Kamstrup Multical 302 Heat Meter – Ultrasonic Heat Meters MID Class 2

Kamstrup Multical 302 Heat Meter

MID Class 2 Heat Meter

Kamstrup Multical 302 heat meter is a static heat meter, cooling meter or combined heating/cooling meter based on the ultrasonic principle.

The Kamstrup Multical 302 can be designated as a hybrid instrument and is MID approved Class 2.

The Multical 302 can be turned during installation, in very compact systems too, enabling optimal reading of the display at all times.

With a temperature measuring range of up to 130°C, the robust measuring flow sensor offers extremely long product longevity as it is designed with Kamstrup unique ultrasound technique.

The volume is measured using bi-directional ultrasonic technique based on the transit time method and the accumulated heat energy and/or cooling energy can be displayed in kWh, MWh or GJ, all in the form of seven significant digits and measuring unit.

Kamstrup Multical 302

Ultrasonic Heat Meter

Product Benefits

The design of the Kamstrup Multical 302 heat meter is based on a circle and is not only simple but ingenious as this provides benefits during installation and when reading the meter.

With only a 59 mm radius and a depth of 83 mm, the Kamstrup Multical 302 provides powerful technology in a small package and can be mounted in small spaces and perfect installation angle is achieved every time ensuring an easy read every time.

The inlet/outlet position and the heat meter can be configured on site meaning that one meter can be used for many installations resulting in low stock holding requirements and easier forward planning.

The low pressure loss, which is below 0.1 bar, means there is a lower need for pumping capacity which reduces the amount of electrical energy to the circulation pumps in the utility.

Kamstrup Multical 302 Heat Meter

MID Approved CLASS 2

The Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) is a European directive (2004/22/EC) that harmonises the requirements of 10 different measuring instrument types, including gas meters and heat meters. MID approved heat meters will have passed specific conformity assessment procedures and have MID markings which allow the instruments to be used in any EU member state.

Heat meters to be used for the Non-Domestic RHI in the UK must also comply with MID Class 2.

Kamstrup Heat Meters - MID Approved



See how the Kamstrup Multical 302 MID Class 2 heat meter provides energy savings through advanced technological design for sub-metering installations.

Kamstrup Multical 302 Ultrasonic Heat Meter - MID Class 2, RHI Approved, Rounded Design

Kamstrup Multical 302 Ultrasonic Heat Meter – MID Class 2, RHI Approved, Rounded Design

Kamstrup Multical 302 Heat Meter

Product Specifications

Calculator Functions – Energy calculation by the heat meter is carried out on the basis of the formula stated in EN 1434-1:2007. This uses the international temperature scale issued in 1990 (ITS-90) and the pressure definition of 16 bar.

Kamstrup Multical 302 operates with four different energy formulas, E1, E3, E8 and E9. These formulae are calculated in parallel with each integration no matter what the configuration of the energy meter. This enables the Multical 302 to calculate heat and cooling energy in most applications.

In addition the calculator can be used to calculate and display flow measurement, power measurement, maximum flow and power, temperature measurement, user, tech and set-up loops.

Communication – The Kamstrup Multical 302 offers two types of communication, namely wired M-Bus or Wireless M-Bus.

Connection to the wired M-Bus master is established via the fixed 2-wire cable and the connection is independent of the polarity and the M-bus interface is galvanically separated from the rest of the meter.

If the meter has built in wireless M-bus, their is a choice between Mode C1 or Mode T1 OMS. Mode C1 is used in connection with Kamstrup’s reading systems and for drive-by meter reading in general.

Mode T1 OMS is used in connection with OMS-based stationary networks and the meter has an internal antenna.

Mechanical Data

Environmental class – Fulfils EN 1434 class A and MID class E1 and M2

Protection classAmbient
Environmental class
CalculatorIP655…55 °CNon-condensingIndoors (closed position)
Flow sensor and temp. sensor pairIP68Condensing


Medium Temperatures

Kamstrup Heat meters 302-TKamstrup Cooling meters 302-TKamstrup Heat/cooling meters 302-TMedium in sensorStorage temperaturePressure stageWeight
2…130 °C2…130 °C2…130 °CWater-25…60 °CPN16 and PN25From 0.7 to 1.1 kg


Heat Meter Construction

  • Flow sensor case – Hot dezincification proof brass
  • Diaphragms – Stainless steel, W.no. 1.4404
  • O-rings – EPDM
  • Measuring tube – Thermoplastic, PES
  • Reflectors – Thermoplastic, PES 30 % GF and stainless steel
  • Flow sensor cover & wall bracket – Thermoplastic, PC 20 % GF
  • Cable – Silicone cable with inner Teflon insulation
Kamstrup Multical 302 Heat Meter Calculator Dimensions

Kamstrup Multical 302 Heat Meter Calculator Dimensions (Measurements in mm)

Intuitive configuration with a single touch

Kamstrup 302 multical inlet outlet setup patent pending

Operation of the Kamstrup Multical 302 is extremely intuitive as the heat meter can be operated with one button to quickly configure the system and for system tests.

To achieve this, simply set up all the parameters required for safe operation in menu 3 – setup.

The ability to handle inlet and outlet installation of the flow sensor, the flexible measuring unit and the remote reading possibility reveal the true flexibility of the Kamstrup Multical 302.

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