Heated Hose – Standard Liquid & Gas Hoses Isopad IHH-ST4A/ST4D (to 400°C)

Heated Hose - Standard Liquid & Gas Hoses Isopad IHH-ST4A/ST4D (to 400°C)

Heated Hose – Standard Liquid & Gas Hoses Isopad IHH-ST4A/ST4D (to 400°C)

Thermocoax Isopad IHH-ST4A/ST4D is a flexible heated hose for liquid and gaseous media with a maximum operating temperature of 400°C.

The standard versions of the IHH-ST4A/ST4D heated hose have corrugated stainless steel inner hose constructions with stainless steel braiding for pressurised operation. The thermal insulation consists of high temperature fleece and silicone foam and mechanical protection is provided by a stainless steel braid and soft EPDM endcaps.

Built-in Pt100 sensors provide optimum temperature control for the medium and homogeneous heat distribution is achieved using evenly wrapped resistance heating cable throughout the hose.

Heated Hose - Standard Liquid & Gas Hoses Isopad IHH-ST4A-ST4D (to 400°C)

Isopad IHH-ST4A-ST4D Heated Hose – Illustration


Area Classification Nonhazardous, Ordinary Area
Ingress Protection IP54
Electrical Protection Class Class I
Maximum Withstand Temperature (Power Off) 400ºC
Ambient Temperature Range -20ºC +40ºC
Length Up to 19m (Available in steps of 0.1m)
Tolerances According to DIN 20066
Nominal Width 4, 6, 8, 10, 13mm
Heater Type Resistance Heating Cable
Material Various Alloys
Material of Insulation Glass Silk
Material of Outer Sheath Woven Glass Silk
Carrier Stainless Steel Braid
Inner Hose Corrugated Stainless Steel Hose
Fittings AGR or DKR according to ISO 228/1
Fitting Material Stainless Steel
Thermal Fabric Fibre Insulation Meta-Aramide-Fleece + AES-wool of 8 to 12mm Thickness
Thermal Foam Insulation Silicone of 9 to 11mm Thickness
Outer Protection Stainless Steel Braid
Connection Length 1.5m
Cross Section Depending On Design
Maximum Operating Temperature 180ºC
Insulation Material Silicone
Sensor Type PT100 Two Wire DIN Class B
Sensor Lead Length 1.5m
Lead Cross Section Depending On Design
Sensor Lead Material Silicone
Frequency 50-60Hz
Nominal Operating Voltage 120 or 230 VAC
Nominal Power Depending On Design
Power Per Meter Maximum 150w/m (See Performance Table)
Minimum Insulation Resistance 100MΩ
Maximum Operating Temperature 400ºC
Maximum Operating Pressure See Performance Table
Minimum Bend Radius See Performance Table
Options for Special Versions Other nominal sizes and inner hoses, e.g. supplied components for individual heating
Sizes up to 120 m
Sensor types, e.g. thermocouples Type K, Type J, etc.
Supply voltage up to 400 V, single-phase or three-phase
Higher power outputs
Increased ingress protection, e.g. IP65 for outdoor applications
Increased pressure resistance, up to 475 bar at 100°C (depending on nominal diameter)
Other materials, e.g. for applications recommending silicone free production
Approved components for the use in hazardous areas according to IECEx and ATEX
Replaceable inner hoses for nonpressurized gas analysis
Premounted plugs and special supply and messenger leads
Controlling devices and high temperature lock-out thermostats


Heated Hose – Standard Liquid & Gas Hoses Isopad IHH-ST4A/ST4D (to 400°C) – Performance Table

Nominal Diameter Power (w/m) Maximum Static Pressure (Bars) Minimum Bend Radius (mm)
Code mm at 100ºC at 20ºC at 100ºC Static Dynamic
2 6 120 125 62 50 160
3 8 130 125 62 65 250
4 10 140 100 50 75 260
5 13 150 85 42 90 280
Dynamic performance represents two dimensional single piston stroke per second (1 Hz) with compressed air (medium) 6 bars at 100°C operating and 20°C ambient temperature.
Dynamic performance of heated hoses is recommended to be tested for each individual application


ATEX heated hoses are available for Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.

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