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Thorne & Derrick International have over 35 years’ experience working with clients developing optimum silicone heater solutions including silicone heating pads and heat mats for surface heating applications – often clients cannot wait and need solutions fast. T&D can react and provide a competitive advantage by consistently delivering bespoke and customised silicone heating solutions on the shortest UK lead times.

Our Silicone Pledge – we discuss the initial concept, agree a bespoke design, start manufacture and deliver within 14 days (sometimes less).

silicone heaters

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Silicone Heat Mat & heating Pads

Silicone heaters are the most complete surface heating solution for diverse applications.

In the heart of the fast paced industrial world there is a constant requirement for process heating – whether it is as a a machinery component, a manufacturing process or in ensuring the free flow of viscous liquids or gases by IBC, drum, pipe or heated hose.

Silicone heat mats deliver the high performance demands created by application specifics and variations.

  • How can I heat the contents of my storage units to allow pumping and processing?
  • What is the best way to guarantee frost protection for my vital mechanical engineering processes?
  • Where is the most time and maintenance efficient heating option I can incorporate in to my design requirements?

💡 Did you know? Silicone heaters provide excellent resistance to acetone, alcohol, formic acid, brake fluid, chlordihenyl, acetic acid, greases, polar solvents, hydrochloric acid, 10% sulphuric acid, 10% waxes, plasticisers.Silcone or Silicon

Silicon or Silicone? Silicon is a naturally occurring chemical element, whereas silicone is a synthetic substance.


Thorne & Derrick have produced standard and customised silicone heaters for most industries including : oil and gas, petrochemical, food processing, tank heating, battery warming, electronics, aerospace and manufacturing. Heat can be applied using versatile silicone heaters to complex shapes, geometries, curves and surfaces without compromising efficiency or reliability.

Silicone based heaters are used to heat, warm and frost protect drums, cylinders, IBCs, hoppers, machinery and general surfaces.

Surface heating allows optimum control of the heating process removing the need to consider sensitive materials, critical maximum temperatures, hot-spots, localised overheating and the practicalities of the introduction and cleaning of an intrusive heating device.

The nature of expert surface heating ensures that the correct and constant operating temperature can be achieved, maximising heat up periods and practise efficiencies. A precise and gradual applying of surface heat across what is often a larger surface area be it flat, curved or tubular helps achieve operating temperatures without compromising the quality and longevity of the final solution.

Individual demands, varying heating expectations and application variables often produce the need for multiple performance ideals in a silicone heater. In a surface silicone heater the technology allows for design input to overcome any additional heating support or unavoidable effects on a heating appliance seen on alternate technologies.

Flexible or robust, fixed or removable, constant temperature or area power specific – the complete bespoke and flexible capability of a surface silicone heater mirrors the demanding industry specifics in achieving a reliable and progressive process solution.

The silicone surface heater has no “standard”; there is no commonality to the size, shape, design and materials used across a multitude of industries that require a heating process to achieve their performance goals.

Silicone Heater Mats & Pads

The advantage of surface heating using flexible silicone heater pads is that it can be created solely for the individual application – bespoke, customised surface heating. From the dimensions to the bespoke heat up demands, a silicone surface heater can incorporate all aspects of application requirements.

Simple application, applied to the surface of your container, cylinder or component via optional connection methods, this includes adhesive, straps and buckles, Velcro or hook and spring fastenings.

Silicone Heater Mats & Pads

Individual performance also dictates individual control, without being submerged or being integrated into original manufacture the flexibility also continues into control options. Complete compatibility with common or bespoke control components is allowed for in the design process of the silicone surface heater.

Specific temperature limitation, compatibility with existing control units, heater surface or container surface monitoring. Every requirement can be catered for with the post construction application of a surface heater.

Silicone Heater Mats & Pads

Silicone Heaters

Flexible Silicone Rubber Heaters

Silicone rubber is ideally suited for the production of flexible heater mats with low thermal mass, superb electrical insulation properties and robust construction allowing high power densities and offers fast response to temperature control. Silicone temperature tolerances of –60°C to 230°C as well as being thin and lightweight provides distinct advantages over other forms of surface heating.

Where direct, precise and intimate localised heating is required silicone heaters are the ideal solution.

Silicone Heater Mats & Pads

Silicone Heater Mats & Silicone Heating PADS

Design Criteria

  • Application details e.g. diameter or flat? Fitment method?
  • Self-adhesive or non-adhesive heater required?
  • Mounting surface material? Related dimensions and thickness
  • Solution being heated? What volume?
  • Target heat up period? Target solution operating temperature?
  • Leads or cables? Exit points?
  • Power density? Voltage?
  • Wire direction?
  • Control or component additions?
  • Quantity requirements?
  • Safe or hazardous area – Zone 1 or Zone 2?

Wire Wound Flexible Silicone Heaters

Using evenly spaced resistance wires laminated between sheets of silicone, wire wound silicone heaters are ideal for prototyping or problem solving surface heating applications.

Silicone Heaters - Wire Wound Flexible Silicone Heaters

Silicone Heaters – Wire Wound Flexible Silicone Heaters


Computer designed, chemically etched foil tracks are laminated between thin sheets of silicone to give precise, even heating. Suitable for both low and high volume production, etch foil silicone heaters have rapid heat up properties with precise temperature control.

Silicone Heaters - Etch Foil Flexible Silicone Heaters

Silicone Heaters – Etch Foil Flexible Silicone Heaters

Preformed SILICONE HEAT Mats

In applications where a heater mat is required to fit small diameter pipework a more precise heating installation can be obtained by using the preformed silicone heater option. Silicone heaters can be formed and vulcanised to fit full or partial circumference of any pipe diameter.

Silicone Heaters - Preformed Flexible Silicone Heaters

Silicone Heaters – Preformed Flexible Silicone Heaters


Similarly to the etch foil heaters, Kapton heaters are constructed from computer designed, chemically etched foil tracks which are laminated between ultra-thin sheets of Polymide to give precise, even surface heating.

Silicone Heaters For Bespoke Surface Heating & Temperature Maintenance

Thorne & Derrick have designed, specified and supplied silicone heating solutions using pads, mats and customised heaters to provide accelerated heat-up to target temperatures across many industries. For instance, T&D have partnered with leading UK universities pioneering research and development in the motorsport industry.

Silicone Heaters

Bespoke Silicone Heaters: bespoke heating plates manufactured to stringent tolerances using stainless steel plates with customised silicone heaters designed and supplied by T&D installed to the underside. The silicone heaters are used to replicate various surface temperatures on car tyres in a wind tunnel environment.

Kapton Heaters

Drum Heaters

Ask T&D About Silicone Heating & Heaters For Drums & IBC Containers

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