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Thorne & Derrick are the UK’s Largest Stockist & Supplier of Heat Tracing Systems for electrical heating of pipework, tanks, drums and vessels in both industrial and hazardous area locations with potentially explosive atmospheres, Zone 1 & 2 (Gas), Zone 21 & 22 (Dust).

Since 1985 we have been providing expert technical support, competitive prices and an international delivery service for leading manufacturers of heat tracing cables including ATEX Trace Heating from Chromalox, EasyHeat, Eltherm and Nelson.

Our Team of Trained Sales Engineers are available to advise and support your heat tracing applications – this includes design and supply of complex multi-kilometre, major-project systems to custom heat tracing cable kits for the Winterisation of plant and factory facilities.

Customised Heat Tracing Cable Kits

Each kit can be supplied ready to install with step-by-step instructions – simply attach the heat tracing cable linearly to the length of the water pipe, insulate and plug in to the mains supply. Controlled by an air sensing thermostat that will activate when the ambient temperature falls below 5° Celsius the pipe heating cables will gently trace heat the pipe, thus preventing water from freezing – our friendly and expert team of Sales Engineers or just a call away if you’re in doubt.

Thorne & Derrick specialise in providing specialist heating for industrial and hazardous areas including Eltherm’s heat tracing cables and heated hoses.

Electrical Heat Tracing

Eltherm | Established in 1991 Eltherm are a global Electrical Heat Tracing solutions provider – a market-leading manufacturer of Cables & Systems for industrial applications Certified to ATEX Directive and IECEx. Thorne & Derrick are their UK Sales Channel Partner with the largest stock holding of heating cables in the UK – competitive prices with short lead times supported by customer service excellence.

Industrial Heat Tracing Applications

Protection Against Frost & Maintaining Critical Process Heating Temperatures

Our ranges of heat tracing cables provide versatile, optimum and precise electrical surface heating for viscosity and flow control of industrial processes and also plant Winterisation of mechanical services to prevent against frost and cold climate weather damage to production.

  • Pipework Vessels Tanks | Frost Protection & Process Temperature Maintenance Heat Trace Cables & Systems
  • LNG Tanks | Foundation & Concrete Plate Heat Tracing to Maintain Bulk Liquid Storage Temperatures
  • Silos | Anti-Condensation Heating & Temperature Control of Dry Bulk Materials
  • Hoses | Transport High Viscous Liquids & Gases Using Heated Hoses
  • IBCs & Drums | Heat Tracing Jackets Maintain Critical Storage Temperatures
  • Tanks & Hoppers | Flow Control & Viscosity Consistency for Condensation & Blockage Prevention
Heat Tracing Cables

Key Industrial Heating Cable Applications – the cables are used to maintain or raise the temperature of Product, Process Liquids or Gases, Pipes, Vessels, Impulse Lines, Foundations.

The in-house expertise of Thorne & Derrick’s Application Engineers comprehensively support clients in the specification, design and supply of reliable Electrical Heat Tracing Systems – we provide Fit for Purpose Design & Engineered Solutions to maximise uptime and optimise revenue. We problem-solve to preserve industry processes and profits.

Heat Tracing Cable Systems

Thorne & Derrick design and distribute the most extensive range of Hazardous Area Electrical Heating Solutions enabling flow, workplace heating and and process heating in all industries.

Here is a typical lay-out design of a Heat Trace System:

A. Heat Tracing Cable
B. Cable Connection Kit
C. End Cable Termination Kit
D. Junction Box
E. Pipe Mounting Fitting
F. Fasteners & Self-adhesive Tapes, Foils
G. Insulation Bushing
H. Warning Sign
I. Temperature Controller
J. Temperature Sensor

Self-regulating Heat Tracing Cable System For Hazardous Areas

Self-regulating Heat Tracing Cable System For Hazardous Areas

Precise, Medium & High Temperature Pipe Heating

  • Precision temperature control and pipework heating for anti-icing, fuel oils, paints and fertilizers
  • Medium temperature range pipe heating cables for polymers, acids, heavy fuels and chemicals
  • High temperature pipework heating including heavy oils, asphalt, sulphur and bitumen

Industrial heat tracing cables withstand steam cleaning processes and high process temperatures in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Typical industrial heat tracing applications includes caustic soda, chocolate, syrups, waxes, cooling and safety showers.

Heat Tracing Cables | Technologies

We supply tracing cables to optimise, protect and provide industrial process heating across all sectors including utilities, oil, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, data centre, renewable energy, food/beverage and manufacturing facilities.

➡ Self Regulating these types of heating cables frost protect pipes and maintain critical industrial process temperatures.

The heating cable consists of 2 parallel conductors embedded in a heating core manufactured from conductive polymer – the core of the heat tracing cable is radiation-cross-linked to ensure long-term reliability.

Heat is generated as electric current passes through the conductive polymer core between the cable’s conductors. As the ambient temperature drops, the number of electrical paths through the heat trace cable core increases and more electrical heat is intelligently produced. Conversely, as the temperature rises, the core has fewer electrical paths and less heat is produced.

 ➡ Constant Wattage – constant power heating cables are a parallel resistance cut-to-length heating cable delivering the same power output irrespective of pipe temperature, 110V & 240V options.

 ➡ Mineral Insulated with extreme heating temperature capabilities (> 350 °C) and exposure limits (> 500 °C) MI cables are the most durable electric heat trace cable with high impact, fire and temperature resistance. Specified when the heat tracing application temperature and power output requirements exceed the operational and circuit length capabilities of our ranges of self-regulating and constant wattage heat trace cables.

Self-Regulating Heating Cables Mineral Insulated Heating Cables Constant Wattage Heating Cables
Heated Hoses Drum Heaters IBC Heaters

Heat Tracing Cables | Types

Trace heating cables provide freeze protection and temperature maintenance (or heating) to pipes – commonly referred to as electric heat tracing, surface heating or heat tracing cables they are used to protect mechanical services (pipes, vessels, tanks, hoppers, valves, drums) against cold weather damage by sub-zero temperatures and frost conditions.

Self-Regulating Cable - ELSR-N | Heat Trace Cables

Self-Regulating Cable - ELSR-LS | Heat Trace Cables

Self-Regulating Cable - ELSR-SH | Heat Trace Cables

Self-Regulating Cable - ELSR-H | Heat Trace Cables
Constant Wattage Cables ELP/PFA | Heat Trace Cables Constant Wattage Cables ELKM-AG-N | Heat Trace Cables
Mineral Insulated Cables ELK-MI VA | Heat Trace Cables Mineral Insulated Cables ELK-MI AY 825 | Heat Trace Cables

Heat Trace Cables – Commercial
  • Frost Protection Heating Cables To Protect Water Pipes In Winter
  • Hot Water Temperature Maintenance
  • Ramp Heating – Snow Melting & Ice Prevention
  • Roof & Gutter Heating – Snow Melting & Ice Prevention
  • Tank Heating – Commercial, Industrial & Hazardous Area

Frost protection applications include heat tracing of chilled water, heating, sprinkler and boosted cold water pipework.

Trace Heating Cables

Heat Trace Cables Provide Guaranteed Freeze Protection To Pipework

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