Marechal PNC Plugs 16A Decontactors – GRP Compact Connector (IP66 IP67 IP68)

Marechal PNC Plugs 16A Decontactors – GRP Compact Connector (IP66 IP67 IP68)

Marechal PNC Plugs 16A Decontactors – GRP Compact Connector (IP66 IP67 IP68)

Marechal PNC plugs and sockets are compact and rugged with a current rating of 16A. PNC plugs and sockets are IP66/IP67 as standard and can be IP68 upon request.

Marechal PNC decontactors can be used all types of aggressive environments (humidity, corrosion, pollution) found in industrial sectors including transport infrastructure.

PNC plugs and sockets have IP66/IP67 plug and socket-outlet (IP68 on specification) silver-nickel butt contacts and metallic braid, compliant with Marechal international standard

Marechal PNC Plugs – Technical Features

Electrical Features
Voltage480 V
Impulse withstand voltage5 kV / Pollution degree 3
Contact resistance‹ 2mΩ
Permitted current range4-20 mA / 16 A
Conductors acceptedFrom 0,75 mm² to 2,5 mm² – Mechanical terminals
Cable diameterFrom 11 to 15 mm(smaller ø available according to specification)
Mechanical Features
Casing & insulatorGlassfibre reinforced thermoplastic UL94 V-0
Butt contactsCopper alloy with silver-nickel tips
Contact protectionTinning
Load cyclesMore than 2000 cycles
Shock resistanceIK08
VibrationFrequency 5-1000 Hz, 1g (90 minutes on each critical frequency) according to IEC 6068-2-6
Climatic Features
Ambient temperature-40 °C à +100 °C
IP protection socket with capIP66/IP67IP69K 100bar (1450 PSI) 80 °C
IP protection connected plugIP66/IP67IP68 tested at 10 meters deep for 15 days (please contact us for references)IP69K 100bar (1450 PSI) 80 °C
Salt, fog performance200 h minimum not connected – More than 1000 h connected
Resistance to fluidsMotor oils, petrol,fats,detergents…
Marechal PNC Plugs 16A Decontactors – GRP Compact Connector (IP66 IP67 IP68)

PNC Decontactors are part of the Marechal Industrial Plug range.

MARECHAL PNC PLUG StandardsMarechal Plugs International Standards

Marechal PNC plugs and sockets comply with:

  • The requirements of IEC 61984, IEC 60529, IEC 62262, IEC 68-2-6 International standards
  • The European Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/CE (2014/35/EU from April 20 2016)
  • The French NF C 15-100 standard
  • The decrees relating to workers’ protection in Belgium, Spain and Italy
IEC 60309 Plugs

IEC 60309 is an international standard from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for “plugs, socket-outlets and couplers for industrial purposes” and high-current power connectors.

Also certified by VERITAS LCIE, UL, AS, VDE, TR CU (GOST) and cCSAus (French, American, Australian, German, Russian and Canadian inspection laboratories) and by BUREAU VERITAS MARINE.

Hazardous Area Plugs Sockets

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Marechal PNC – Socket Outlets & Inlets

UmaxPolarityMarechal Socket Outlet (Female) With Lock Nut PNC 16AMarechal Inlet (Male) With Lock Nut PNC 16A
UmaxPolarityMarechal Socket Outlet (Female) PNC 16AMarechal Inlet (Male) PNC 16A
UmaxPolarityMarechal Socket Outlet Cap PNC 16AMarechal Plug Cap PNC 16A
Power Distribution & Control In Hazardous Areas

T&D also distribute hazardous area isolators, control panels and distribution boards, electrical enclosures and motor starters certified according to ATEX for use in Zone 1 & Zone 2 (gas/vapour) explosive atmospheres.

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