Trace Heating – Heat Trace Cables (Self-Regulating, Constant Wattage, Series Resistance & MI Mineral Insulated)

Trace Heating

Heating Cables: Keeping Roofs, Gutters, Ramps, Pipes & Tanks Protected Against Frost, Snow & Ice.

Thorne & Derrick International are the UK’s largest stockist of Trace Heating Cables – we can provide expert technical support, competitive prices and international delivery service for leading manufacturers of heat trace cables including Chromalox, EasyHeat, Eltherm, Nelson and Thermon.

Typical Commercial Applications: Frost Protection Of Water Pipework, Hot Water Temperature Maintenance, Roof & Gutter Heating and Ramp Heating.

Trace Heating Cables

Heat Trace Cables Provide Guaranteed Freeze Protection To Pipework.


Whenever the heat loss of the insulated pipe, tank or equipment increases (as ambient temperature drops), the heat output of the cable increases. Conversely, when the heat loss decreases (as the ambient temperature rises or product flows), the cable reacts by reducing its heat output.

Trace Heating Cables - Self Regulating Heater Cables

Self Regulating Heater Cables

➡ T&D stock trace heating cables in a range of technologies including self-regulating, constant wattage, mineral insulated and parallel resistance types with international hazardous area location classifications.

Thermon Cables