Drum Heaters – Rigid Drum Heater Enclosure & Base Heater Set IDR-IBDR-CON

Drum Heater – Rigid Drum Heater Enclosure & Base Heater Set IDR-IBDR-CON

Drum Heater – Rigid Drum Heater Enclosure & Base Heater Set IDR-IBDR-CON

Thermocoax Isopad IDR-IBDR-CON is a set combining the IDR drum heater enclosures and IBDR base drum heater to provide medium flow and process temperature to 200 litre steel or plastic drums.

The IDR drum heaters are constructed from two pieced metal housing which can be opened and closed via hingers and fasteners.

The IBDR drum heaters are constructed from a metal housing which has an insulated heating cable within which evenly distributes heat across the bottom of the drum container.

Using both the IDR and IBDR heaters together ensures that drum containers can be heated rapidly and consistently from both the sides of the drum and underneath.

An optional insulated lid can also be supplied to reduce heat loss through the top of the container.

T&D also offer a full range of IBC & Drum heating jackets and heaters.

Drum Heater – Rigid Drum Heater Enclosure & Base Heater Set IDR-IBDR-CON

IDR-IBDR-CON Drum Heater Enclosure – Illustration

Drum Heater Enclosure & Base Drum Heater – ISOPAD IDR-IBDR-CON – Technical Specification

IDR Drum Heater Enclosure IBDR Base Drum Heater
Area Classification Non Hazardous Area
Ingress Protection IP52
Electrical Protection Class Class I
Ambient Temperature Range -20ºC to +40ºC
Height 980mm including castors 75mm heating surface
Inner Diameter 650mm N/A
Outer Diameter 770mm 570mm
Heater Type Resistance Heating Cable
Material Various Alloys
Material of Heater Insulation Glass Silk
Carrier Woven Glass Silk
Material of Thermal Insulation Glass Fibre Mineral Fibre
Thickness 50mm
Outer Protection Sheet Steel
Paint Matt Black Heat Resistant & Hammer Trimite Silver-Grey
Fixation & Closure Type Quick-Snap Fastener N/A
Connection Lead Length 2m 3m
Lead Cross Section 2.5mm²
Maximum Operating Temperature 80ºC
Connection Lead Insulation Material PVC Armoured PVC
Thermostat (Type) TS-C TSW
Sensor Type Capillary Tube
Controller Range 50 to 300ºC
Ingress Protection IP52 IP65
Maximum Ambient Temperature -25ºC to +40ºC -20ºC to +80ºC
Housing Dimension (LxWxH) 110 x 110 x 90mm 170 x 150 x 100mm
Housing Material Thermoplast PS Aluminium Cast
Frequency 50-60Hz
Nominal Operating Voltage 230 / 400 Vac (~1ph / ~3ph) 230 VAC (~1ph)
Nominal Power 4000W 900W
Maximum Operating Temperature 300ºC
Options Alternative controller setting range 0°C to +43°C or +30°C to +110°C Additional insulation-lid for reduction of heat loss (see order information accessories)


Drum Heater Enclosure & Base Drum Heater – ISOPAD IDR-IBDR-CON – Product Specification

Part Number For Standard Sizes (ltr) Height Inner Diameter (ID) (mm) Outer Diameter (OD) (mm) Nominal Power (W) Nominal Voltage (Vac) Weight (kg)
IDR-IBDR-CON 230V 200 990 650 770 4900W 230 ~1ph 60
IDR-IBDR-CON 400V 200 990 650 770 4900W 400 ~3ph 60


Drum Heating - Viscosity

Viscosity Simulation: Substances have different viscosities – the substance on the left has lower viscosity than the substance on the right.


Frost Protection
Reduce Viscosity
Temperature Maintenance
Low Temperature Heat Up 0-20° Celsius
Medium Temperature Heat Up 21-50° Celsius
High Temperature Heat Up 50° Celsius


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