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Thermocoax Isopad

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Thermocouples | Industrial & Hazardous Area Heating Products for Explosive Atmospheres

Thermocoax are manufacturers of custom heating and temperature measurement solutions. Products include heated hoses, heated jackets, heated mats, thermocouples, heating elements, signals transmission and sensors.

For almost 60 years, Thermocoax have been researching, developing and manufacturing the heating solutions to solve the most complex design and performance requirements for both industrial and hazardous locations with potentially explosive atmospheres.

Thermocoax specialise in bespoke, custom designs and continually explore new territory and applications in order to deliver the heating products and services required. Thermocoax products are used in over 50 countries from basic sensors to cutting edge heating elements and applications.

Thermocoax Heating Products

Thermocoax Heating Products

Thermocoax Heating Solutions

Thermocouples & Ispoad Products

Thermocoax manufacture heating elements from mineral insulated (MI) cables for many industry applications including heating elements for metal industries such as foundries and metal forging. Other industries that currently use Thermocoax heating solutions include nuclear, aeronautical, space, power generation and semi-conductors.

Thermocouples provide accurate and fast temperature measurement and are resistant to heat, pressure and parasites. In addition, the low production cost and interchangeability makes these temperature measuring devices popular.

Isopad Heated Hoses

Working in partnership with Isopad Thermocoax, Thorne & Derrick International can offer heated hose solutions for many applications including gas analysis, hot melt machines, bitumen and heavy oil transfer and wax processing equipment.


The Isopad brand was acquired by Thermocoax in 2012. With over 60 years experience in developing heating solutions for different industries and markets from basic heat tracing cables for pipes and vessels to high performance and high specification applications.

The range of Isopad products are manufactured to last and are made from the highest quality materials including silicone. There is a wide range of standard products available along with the facility to alter and manufacture products to individual customer specifications.

Thermocoax Isopad Standard & Bespoke Heating Solutions

Thermocoax Isopad Standard & Bespoke Heating Solutions

Thermocoax Isopad

Industrial Heating Solutions

Thermocoax Isopad specialises in the design and manufacture of specialist electric heating solutions ranging from frost protection cables to heat management up to temperatures of 1000°C. The range of self-regulating, constant wattage and mineral insulated heating cables provide heating beyond the capabilities of most heating cable providers.

Isopad have been continually developing heating solutions for many industries including industrial, food and beverage, telecommunications and PV. Other industries include oil and gas, wastewater and the production and transportation of chemicals.

One example of an Isopad heating solution success story is the use of heated hoses, flexible heating tape and IBC heater jackets being used on an offshore drilling rig in the Caspian sea. Each heating solution had to be designed to withstand extreme temperatures, hazardous locations and environmental conditions.

The heating products also had to be suitable for use within hazardous areas. Isopad was able to manufacture each element to the exact customer specifications and therefore the project was a success enabling the special production and transportation of chemicals, H2S treatment and waste water treatment to be carried out.

The full range of Isopad heating solutions includes:

  • Heating elements
  • Flexible heating cables and tapes
  • Silicone heating mats and jackets
  • Glass fiber heating mats and jackets
  • Heated hoses
  • Drum heaters
  • Gas bottle heaters
  • Radiant heaters
  • Platen heaters
  • Hazardous area heaters
  • Heating systems and controllers
Thermocoax Isopad

Thermocoax Isopad | Engineered Thermal Heating Products | Thermocoax is built on more than 60 years of proven expertise in their core heating technologies (including Mineral Insulated cable) and design of thermal solutions for critical mission applications.

Thermocoax Thermocouples & Heating Elements

Accurate and efficient temperature measurement is vital in many industries and can mean the difference between efficient, uninterrupted production and a total loss of production within the food and beverage industry.

Equally within the pharmaceutical industry many drugs and chemicals must be kept at specific temperatures and making sure that temperature is being consistent is key. Thermocouples provide this level of reliability and are a well known, proven method.

There are many advantages to using Thermocoax thermocouples including the small over dimensions and high flexibility enabling temperature measurement in locations with poor accessibility, high mechanical strength, protection of the thermo-electric wires against oxidation, corrosion and pollution as well as very fast response times.

At one end of the cable the cores and sheath are welded together and constitute the hot junction. On the other end, the thermocouple is connected to a compensation of extension cable that is adapted to the thermoelectric wires by means of a plug and socket or direct connector.

The range of heating elements supplied by Thermocoax have been used to solve heating problems ranging from megawatts down to a few watts. Thermocoax heating elements are constructed of one or two straight current carrying cores in a flexible metal sheath that are electrically insulated from one another and from the sheath.

The heating elements are designed to work in extremely diverse and severe conditions.


Thermocouples | Temperature Measurement Using Sheathed Thermocouples | The measurement of temperature is a very important element in areas of research and industry. Using thermocouples is a well-known and proven method in temperature measurement. Accurate and fast measurements, easy fitting, simple utilisation and interchangeability as well as low-cost production are the reasons for the widespread use of the thermocouples. They are resistant to heat and pressure and relatively insensitive to parasites. Specific technical requirements like within nuclear reactors, in space- research or in medical fields led to the development of sheathed thermocouples that are small in size with high insulation resistance and high resistance to corrosive media.

Thermocouples Nuclear Industry Spent Fuel Pool Level Measurement Client EDF

Thermocouples | Nuclear Industry | Spent Fuel Pool Level Measurement | Client EDF

Thermocoax Heating Solutions

hazardous area heating

The range of Thermocoax and Isopad hazardous area heating products are used in the food and drink, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, energy, fluid transportation and chemical/petrochemical.

Within the food and drink industry, Isopad heating panels are used extensively in order to improve the characteristics of ingredients and finished products by applying gentle and controlled heat to the underside of hoppers, shoots and flues. This reduces the need for full product line shut down to clean.

Within the fluid transportation industry, bulk transporting of fluids can present many problems. The two main issues are:

  • Temperature maintenance to prevent spoiling
  • Temperature heat up to reduce viscosity and aid pouring

The range of Isopad silicone IBC heating panels solves these issues by providing gentle heating to the IBC and therefore improving efficiency and reducing product waste.

Other applications for Thermocoax products includes frost protection heaters, heating complex or non-standard shaped products, stainless steel hoses and oil pump heating.

Thermocoax are also designers and manufacturers of customised hazardous area heating solutions that conform to the latest ATEX and IECEx requirements. The design capabilities for hazardous area products range from small heating cables and temperature sensors right up full heating systems for factories.

The range of Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous area products includes drum and base heaters, gas bottle heaters, heated jackets and IBC heater jackets and bespoke heating mats.


ISOPAD | Specialist Heating Products for Explosive Atmospheres & Hazardous Area Locations

About Thermocoax

Established in 1957 in Suresnes, France, Thermocoax was created by Phillips Electronics to market products to the nuclear industry. In 1998 Thermocoax became an independent company and expanded into new high-tech markets such as Semiconductors, Analytical and Power Generation (Turbines).

The acquisition of Isopad in 2012 expanded the company with a range of heating solutions and products that complimented the range already available.

Today, Thermocoax are global leaders in the manufacture of standard and bespoke heating solutions.

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