LED Industrial Lighting For Safe & Non Hazardous Areas


LED Industrial Lighting

For Safe & Non Hazardous Areas

Lighting in industrial spaces (manufacturing, engineering, processing, warehouses, logistics and sheds) is extremely important to the users in those areas, and the work that is being carried out in them.  It also has a direct impact on productivity, well-being of staff, and sometimes even health and vitality.

Together with Raytec, Thorne & Derrick can provide premium LED industrial lighting products designed for heavy industrial and commercial applications in non hazardous, safe areas.

Raytec’s WARRIOR range of lighting have been specifically designed for industrial applications to provide the highest levels of performance, efficacy, and control.

LED Industrial lighting can be restarted immediately when turned off to ensure continuous lighting. In addition, when power is cut off for a long time, LED lights can be lit for a long time through the backup battery, because their power consumption is very low.

The Warrior range of LED lighting not only saves energy, but also makes facilities safer. It eliminates the risk of glass  failure and the release of glass debris, as well as the risk of long-term interruption of lighting.


Since the lights are rarely replaced, the work of electrical maintenance personnel has also become safer.

All Raytec LED lighting products are designed and manufactured, in-house, from our headquarters in Ashington, UK. This allows them to integrate all staff under one roof, share our knowledge, and build a true centre of excellence. This is all done to provide the best products, along with the best possible service to our valued customers

All Raytec products combine cutting edge technologies with the highest levels of quality to deliver outstanding performance and reliability. Their philosophy is innovation + illumination and we will always look to lead lighting trends in the market.