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Temperature Calibrators - Sika

Temperature Calibrators – Sika

Sika temperature calibrators cover the temperature range from -55°C to 1300°C.

The following can be tested directly:

  • Contact-based immersion/surface temperature sensors
  • Sensors with special shapes/sizes
  • Non-contact infrared instruments/thermal imaging cameras


Sika TP Basic calibrators are intended for direct on-site use – these temperature calibration instruments provide efficiency and portability. The optimum thermal coupling from the block to test item is achieved with the correct adaptor sleeve.

Ideally, the internal diameter of the sleeve is 0.5 mm larger than the outer diameter of the test item. With the aid of the adaptor sleeve, straight temperature sensors of virtually any length and diameter can be calibrated. Several Sika dry block calibrators in the TP Basic range have a large 60mm block borehole and can hold several test items simultaneously.


Sika TP Solid calibrators provide flexibility – operation is simple, intuitive and allows fast access to comprehensive functions. In addition to Sika dry block calibrators, micro calibration baths are also available to complete the calibrator product portfolio.

These baths are used as liquid bath calibrators with a magnetic stirrer that is controlled by rotary speed. Reversible functions combined with an external reference sensor enable testing of different temperature monitoring equipment without regard to shape, size or measurement method.

A changeover switch allows users to change easily between the internal and external reference. All Sika instruments in the TP Solid series are equipped with a serial PC port.


Sika TP Premium calibrators provide optimum performance and outstanding ease of use. With the help of the self-explanatory menu structure, all the necessary entries can be made quickly and easily. The block and set temperature, as well as the difference and the variance of the stability, are displayed on the touch display – block temperature can be set to precisely 0.001 °C.

The entire thermosensitive range of temperature sensors is covered. The Sika TP Premium temperature calibrators work in a temperature range up to 1300°C, while offering excellent stability and accuracy.

By combining the dry block design with an input for an external reference sensor, Sika calibrators have the same accuracy as laboratory calibrators while maintaining the speed and portability of a dry block. The temperature sensor under test can be connected and analysed directly. Additional instruments are not required. Together with a PC as a standalone calibration system, the result is an extremely quick test cycle.

Temperature Calibrators

Sika Temperature Calibrators – suitable for site, workshop and laboratory applications

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