans located in potentially explosive atmospheres can now be upgraded to ensure conformance with both ATEX and IECEx classifications.

💡 Hazardex 2020 Conference Paper – Non-Electrical (Mechanical) Equipment Compliance With IECEX Certification

Ventilation of Hazardous Area & Explosive Atmospheres

Portable ATEX fans provide air movement, blowing and ventilation to purge and dilute gas and dust hazards to workers in explosive atmospheres.

  • Offshore Platforms
  • Oil Refineries
  • Tanks & Vessels
  • Confined Spaces
  • Chemical Plants
  • Shipbuilding & Repair 
  • Utilities
ATEX Fans - FPSO Tank Ventilation

ATEX Fans – FPSO Tank Ventilation

Since there is typically a deprivation of effective ventilation in a confined space it is common for otherwise harmless gasses to build up. Even small amounts of gas that would normally just dissipate into the surrounding areas can become deadly. The high performing compact, robust and portable ATEX fans offer an effective option for confined space ventilation for hazardous areas.

Offering 50% more ventilation than competitor products the Exstream 400 fan can achieve an air flow rate of 7750m3/hr.

Does Your Portable ATEX Fan Comply?

The following check-list provides information to clients to ensure their ventilation fans are safe and compliant with ATEX and IECEx requirements for service in potentially explosive atmospheres and hazardous area locations.

  • Hazardous area certification must show compliance to BS EN 14986: 201
  • Beware of product only using the certification from the electrical equipment. ATEX covers both mechanical and electrial equipment.
  • Dedicated ATEX documentation with regard to operation, installation and maintenance
  • Clearances between rotating elements and fan casing
  • Rigid impeller construction with over-speed capacity
  • Spark minimisation using correct material pairing
  • Dedicated fan ATEX nameplate
  • Anti-static protection through correct earthing


ExStream Fans

Exstream fans are the market-leading ATEX fan to provide powerful and portable ventilation in hazardous areas –  specified for safe and reliable extraction and blowing of dangerous gases and vapors in explosive atmospheres with airflow capability up to 7750m3/hr. Both ATEX & IECEx certified to Electrical & Non-Electrical Standards (Mechanical) for Zone 1 & Zone 2 ventilation applications.

Fan Features

Up to 7750m3/hr Air Flow Rate

  • Zone 1 & Zone 2 ATEX fans certified for hazardous area ventilation
  • Available with compatible range of ducting, couplers and adaptors
  • Fans are independently tri certified to ATEX, IECEx & UKEx
  • 4 standard portable ventilation fan sizes plus tailored designs
  • Class leading airflow
  • Easy to use (plug & play) with integrated stop/start
  • Fully portable ATEX fans
  • Power lead (5m) with plug. Alternative plugs available on request
  • Power supply either 230v or 110v/ 50Hz or 60Hz
  • 3 phase option available on request
  • Painted C5M offshore standard
  • ATEX fan available in Axial & Centrifugal design
  • IECEx fan suitable for offshore applications
  • Optional ATEX Plugs including ATX, CEAG, Stahl

At Offshore Europe 2019, Thorne & Derrick signed an Exclusivity Agreement with Woodcock & Wilson to distribute their new Exstream portable ventilation fan – a world-first product with ATEX & IECEx certification. Pictured Terry McDonald (T&D Business Development Manager) & Scott Harding (Woodcock & Wilson Ltd).

Hazardous Area Fans with ATEX Certification

ATEX Fans for the Oil and Gas Industry | Dual certified for both mechanical electrical for safety standards the Exstream range of portable ventilation fans for the international oil and gas industry.

➡ The following is a transcription of an interview with Scott Harding (Sales Director at Woodcock & Wilson Ltd) at the 2019 SPE Offshore Europe Conference & Exhibition.


Technical Specification

Certification: Electrical
Motor Zone 1, Exde IIB T4 Gb,IP54
Certified to ATEX/IECEx
Switch ATEX certification II 2G Ex mb IIc T6 Gb
IECEx certified Ex Mb IIC Tb
Exde IIC T5/T6
Certification: Non-Electrical
ATEX Zone 1 Category 2G IIB T4
Certificate Number Sira 09ATEX 6230X
IECEx Ex h Gb IIB T4 Certificate Number IECEx SIR17.0076X
ISO 80079-36:2016 Non-electrical
equipment for explosive atmospheres
ISO 80079-37:2016 Non-electrical type of
protection constructional safety
BS EN 14986: 2017
Ancillary Items
Anti-static ducting (5m) with quick release clamp
Ducting extension kit
Earth cable (2m) with clamp
ATEX Fans - Horizontal or Vertical Orientation

ATEX Fans – Horizontal or Vertical Orientation

IECEx Certified Fans

IECEx Certified Fans | this globally recognised and independently certified level of assured product safety removes the uncertainty in the due diligence of supplying or using self-certified mechanical equipment. IECEx certification is the reassurance that the fan will be safe to use and manufactured to the strictest international standards designed to meet the specific type of explosive or hazardous area risk that it is intended to operate in. IECEX and ATEX fans continuously move fresh, uncontaminated air through a hazardous area as an effective means of controlling an atmospheric explosive hazard.

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