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Zone 2 Floodlights for Hazardous Area Lighting

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Zone 2 Hazardous Area

LED Floodlight (Crane)

➡ View our complete range of Zone 2 Crane Floodlights manufactured by Raytec and certified according to the ATEX Directive to provide safe and reliable hazardous area lighting in potentially explosive atmospheres in both onshore and offshore locations Zone 1 & 2 Flammable Gas and Zone 21 & 22 (Combustible Dust).

➡ See also Zone 1 Floodlights.


Raytec SPARTAN Crane is a globally certified (ATEX, IEC Ex & EAC) range of LED floodlights designed for all Zone 2 and Zone 22 hazardous area lighting environments.

  • Ultra Long Life LED Floodlight
  • High Lumen Light Output LED
  • Certification: ATEX and IEC Ex rated for Zone 2, Zone 22 Gas and Dust, and UL/CSA inc. C1D2


ATEX Floodlights

ATEX Floodlights

Zone 2 Floodlights ATEX Rating: ATEX and IEC Ex rated for Gas & Dust Explosive Atmospheres

Hazardous Area Rating: Zone 2 – Gas & Dust

The Raytec ATEX range of light fittings are certified according to international lighting classifications and approvals including ATEX & IECEx according to the following types of explosion protection and codes:

Zone 2 Gas

  • II 3 G D
  • Ex ec mc op is IIC T4 Gc
  • Ta= Up to -10°C to +55°C

T4 T5 T6 Temperature Ratings are available.

Zone 22 Dust

  • Ex tb op is IIIC T82°C Dc
  • Ta= Up to -10°C to +55°C IP66/IP67



ATEX Zone 1IEX EX LightEAC Light

  • Certification: ATEX and IEC Ex rated for Zone 2 and 22 Gas and Dust, and UL/CSA inc. C1D2 and ABS
  • Angles: 10×10° as standard 35×10°/ 60×25°/ 80×30°/ 120×50° elliptical and 30°, 50° and 120° circular options available
  • Input: Mains Voltage 110-254V 50/60 Hz AC only
  • Low Voltage Option 18-48V AC/ 18-69V DC and Extra Low Voltage Option 12V AC/DC
  • Beam Shape: Elliptical or Circular
  • Beam Angle System: VARIO interchangeable lens system (elliptical) / Fixed (circular)
  • Consumption: 136W
  • Number of LEDs: 48
  • Power Output: Up to 10,000lm
  • Wavelength: White-Light (6,000K+)
  • IP Rating: IP66 and IP67
  • Temperature Range: -10° to +55°
SPARTAN Crane by Raytec

SPARTAN Crane by Raytec Floodlight Zone 2 – with high lumen output of up to 11,000 delivered lumens. SPARTAN floodlights are globally certified for all Zone 2, Zone 22 and Industrial lighting applications

LED Floodlights Zone 2

Hazardous Area LED Lighting

Zone 2 hazardous area lighting products are manufactured in the UK by Raytec and are ATEX and IEC Ex approved and supplied with a 5 year warranty – a full family of ATEX lighting products includes SPARTAN Flood, Linear, Bulkhead, High Bay and Crane Floodlights for Zone 2.

ATEX Lighting

LED floodlights provide high performance, high specification, hazardous area lighting delivering world class leading performance and reliability and compliance with international classifications including ATEX and IEC Ex.

Zone 22/22 ATEX and IEC Ex LED Crane Floodlights

SPARTAN Zone 2/22 Flood Crane FL48C
Circular Beam Pattern
SPZ-FL48C-W-1010SPARTAN Flood Crane 48 LED, Zone 2/22, White-Light 10°x10° beam


ATEX Lighting Floodlights Zone 1 Zone 2 Hazardous Area

Lighting Design Service for Hazardous Areas

Spartan Flood, The LED Zone 2 Floodlight


Thorne & Derrick, the hazardous area lighting specialists, can provide a Zone 2 lighting scheme utilising LED floodlights tailored to specific application requirements – 2D or 3D lighting designs provide visual representation of the site. The lighting design service will provide recommendations on the product type and number of lights required including the average, maximum and minimum light levels that can be achieved in accordance with ATEX and IEC Ex compliance.

Zone 1 Crane Floodlight ATEX


SPARTAN Crane Floodlights are designed for Zone 2 hazardous area environments which require high performance, high reliability and brilliant White-Light illumination.

The Crane Floodlight has been designed by Raytec to light up large and open areas and is supplied with an integral dedicated bracket allowing the beam angle of light to be tilted and easily targeted into the required space.

Raytec’s field-proven, long-life LED technology SPARTAN floodlights are ATEX and IEC Ex approved for all Zone 2 hazardous area lighting applications – watch the video to learn how high lumen output is provided by the latest high performance LED technology delivering low running costs and low energy consumption.

♦ See also Zone 1 Floodlights and our complete range of ATEX Lighting.

➡ Our Lighting Sales Team are trained and manufactured approved to provide technical support and lighting specification services covering Hazardous Area Zone or Category, Type of Explosion Protection, Gas Group, Temperature Class (T Class Rating) and Equipment Protection Level concepts.

Lighting Designs For Hazardous Areas

Upgrading Plant Legacy Lighting to LED

Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, are leading Stockists & Distributors of hazardous area lighting products utilising conventional light fittings and more powerful modern technology White-Light illumination using LED technology – from stock we provide competitive prices and technical support to enable the specification of explosive atmosphere lighting schemes compliant and certified to international standards including ATEX and IECEx.

Using latest software our FREE Lighting Design Service supports the upgrade from fluorescent to LED lighting focussed on maximised light output, optimised energy consumption with reliable and safe certification for explosion protection concepts in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous area zones and workplaces.

Hazardous Area Lighting

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