Security & Access Control


SecurEx SX EX Electromagnetic Lock (Maglock) also referred to as an ATEX Maglock is an unique SX security product that has been designed as the first truly ‘Ex Certified’ door locking product.

Manufactured by the sister company of SecurEx, The Wath Group, specifically designed for use in hazardous area (Ex environments) Zones 1,2, 21 & 22 – providing an unrivalled security solution for access control.

The ATEX Magnetic Lock is designed with both ‘form and function in mind and is available in two different versions, 12 or 24DC. The magnetic lock itself is manufactured from a single solid mono-block of 316L stainless steel and when purchased is supplied with 5 metre multi-core user cable as standard.

ATEX Maglocks

Hazardous Area Zone 1 & 2 Magnetic Locks for Access Control & Security Door Locking