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T&D International are the UK’s largest stockist and supplier of IBC Heating Jackets & Insulated Drum Heaters

Thorne & Derrick International are the UK’s Specialist Distributor of IBC Heaters to diverse industries including process, food and beverage, confectionery, manufacturing, chemicals, pharmaceutical and utilities – we service the international marketplace via our dedicated Exports Department.

We are the UK’s largest supplier of highest performance heating jackets and systems for temperature control of bulk containers, storage drums, pumps, pipes, tanks and gas bottle cylinders.

We are also the UK’s largest stockist and supplier of Trace Heating Cables & Heat Tracing Systems for commercial, industrial and hazardous area heating of pipework, tanks, drums and vessels in both safe, non-hazardous and hazardous area locations.

Specialist application heating jackets for IBC containers are available including Hazardous Area certified heaters conforming to the ATEX Directive for safe use in potentially explosive atmospheres, including Zone 1 and Zone 2 – advice about storage of flammable liquids in bulk containers is covered by UK HSE HSG51

Thorne & Derrick heaters provide even distribution and transfer of electric surface heat to without risk of hot or cold spots by thermostatically controlled insulated heating jackets up to 220° Celsius – heating IBC contents to maintain flow and protect against frost.

Low voltage heated jackets compliant with 17th Edition of SELV (Separated Extra Low Voltage) regulations are available.

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IBC heatersIBC Insulated Heating Jackets

Intermediate bulk containers are commonly abbreviated to IBC and often referred to as Totes, Tote Bins or Pallet Tanks – they are reusable industrial storage containers manufactured from plastic or composite materials.

IBC Containers are designed for the transport and storage of bulk liquid and granulated substances including chemicals, food ingredients, sugars, solvents, oils, waxes, cosmetics, detergents and crop science products.

Hazardous class goods stored in containers include general and speciality chemicals, resins, paint and inks.

Leading manufacturers and types include Schutz, Ragus, Francis Ward, Pallecon, F Ward and Hoyer.

Schutz ATEX IBCs

SCHÜTZ produces ATEX IBCs, which are specially designed to safely handle hazardous materials in potentially explosive atmospheres

T&D can deliver from stock compatible IBC Heaters and Heating Jackets to suit all brands of IBC to ensure free flowing or viscous liquids, granular, powders or semi solids – including ATEX certified IBC’s heater for hazardous areas.

Used to provide surface heating to containers storing highly viscous fluids such as sugar, sugar substitutes and sugar alcohols including Maltitol.

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How To Reduce Viscosity In IBC Containers

Oil, chemicals, sugars, surfactants, foodstuffs and industrial process liquids become viscous at room temperature – at lower ambient or process temperatures flow resistance according to fluid thickness leads to thickening and reduced production yields.

Both low-viscosity and high-viscosity fluids require heating using an IBC heater to support the smooth discharge of Icontents from the container. Without container heating the flow rate reduces further as the static head falls while the IBC empties.

ATEX Hazardous Area IBC Heating

Zone 1 Zone 2 Certified

Thorne & Derrick provide a range of ATEX certified insulated heating jackets for IBCs – we can specify, design and manufacture bespoke options where required.

Contact us should your facility or plant require heat tracing for frost protection of pipework or process heating of hazardous area located pipes.

Hazardous locations and potentially explosive atmospheres occur in many industries and workspaces including oil and gas, petrochemical, offshore and pharmaceutical.

Heating Applications For Standard & Bespoke Drums & IBCs

Our heating jacket technology can be adapted to suit non-standard containers and bespoke applications – suitable for both harsh industrial and hazardous areas.

With over 35 Years’ experience, T&D can offer tailored specification advice and produce in-house customised heating solutions with fast delivery to UK and international locations. Our technical experts will conduct heat loss calculations to ensure reliable process heating, temperature maintenance or frost protection of your container depending on the application.

As the leading supplier in Europe of Electrical Heating Products for storage containers including drums and IBC’s, we have developed reliable heaters for a complete range of process heating and frost protection applications including:

Application  Heater Solution  Industry Sector
Maintain fluidity and frost protection of shotcrete, gunite and sprayed concrete (IBC stored outdoors and warehoused) 1000 Litre IBC Heater Jacket 110V 0-40°C Thermostat Construction (Tunnels & Shafts)
Temperature maintenance of peppermint cream solution for animal feed (55-60°C) 200 Litre Drum Heater Jacket 230V 1200 Watts 0- 90°C Thermostat Agriculture (Feed Supplements for Livestock)
Temperature maintenance of e-liquids stored in standard sized drums 105 Litre Drum Heater Jacket 230V 400 Watts  0- 90°C Thermostat Manufacturing (Vape Laboratory E Liquids)
IBC & Drum Heating

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