FLEXIM FLUXUS F809 Flowmeter – Ultrasonic Clamp-on Liquid Flowmeter (Zone 1 Hazardous Area)

FLEXIM FLUXUS F809 Flowmeters

FLEXIM FLUXUS F809 Flowmeters suitable for flow measurement of liquids in hazardous areas (ATEX, IECEx, Zone 1 and FM Class I, Div 1 approved)

FLEXIM manufacture market-leading ultrasonic flow meters – the FLEXIM FLUXUS F809 forms part of the permanent liquid flowmeter range.

Flexim FLUXUS F809 FlowMeter – Advantages

FLEXIM FLUXUS F809 Flowmeter

Flowmeters for Liquids & Gases

  • Accurate bi-directional, highly dynamic flow measurement of liquids and gases FM Class I, Div. 1 and ATEX / IECEx Zone 1 areas
  • Very cost effective: No pipe works, no process shut-downs and virtually maintenance-free
  • Excellent zero point stability, wide turndown ratio and no problem with clogging or corrosion
  • Measurement available from temperatures ranging from -170°C up to 400°C for any pipe material, size or thickness
  • Free of wear, tear and abrasion and no pressure loss or source of potential leaks and fugitive emissions

Flexim FLUXUS F809 FlowMeter – Specifications

  • Operating temperature of the flow meter transmitter -30°C … +60°C

    Zone 1 Hazardous Area Flowmeter - ATEX Certified

    Zone 1 Hazardous Area Flowmeter – ATEX Certified

  • Degree of ingress protection – IP66 (Transmitter) Coating for Offshore usage
  • Flowmeter outputs – 4 (various combinations of current, binary, Modbus and HART are available)
  • Optional hazardous area classification – ATEX, IECEx Zone 1, FM Class I, Div. 1
  • Communication Protocol – HART, Modbus
  • Media temperature – 6 mm … 12000 mm
  • Flow velocity range – 0,01 … 25 m/s
  • Measurement accuracy (field calibrated) – ±0.5 % of reading ±0.01 m/s
  • Measurement accuracy (standard) – ±1.2 % of reading ±0.01 m/s
  • Additional Notes – FLEXIM FLUXIS F809 flowmeter is available as 240V or 24V (DC) power supply version

ATEX, IECEx Zone 1, FM Class I, Div. 1

Hazardous Area Flow Meter

What is Hazardous Area Zone 1?

  • Zone 1 Hazardous Area – a potentially explosive atmosphere in which an explosive liquid or gas atmosphere is likely to occur in normal operation. Although not officially quantified according to IECEx or ATEX but commonly accepted by hazardous area industries as being prevalent for more than 10, but less than 1000 h/yr.
FLEXIM FLUXUS F809 - Ultrasonic Clamp-on Liquid Flowmeter

FLUXUS F809 Flowmeter. T&D Distribute FLEXIM Flowmeters, contact us.

Flow Meter Applications

FLEXIM FLUXUS F809 flowmeter uses include :

  • Chemical Industry – measurement of organic and inorganic hazardous media and acids. Also in polymerisation and infrastructural processes
  • Crude Oil Refining – monitoring of hydrocarbon product flows and in pipelines
  • Oil Exploration On & Offshore – measurement in FWKO and separator in-/ outlet, coalesces, scrubbers & reboilers, produced water injunction and chemical injunction



Zone 1 ATEX Certified

Hazardous Area Classification :

Zone 1

Marking : CE 0 637 Ex II2G II2D Ex db e IIC T6 Gb Ex tb IIIC T 100 °C Db Ta -40…+60 °C

CE 0 637 Ex II2G II2D F809**-A1A Ex db e ia IIC T6 Gb Ex tb ia IIIC T 100 °C Db Ta -40…+60 °C

Certification ATEX : IBExU11ATEX1022 XIECEx

Certification IECEx :  IECEx IBE 11.0006X

Also Available: FLEXIM G809 Gas Flowmeter


Flexim Flowmeters - Portable Permanent Gas Liquid Flowmeters & Ultrasonic Meters

Flexim Flowmeters – Portable & Permanent (Liquids & Gases) & Ultrasonic Clamp-on

Flowmeters - Ultrasonic Non Invasive Flow Measurement Meters - FLEXIM

Flowmeters for Hazardous Area Liquid & Gas Flow Measurement. ATEX, IECEx Zone 2, EAC TR-TS, Inmetro Approved Ultrasonic Meters from FLEXIM.

➡ Did you know? FLEXIM FLUXUS ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters are available for hazardous areas with IECEX / ATEX Certification – ask T&D about explosion proof offshore flowmeters.

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