FLEXIM Wavelnjector Flowmeter – Ultrasonic Clamp-on Liquid Flowmeter (Permanent)

FLEXIM Wavelnjector Flowmeters

FLEXIM Wavelnjector Flowmeters – suitable for extreme temperature applications from -190 °C up to 600 °C

FLEXIM manufacture market-leading ultrasonic flow meters – the FLEXIM Wavelnjector forms part of the permanent liquid flowmeter range.

FLEXIM Wavelnjector Flowmeter – Advantages

FLEXIM Wavelnjector Flowmeter

Flowmeters for Liquids & Gases

  • Trouble-free operation at extreme temperatures (from -190 °C up to 600°C)
  • No clogging, even with dirty or fouling fluids
  • No pressure loss
  • Installation and maintainance without process interruption
  • No risk of leaks
  • No pressure ports
  • Fits all standard pipe sizes >DN 40 upwards
  • Hazardous Area Certification
  • Accurate and repeatable, even at low flows
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Independent of fluid or pressure
  • Inherently bi-directional
  • Patented technology by Flexim

FLUXUS Wavelnjector Flowmeter

FLUXUS Wavelnjector Flowmeter. T&D Distribute FLEXIM Flowmeters, contact us.

FLEXIM Wavelnjector Flowmeter Applications

FLEXIM Wavelnjector flowmeter uses include :


  • FCC feed and residue
  • Coker feed
  • Atmospheric and Vacuum tower residue
  • Cooling tower balance
  • Overflash
  • Heavy Coker Gasoil (HCGO)
  • Alkylation (including acid concentration)

Midstream – LNG:

  • LNG flow measurement at -162 °C

Chemical Industry:

  • High temperature processes above 200 °C up to 600°C
  • Cyrogenic processes below -40°C down to -190 °C (in special cases even temperatures below)

Central Solar Power Plants:

  • Flow measurement of heat transfer oils and molten salts (up to 600 °C)


Flexim Flowmeters - Portable Permanent Gas Liquid Flowmeters & Ultrasonic Meters

Flexim Flowmeters – Portable & Permanent (Liquids & Gases) & Ultrasonic Clamp-on

Flowmeters - Ultrasonic Non Invasive Flow Measurement Meters - FLEXIM

Flowmeters for Hazardous Area Liquid & Gas Flow Measurement. ATEX, IECEx Zone 2, EAC TR-TS, Inmetro Approved Ultrasonic Meters from FLEXIM.

➡ Did you know? FLEXIM FLUXUS ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters are available for hazardous areas with IECEX / ATEX Certification – ask T&D about explosion proof offshore flowmeters.

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