Hazardous Area Lighting for Explosive Atmospheres

ATEX Lighting Hazardous Area Lighting Zone 1 Zone 2 ATEX

ATEX Lighting | Hazardous Area Lighting for Zone 1 & Zone 2 (Gas) and Zone 21 & Zone 22 (Dust) Explosive Atmospheres

ATEX Lighting

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Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, are the leading supplier of ATEX Lighting for safe and reliable lighting of hazardous areas and locations – this includes Lighting for hazardous areas certified by the ATEX Directive for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 (Gas) potentially explosive atmospheres in both onshore and offshore locations.

We are Main Distributors for Raytec – this includes ATEX, IECEx & UKEX Lights & Lighting product groups: Floodlights, Linear Light Fittings, Bulkheads & High Bay.

A complete range of portable lighting for temporary applications with ATEX and IECEx Certification is available – the Wolf Safety Lamp Company provide safe lighting products for use in potentially explosive atmospheres where the presence of flammable gas, vapour or dusts pose a potential explosion risk.

Lighting products are available for Zone 0, Zone 1 (21) and Zone 2 (22) hazardous area classifications according to the ATEX Directive. 


Hazardous area lighting for safe use in potentially explosive atmospheres, including Zones 1 / 2 (gases) and Zones 21 / 22 (dusts) certified to ATEX and IECEx.

  • Fluorescent or LED – Emergency, Bulkhead, Well Glass & Floodlights
  • Portable – Handlamps, Torches, Headtorches & Floodlights
  • Temporary Floodlights, Tanklights, Airlamps & Mobile Lighting

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Wolf Torches Headlamps Handlamps - Hazardous Area Zone 1 Zone 2 ATEX

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Hazardous Area ATEX Lighting Zone 1 Zone 2

The SPARTAN range of lighting manufactured by Raytec is designed for lighting hazardous areas which require high performance, high reliability, White-Light illumination using LED technology – ATEX Certified Zone 1 & Zone 2.

What Is ATEX?

ATEX  is “ATmosphere EXplosible”

ATEX is the name commonly given to the two European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres: 1) Directive 99/92/EC (also known as ‘ATEX 137’ or the ‘ATEX Workplace Directive’) on minimum requirements for improving the health and safety protection of workers potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres working in hazardous area industries. The ATEX Zones for lighting products are designated either Zone 1 or Zone 2 depending on the exposure threat to flammable gases or vapours – accordingly these hazardous area lighting systems must be correctly specified according to the level of explosion. Classifying hazardous areas into Zones.

ATEX Lighting

ATEX Lighting

Zone 1 v Zone 2

Hazardous Areas

Zone 1: is a hazardous area classified by ATEX in which an explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture with air of flammable substances in the form of gas, vapour or mist is likely to occur in normal operation occasionally.

Zone 2: is a hazardous area classified by ATEX in which an explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture with air of flammable substances in the form of gas, vapour or mist is not likely to occur in normal operation but, if it does occur, persists for a short period only.

Overview of ATEX Lights & Lighting products:

Hazardous areas are classified in terms of zones on the basis of the frequency and duration of the occurrence of an explosive atmosphere.

Hazardous Area Floodlights

SPARTAN Floodlights have been specified and installed to provide lighting to hazardous area locations and workspaces on an offshore Jack-up drilling rig which had been brought in for maintenance in the Middle East. General illumination of this rig, including ATEX floodlights and lighting for access areas and walkways, was a necessity for the safety and efficiency of the workers. All SPARTAN emergency lighting products, manufactured by Raytec, installed provided 100% light output for 1 hour with both IECEx and ATEX Certification.

ATEX Lighting for Hazardous Areas & Explosive Atmospheres

ATEX Lighting for Hazardous Areas & Explosive Atmospheres

ATEX Lighting for Hazardous Areas & Explosive Atmospheres

ATEX Lighting for Hazardous Areas & Explosive Atmospheres

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The following video provides an excellent presentation of the Raytec SPARTAN range of Hazardous Area LED Lighting Products for Zone 1 & Zone 2 (ATEX) – high lumen output is provided by the latest high performance LED technology delivering low running costs and low energy consumption. The modular design hazardous area ATEX lighting system is specified to provide ease of maintenance and inspection with spare part availability for quick repair and replacement of light fixtures and fittings.


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