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Sika Magmeters

Sika Magmeters: Magnetic flow meters generate a magnetic field to measure flow level of conductive liquids


MAGMETERS – Magnetic flow meters

Sika range of magnetic flow meters consists of the VMI Magmeter, VMM Magmeter and VMZ Magmeter – each flow meter has been designed for different applications and are available in various sizes for different pipes and systems. In addition, customer specific systems can be supplied to meet individual requirements.

The method of using electromagnetic measurement is time tested and has been deployed within process engineering for decades. Magmeters are extremely reliable as there are no moving parts to cause an obstruction and subsequent drop in pressure.

In addition, the method of using a magnetic field to measure flow levels is not affected by changes in viscosity, density, concentration or electrical conductivity – this results in a guaranteed level of consistent and accurate service .

Magnetic flow meters can be used and applied to almost any application and can be used to measure the flow of water, juices, pastes, acids, lyes and emulsions.

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The Principle Of Free Flow Operation

Magmeters operate according to the principle of induction. This means that the measuring pipe is contained within a magnetic field. If an electrically conductive fluid within the flow to be measured passes through the measuring pipe and thereby a right angle to the magnetic field, a voltage will be induced in the fluid.

The voltage level is proportional to the average flow level and is picked up by two measuring electrodes.

With regards to the flow proportional output signals there are two available –

  • Frequency output signal
  • Analogue and frequency output signal

Smart flow magnetic sensors enable the flow measurement or dosing of conductive liquids without the use of any moving parts. This makes magmeters ideal for use when accuracy and product reliability are absolutely essential.

Free Flow - Principle Of Operation

Free Flow – Principle Of Operation

The image above demonstrates the principle of free flow. In the image Q represents the flow to be measured, B represents the magnetic field containing the measuring pipe and U represents the voltage induced into the fluid flowing through the pipe.

Magmeters Range

The range of magmeters from Sika are available in three variations – VMM, VMI and VMZ.

Sika Magmeters - Magnetic Flow Meters For Virtually Any Application

Sika Magmeters – Magnetic Flow Meters For Virtually Any Application

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