Eltherm ELW-Q Heating Tape – Trace Heating Cable For Glass, Quartz & Ceramic Materials up to 900°C

Eltherm ELW-Q Heater Cable

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Eltherm ELW-Q Heater Cables – Trace Heating

Eltherm ELW-Q resistance heating cables and tapes provide process temperature maintenance and frost protection to vessels, pipes, valves and small components up to 900° Celsius.

Eltherm ELW-Q



  • Nominal Supply Voltage : 230V
  • Maximum Output : 350 w/m
  • Maximum Operating Temperature : 900ºC
  • Minimum Installation Temperature : Not restricted
  • Dimensions: 35 x 6mm
  • Minimum Heater Cable Bend Radius (Flat): 20mm
  • Insulation : Quartz Textile
  • Outer Jacket: Quartz Textile
  • Cold Lead Length : 1.2m without plug
  • Moisture Proof : No
  • Manufactured According To : DIN VDE 0721 T2
  • Final Inspection According To: DIN VDE 0721 T2, 1.5kV AC – 1 min
  • Heating Cable Type : Resistance heating cable
Eltherm ELW-Q Heater Cable – Resistance Heating Process Temperature Maintenance

Eltherm ELW-Q Heater Cable – Resistance Heating Process Temperature Maintenance

Trace Heating Cable Selection Table – Eltherm ELW-Q

Contact T&D for technical guidance, heat loss calculations for pipework systems and optimum specification of the correct trace heater cable for your application.

Resistance heating cable application : frost protection and process heating.

Eltherm ELW-Q Part NumberHeated Length (m)Nominal Output (W)
ELW-Q 0.60.6138
ELW-Q 0.70.70270
ELW-Q 1.01.00319
ELW-Q 1.51.55533
ELW-Q 2.02.00696
ELW-Q 2.52.5882
ELW-Q 3.03.001062
ELW-Q 4.04.001438
ELW-Q 5.05.001653

Other lengths of ELW-Q resistance heating cables are available upon request.
Resistance Tolerance: +/- 5%
Lengths tolerance ± 2%, max ± 0.25m

Eltherm ELW-Q – Applications

  • Heat tracing on glass, quartz and ceramic devices
  • Devices and systems with highest output needs
  • Laboratory & research applications

Eltherm ELW-Q heating cables provide temperature maintenance and frost protection to pipework and mechanical services in all industries – typical applications include industrial and hazardous area heating of process pipework, instrument lines and storage tanks to maintain viscosity or prevent frost damage as an integral work-task of plant Winterisation.

Eltherm ELW-Q Heater Cable

T&D provide value-added design services for process heating using trace heating cables and systems. Heating cables using constant wattage, self-regulating, mineral insulated and resistance heating technology provide frost protection and temperature maintenance to pipework, drums, tanks, IBC’s and valves.


Eltherm resistance heating cables are manufactured from a high-resistance heating conductor, PTFE insulated with protective braid and fluoropolymer outer jacket. Powered at specific voltage the resistance heat generated by the conductors provides electrical trace heating to pipes and vessels. Resistance heating cables will “burn-out” if overlapped unlike self-regulating trace heating cables.

High temperature resistance heating cables insulated with glass fibre provide electrical heating up to 800° Celsius.

Heating Cables - Eltherm Mineral Insulated Self Regulating Series Resistance Constant Wattage

Eltherm Heating Cables


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