Kamstrup Multical 602 Heat Meter – Ultrasonic Heat Meters MID Class 2

Kamstrup Multical 602 Heat Meter

MID Class 2 Heat Meter

Kamstrup Multical 602 heat meter is an all-purpose energy calculator for heat and cooling together with almost any kind of pulsed flow sensors and with 2 or 4 wired temperature sensor pairs.

The Kamstrup Multical 602 offers high flexibility thanks to it’s programmable functions and plug-in modules. The Multical 602 can be used together with the ULTRAFLOW 55, a flow sensor and two temperature sensors for highly accurate measurement of flow, power and temperature.

The Multical 602 is delivered completely configured and ready for use from the factory but it can also be retrofitted/reconfigured after installation.

New functions and modules for this thermal energy meter are continuously being developed please contact T&D for more information.

Kamstrup Multical 602

Ultrasonic Heat Meter

Product Benefits

Kamstrup Multical 602 heat meter offers a complete range of communication modules as the meter can be fitted with LON, SIOX, M-Bus, a data module and the solutions BACnet MS/TP, Metasys N2 and Ethernet/IP for wired communication. The meter can be easily integrated in a wireless network if required.

Power supply, leakages and burst are monitored and appear in the display in the form of an info code. The intergrated RTC saves yearly, monthly, daily and hourly loggers that are simple to read and analyse.

Operating costs are minimal as the meter is fitted with a battery that has an approximate battery life of 13 years. In the event of power failure data the user can rest assured that the data is backed up.


Kamstrup Multical 602 Heat Meter

MID Approved CLASS 2

The Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) is a European directive (2004/22/EC) that harmonises the requirements of 10 different measuring instrument types, including gas meters and heat meters. MID approved heat meters will have passed specific conformity assessment procedures and have MID markings which allow the instruments to be used in any EU member state.

Heat meters to be used for the Non-Domestic RHI in the UK must also comply with MID Class 2.

Kamstrup Heat Meters - MID Approved


Kamstrup Multical 602 Heat Meter - MID Class 2, RHI Approved

Kamstrup Multical 602 Heat Meter – MID Class 2, RHI Approved

Kamstrup Multical 602 Heat Meter

Product Specifications

Calculator Functions – Energy calculation by the heat meter is carried out on the basis of the formula stated in prEN 1434-1:2009. This uses the international temperature scale issued in 1990 (ITS-90) and the pressure definition of 16 bar.

Kamstrup Multical 602 operates with nine different energy formulas, E1 to E9. These formulae are calculated in parallel with each integration no matter what the configuration of the energy meter. This enables the Multical 602 to calculate heat and cooling energy in most applications, both closed and open systems.

In addition the calculator can be used to calculate and display flow measurement, power measurement, maximum flow and power, temperature measurement, user, tech and set-up loops.

Communication – The Kamstrup Multical 602 has KMP protocol with CRC16 used for optical communication and for top and base modules.

Mechanical Data

Meets EN 1434 Class A and C

Protection classAmbient
Storage temperatureWeightConnection cablesSupply cable
IP545…55 °C-20…60 °C (drained flow meter)0.4 kg excluding sensors and flow sensorø3.5…6 mmø5…10 mm


Heat Meter Applications

  • Cooling measurement in water-based systems
  • Bifunctional heat/cooling measurements in separate registers
  • Leak surveillance of hot and cold-water installations
  • Power and flow limiter with valve control
  • Data logger
  • Data communication
  • Energy measurement in open systems

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