Dart Valley AquariTherm Manual Tap

Dart Valley AquariTherm Manual Tap

Dart Valley AquariTherm Manual Tap

Product Category: Thermostatic Mixing Taps

Manufacturer: DVS Dart Valley Systems

Range: DVS AquariTherm Taps (Stainless Steel)

Approvals: WRAS

Product Code: DVS Dart Valley Systems MT04-001.

DVS mixing taps and showers ensure significant contributions to improving hygiene and also reducing water consumption. The two most important aspects of improving hand hygiene is to increase the frequency and improve the effectiveness of hand washing.

DVS thermostatic mixing taps achieve both objectives. The Dart Valley Aquarius range of mixing taps are manufactured from 316 stainless steel.

Designed with healthcare environments in mind, the AquariTherm™ range combines infection control features.

It also offers simple isolation for quick and easy servicing and stylish aesthetics meeting the needs of healthcare professionals and technical support staff.

The patented isolation feature allows the tap to be removed for servicing or exchange without the need to isolate the water or remove any panels.

This feature reduces any down time during servicing or disinfection, with easy to access filters these can be removed replaced or cleaned in a matter of seconds.

As well as unique servicing features, the AquariTherm™ tap is designed with no sharp corners allowing for easy cleaning and include a mechanism to ensure that hot water is mixed before being delivered to the users’ hands, ensuring there is no ‘hot spike’ effect for the user of the tap. Additionally the tap body stays cool during use, even with prolonged running of hot water.

Dart Valley AquariTherm Taps – features

  • HTM64 compliant
  • Tap body DZR brass
  • Ergonomic easy clean surfaces
  • Tap handle positioned further away from the wall than other healthcare taps
  • Quick and easy to service
  • No hot surface area
  • Easy to remove filters & serviceable valves

Dart Valley AquariTherm Manual Tap

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DVS manufacture water saving commercial and automatic washroom products.

T&D service the healthcare, mental healthcare, custodial, public sector, leisure, retail, HVAC and mechanical building services industry with DVS Thermostatic Mixing Taps & Showers. Contact T&D to discuss how Dart Valley thermostatic mixing taps and showers achieve scheme accreditation and approvals including BREEAM, TMV3 and WRAS.

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