Using Star Progetti (IR) Infrared Heaters To Provide Energy Efficient Heating For Work Spaces & Warehouses

Published 23 Sep 2016

  • By Gabriele Sfolcini : estimated reading time 6 minutes

Star Progetti have been at the forefront of non-hazardous and hazardous area infrared heaters since 1994 and today continue to develop their range of heaters for markets including oil, gas and petrochemical.

Infrared Heaters

Infrared Heaters

T&D would like to thank Gabriele Sfolcini of Star Progetti for the following Blog contribution. This article looks at (IR) infrared heaters and using them for the heating of work spaces and warehouses.

With the winter coming, companies begin considering heating options for their warehouses, production areas and working spaces. Most of the times factories do not have a proper way to heat these big spaces, because they use systems that mean very high bills and a large waste of heat, thus resulting in people working unhappily because of the low temperatures that lead to low motivation.

Let’s see what are these un-efficient ways of heating the factories spaces. Most of the times the standard heating systems consist of:

  • Gas Blowers
  • Gas Powered Radiant Tubes
  • Traditional Hot Air Blowers

A few words are enough to explain why gas blowers are not accepted nor suggestible in most of the cases, since many companies have engines and machines that could ignite, so the impossibility of using this kind of heating is pretty obvious.

Let’s see what are the reasons why the other two systems, the gas powered radiant tubes and the hot air blowers are heat wasting and very expensive, apart from being uneffective from a performance point of view.

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First of all it takes a huge investment to have installed a system of gas blowers or gas powered radiant tubes, so it is usually a significant investment that requires not only time and money, but brickwork and associated building works that can be very invasive and disruptive.

What’s more, the first problem to be addressed, especially for the gas powered radiant tubes, is that there is a heat production that, most of the time, if not always, is insufficient for the staff number in a company.

Secondly, the costs are increasing day by day because they are linked to the rise price of gas, due to what is happening now in the United States and Russia, but the actual reason why these system are really expansive is that the tubes, or the hot air blowers, need to be operational many hours prior to effective use.

From a technical point of view there is also a physical reason why heating the air is not as effective as it may seems: in traditional heating, a source of heat heats up air in the environment which by shifting or moving the materials, flows in the environment and slowly heats up people and objects.

These ways of heating has one more passage and is not effective in large environments or outside, since hot air, in fact, for a physical principle, always rises upwards, sets up in layers and finally tends to flow out of any opening.

In particular, in industrial plants, warehouses and storage areas there are loading and unloading bays plus a high number of doors for vehicles and personnel and this means that every time a door opens, the hot air goes out and the temperature decreases significantly.

Figure A - A Lot Of Heat Is Lost When Traditional Heating Solutions Are Adopted

Figure A – Heat lost with traditional options

Fig. A – A great deal of heat is wasted when traditional solutions are adopted. The warm air rises and it is dispersed, while working zones are left unheated.

Star Progetti SpA has the perfect solution to heat large outdoor spaces effectively and with a significant cost reduction.

Leader worldwide in the short wave infrared heating technology, Star Progetti designs and produces top quality infrared radiant appliances.

The technology that Star Progetti electric infrared heaters use is a technology existing in nature: this equipment acts just like a small sun, emitting heat rays directed towards people, objects and surfaces without any dispersion. The heat is immediate and totally adjustable and the air is heated up in a subsequent stage by refraction, just like the sun does.

Figure B - The perfect comfort zone is achieved by making the heat beams of two infrared short wave heaters cross

Figure B – The perfect comfort zone.

Fig. B – The perfect comfort zone is achieved by making the heat beams of two infrared short wave heaters cross, like it happens in lighting design.

Helios electric short wave infrared heaters optimise the refraction of short wave infrared rays by means of their reflectors, which have a basic importance in radiation; the importance in the equipment accounts for more than 60%, because heat radiation obeys the laws of optics both in terms of reflection and refraction.

Star Progetti Helios Electric Short Wave Infrared Heaters

Star Progetti Helios Electric Short Wave Infrared Heaters

Infrared Heaters – the Benefits

Star Progetti has designed a full range of special reflectors that optimise infrared performance using different reflectors tailored to the heaters application. All the reflectors have been designed in accordance with the foreseen application and market demand. Such a great experience in the study of refraction has led to the development of symmetrical reflectors that reflects the 90% of the heat towards the target.

Fig. D – The perfect symmetrical reflector of Star Progetti short wave infrared heaters avoid uneven and random heat emission, thus improving the efficiency.

Figure D - The perfect symmetrical reflector of Star Progetti short wave infrared heaters

Figure D – The perfect symmetrical reflector of Star Progetti short wave infrared heaters  


Helios Electric Infrared IRK heats only operative workstations. The plans show an operative work zone, with one non-operative workstation. The larger outlying areas are not fully heated. Heating is limited to operative workstation (operators are free to adjust heating levels according to their own needs). Your company saves on bills while ensuring team worker comfort.

ATEX Heaters

Hazardous Area Infrared ATEX Heaters – spot heating cold, damp and draughty workplaces in hazardous locations.

In the production and industrial field a good and acceptable temperature during the winter is necessary to keep the productivity high. Many companies all over the world have started by heating a part of the factory, moving on and installing these heaters on the other parts after a test proved that productivity was actually improved.

Star Progetti has the perfect solution for winters together with a wide range of products used also for industrial processing and a huge variety of applications.

T&D, The Industrial & Hazardous Area Heating Specialists

T&D, The Industrial & Hazardous Area Heating Specialists



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