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Tank Heating

Tank Heating - Thermon Heat Trace Cables

Tanks & Vessel heating

Frost Protection & Temperature Maintenance

Heat tracing cables restore the heat losses from tanks and vessels in non-hazardous and hazardous area locations – thermal insulation is not always sufficient to compensate for such heat losses, therefore the installation of heating cables compensate for total loss of heat providing temperature maintenance and frost protection.

T&D have an extensive range of heat tracing systems which are specifically designed and manufactured for frost protection and temperature maintenance of tanks and hoppers.

Each tank heating requirement can vary significantly. T&D will carry out full heat tracing system design using the latest computer software and will always provide the most cost effective tank or vessel heating solution.

T&D can also provide designs for “Heat Up” applications as well as temperature maintenance.

Selecting & Specifying Tank Heaters

Process Heating Application

  • Volume (Litre)
  • Fluid Density (kg/m³)
  • Fluid Specific Heat (kJ kg °C)
  • Minimum Temperature °Celsius
  • Minimum Ambient Temperature °Celsius
  • Maximum Temperature °Celsius

Properties Of The Tank

  • Tank Type – Rectangular/Circular

Heating Application

  • Heating Duration (hours)
  • Tank Insulated or Uninsulated
  • Wind Exposure (30mph Max)
  • Margin Factor (%)

Tank Heating

  • Safe or hazardous area tank location
Tank Heating

Tank Heating For Stainless Steel, GRP or Mild Steel Vessels


Trace Heating Experts

Tank Heating Specialists

Tank Heating Applications

  • Heavy oil tank heating
  • Food oil tank heating
  • Caustic soda trace and tank heating
  • Water storage tank heating

Thermon offers a simple system for cost-effective heating utilising RT and RTF for tanks and vessels and ThermaSeam for standing seam insulation systems.

Thermon’s extensive range of electric heat tracing cables can also be utilised for tank heating applications.

BSX and RSX heating cables are recommended for frost protection at or below 150°F (65°C).

HTSX and HPT heating cables are recommended for up to 300°F (149°C)

Tank Heating

Electric Heat Tracing Cables For Hazardous Areas Tank Heating

Thermon Cables

Thermon video providing an overview of best practices for installing heat trace cables to both industrial and hazardous area location pipework. Video covers heat trace cable selection, testing, inspection and pipework preparation prior to installing cables to pipes, valves, flanges and un-insulated pipe supports.

Tank Heating Using Trace Heating Cables


Tank Heating Cables

➡ Did you know? T&D Exports supports the global oil, gas and petrochem industries with an extensive range of Hazardous Area Electrical, Mechanical, Process & Instrumentation Equipment.

 Did you know? T&D are Main Distributors for EXHEAT and suppliers of ATEX Air Heaters

Tank Trace Heating

T&D Provide Heat Trace Cables, Immersion Heaters & Insulated Heating Blankets For Heating Bulk Storage Tanks.

Tank Trace Heating