Marechal DB Motor Switch Connectors (Inter AC-3 45kW)

Marechal DB Motor Switch Connectors (Disconnectable AC-3 Motor Switches)

DB Motor Switch Connectors are part of the Marechal Industrial  range.

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Marechal DB motor switch connectors have current ratings from 40A to 125A with the ability to combine the functions of switch-engine cutoff switch and plug and socket-outlet.

DB motor switch connectors guarantee the safety of personnel throughout an operation on the load (motor load or highly inductive) and have an AC-3 load capability of between 7.5kW to 45kW.

The mechanical features include metal casing with an impact resistance rating of IK09 against shocks and corrosion, a cover with an ingress protection rating of IP66/IP67, a padlocking system and a silver-nickel butt contacts that provide an excellent current carrying performance.

Marechal DB Motor Switch connectors

Technical Features

  • From 40 A (7.5KW) to 125 A (45KW), 690 VAC
  • AC-3 visible switch for motors
  • Standard IP66/IP67 inress mprotection
  • Impact resistance rating – IK09
  • Safety shutter prevents unwanted access to contacts
  • Up to 4 auxiliaries / pilots
  • Mechanical locking / padlock / LOTO compliant.
Marechal DB Mechanical Features

Marechal DB Mechanical Features


Marechal Part Number Marechal DB3 Marechal DB6 Marechal DB9
AC-3 load-break capability 7.5 kW 22 kW 45 kW
Imax 40 A 75 A 125 A
Umax 690 V for all DB
Casing material  metal for all DB
Keying Positions (To distinguish between different power supplies & applications) 24 for all DB
Ambient Temperature -40 °C to +60 °C for all DB
Short Circuit Current lcc 200 kA for all DB

MARECHAL DB Motor Switch StandardsMarechal Plugs International Standards

Marechal DB motor switches comply with:

  • The European Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/CE (2014/35/EU from April 20 2016)
  • The European ‘Machine Directive’ 2006/42/CE regarding equipment isolation
  • The French decree dated 20 December 2011 pertaining to the wiring and operating conditions of movable electrical apparatuses
  • The French NF C 15-100 standard
  • The decrees relating to workers’ protection in Belgium, Spain and Italy
  • The requirements of IEC EN 60309-1 European and international standard (plugs and socket-outlets for industrial purposes) , Interlock according to IEC EN 60309-4 International and European standard
  • UL 1682, UL 2682 and UL 98/508 American standards
  • The load breaking capacity according to utilisation category AC-3 of IEC EN 60947-3 standard
  • VERITAS LCIE, UL, TR CU (GOST) and cCSAus (French, American, Russian and Canadian inspection laboratories)


Marechal DB Motor Switch Connectors - Install & Operation Guide

Marechal DB Motor Switch Connectors – Install & Operation Guide

Installation & Operation Guidelines

To be connected, the Marechal DB plug and the socket-outlet must have similar ratings (voltage & current) and compatible contact configurations. The socket-outlet is shielded by a protective lid retained by a ring. Rotate this ring anti-clockwise to release the lid.

Align the plug bayonets with the hollow parts of the socket-outlet and insert the plug, turning clockwise until the plug is in rest position with the circuit open. This is indicated by a green window located on the socket-outlet. To close the circuit, push the plug fully home until latched – the window becomes red. Turn the ring to achieve watertightness.

To break the circuit, turn the ring in the opposite direction and the plug returns to its rest position noting to bring the plug back to it’s rest position before another engagement manoeuvre is possible. Turn the DB plug in the opposite direction to remove it. Shut the socket-outlet lid and turn the ring for watertightness.

Marechal DB MOTOR SWITCH CONNECTORS & Power Distribution Systems

Marechal DB motor switch connectors (plug and socket outlets with integral power switch) are supported by an ancillary range of wall mounting sockets, wall boxes, socket outlets, sleeves, inlets and handles.

Marechal DB Handles

Marechal DB Boxes


IEC 60309 Plugs

IEC 60309 is an international standard from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for “plugs, socket-outlets and couplers for industrial purposes” and high-current power connectors.

Also certified by VERITAS LCIE, UL, AS, VDE, TR CU (GOST) and cCSAus (French, American, Australian, German, Russian and Canadian inspection laboratories) and by BUREAU VERITAS MARINE.

Hazardous Area Plugs Sockets

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