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Itron water meters are specified for residential and commercial industrial applications and include water meters utilising Woltmann metering technology, rotary piston volumetric meters and single jet turbine meters.

Itron acquired Actaris Metering Systems and their range of products in 2007, since then Itron have expanded upon their available range and further developed existing metering products.

Itron water meters are equipped with the CybleTM communication range of modules that facilitate remote reading by methods such as radio, M-Bus and pulse. As a complete systems provider, Itron also provide software to manage the data.

Woltmann Water Meters

Woltmann water meters are comprised of a rotor with helical blades inserted axially in the flow and are mainly used for industrial and larger residential water metering supplies.

Woltmann water meters include a measuring unit bearing an helical reel, the axis of which corresponds with that of the water . The helical reel has fins which placed in rotation by the passage of water and are arranged according to upright helicoids.

The measuring unit can be quickly replaced for repair without the need for removal of the main water body and a reading mechanism with its gears is mounted inside an hermetically closed and sealed capsule. Transmission from the reel to the reading mechanism is achieved via magnetic coupling.

Itron Water Meters

  • Itron Aquadis+ Water Meter – Rotary Piston Volumetric Meter
  • Itron Aquadis+ Water Meter – Volumetric Residential Meter With Composite Body
  • Itron Unimag Water Meter – Residential Single Jet Turbine Meter
  • Itron Flostar M Water Meter – Commercial Single Jet Turbine Meter
  • Itron Woltmann Woltex M Water Meter – Horizontal Class B Meter
  • Itron Woltmann Woltex Water Meter – Commercial & Industrial Meter
  • Itron TD8 Hot Water Meter – Volumetric Residential Meter
  • Itron Aquadis+ Hot Water Meter – Residential Volumetric Piston Meter

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