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Appleton ATX FELED Series Hazardous Area Lighting

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Hazardous Area Lighting

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FELED Series Nonmetallic LED Light Fittings manufactured by Appleton ATX provide hazardous area lighting and are easy to install and maintain – LED light fittings are available in standard or an emergency back-up version with built in battery and ATEX and IECEx certifications.

ATX FELED Series of LED light fittings are specified to provide lighting in hazardous area Zone 1 and Zone 2 (Gas) / Zone 21 and Zone 22 (Dust) locations and provide between 2,500 and 7,200 lumens to fit a wide variety of explosive atmosphere lighting applications.

LED light fittings are easily retrofitted to existing fluorescent lighting fixtures in hazardous area locations as they maintain the same look and feel – IP66 Ingress Protection and IK10 Mechanical Protection.

Appleton ATX FELED light fittings (LED type) use the same footprint and mounting accessories as the ATX FE series of fluorescent fittings – saving time, labour and money.

➡ View our complete range of ATEX Lighting products for Zone 1 & Zone 2 (Zone 21 & 22) hazardous area lighting applications.

Zone 1 Light Fittings LED ATEX CertifiedZone 2 Light Fittings LED ATEX Certified

IECEx Lighting

Appleton ATX FELED Series Non-Metallic LED Luminaires – Standard Light Fitting
LED Luminaires Ex db eb mb IIC With Diffused LensFor Unarmoured Cable M25 EntriesFor Armoured Cable M20 Entries
2850lm – 100/240 V – 50/60HzFELED3CBDSNDFELED3CBDSAD
3600lm – 100/240 V – 50/60HzFELED4CBDSNDFELED4CBDSAD
4650lm – 100/240 V – 50/60HzFELED5CBDSNDFELED5CBDSAD
7050lm – 100/240 V – 50/60HzFELED7CBDSNDFELED7CBDSAD
Appleton ATX LED Emergency Luminaires – 3 Hours Emergency Light Fitting
4650lm – 100/240 V – 50/60HzFELED5CBDSNDEFELED5CBDSADE

Fluorescent to LED Light Fitting Upgrade

  • Energy Savings – LED light fittings provide far greater lighting efficiency compared to traditional fluorescent lighting fittings
  • Maintenance Savings – fluorescent lamps last an average of 13,000 hours in continuous use. LED light fittings are rated for 60,000 hours and can exceed 200,000 hours depending on ambient temperature
  • Lighting Safety – LED light fittings provide instant on and cold-start capabilities without end-of-life degradation or premature failures due to frequent cycling, with a photobiological safety rating of RG0.

Fluorescent to LED Light Fittings Retrofit – Lighting Selection

➡ A table to assist the selection of replacement LED (FELED) for fluorescent (FE) type light fittings:

FE FluorescentLamp Lamp Output (Lumens)System EfficiencySystems Output (Lumens)Effective LED Output Required for Replacement (Lumens)Normalised Output (Lumens)FELED  LEDFELED Series (Lumens)
FEB218BUSA2 x 18W240085%204018361800FELED3C2850
FEB318BUSA3 x 18W360068%244822032200FELED3C2850
FEB136BUSA1 x 36W27589%244822032200FELED3C2850
FEB236BUSA2 x 36W550080%440039604000FELED4C / FELED5C3600 / 4650
FEB158BUSA1 x 58W432587%376333863300FELED5C4650
FEB258BUSA2 x 58W865077%666159946000FELED7C7050
FEB358BUSA3 x 58W1297566%856477077500FELED7C7050

Fluorescent to LED Light Fittings –  Energy Comparison

FE Fluorescent FittingLamp UsedPower Consumption (Watts)FELED LED FittingPower Consumption (Watts)% Energy Savings
FEB218BUSA2 x 18W36FELED327W25%
FEB318BUSA3 x 18W54FELED327W50%
FEB136BUSA1 x 36W36FELED327W25%
FEB236BUSA2 x 36W72FELED538W47%
FEB158BUSA1 x 58W58FELED538W34%
FEB258BUSA2 x 58W116FELED763W46%
FEB358BUSA3 x 58W174FELED763W64%


Hazardous Area Lighting

➡ See our technical resource section for further detailed information about hazardous area Zones and T-Class ratings.

LED Light Fittings – Specification

Appleton ATX FELED range of LED linear light fittings are available in 5000K or 4000K colour temperatures.

  • Light fitting meets photobiological requirement for Risk Group 0 (RG0).
  • Easy to retrofit in same mounting footprint as Appleton ATX FE nonmetallic fluorescent lighting fittings.
  • Full range of lumen outputs, with light distribution equivalent to Appleton ATX FE fluorescent light fittings.
  • Corrosion-resistant fiberglass reinforced polyester body and hinged polycarbonate lens.
  • High impact resistance housing (20 Joules – IK10) from -30 °C to +55 °C (-22 °F to +131 °F) ambient temperature and wind profile for use in extreme offshore and onshore environments.
  • 60,000+ hour LED life for years of maintenance free hazardous area lighting.
  • Lightweight fitting design, hinged cover with captive screws, and terminal block wiring for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Contemporary, low profile design linear type light fitting suitable for tight and confined spaces.
  • Standard screw-type terminal block can accept 1.5 to 6sqmm wire.
  • Field replaceable LED driver.
  • Industry-leading thermal management for safe, reliable operation over wide temperature range.
  • Universal, high efficiency, drivers cover voltage requirements for 120-277 Vac, 170-300 Vdc, 50/60 Hz +/- 10%.
  • High power factor electronic driver (>0.95).
  • Standard 6KV surge suppression.
  • M20 plug or M25 plug provided.
  • Latch assembly and elastomer gasket seals against water and dust ingress, IP66.
  • Easily accessed for maintenance using Allen key or straight blade screwdriver.
  • Central opening with unique patented release system to prevent damage.
  • LED light fittings can be horizontally or vertically mounted in hazardous area locations.
  • Available in 3 hour emergency version, including built-in monthly self- test. Test results through multi-colored LED.
  • Positive safety switch disconnects power to LED’s and driver to allow maintenance in hazardous locations (emergency version).
  • Ex e battery with plug-in connector.
  • See Fluorescent Light Fittings | ATEX | Hazardous Area Lighting

Light Fittings Material

i) Housing: fibreglass reinforced polyester. ii) Lens: polycarbonate. iii) Diffuser: polycarbonate. iv) Gasket: elastomer. v) Internal reflector: highly reflective white polycarbonate (standard light fitting) or powder coated aluminium (emergency light fitting). vi) Mounting: accessories are available in different materials including grey painted aluminium, zinc plated steel, galvanised steel or 316 stainless steel.

LED Light Fittings Hazardous Area Lighting

ATEX & IECE x Hazardous Area Certifications and Compliances

Appleton ATX FELED range of LED linear light fittings are approved according to ATEX and IECEx standards:


LED Light Fittings

• Certification Type: Appleton ATX FELED30
— Gas: Zones 1 and Zones 2 Hazardous Area
– Conforming to ATEX 2014/34/EU: II 2 G
– Type of Explosion Protection: Ex eb mb op is IIC Gb
– Temperature Class: T4
— Dust: Zones 21 & Zones 22 Hazardous Area
– Conforming to ATEX 2014/34/EU: II 2 D
– Type of Explosion Protection: Ex op is tb IIIC Db
– Surface Temperature: +60 °C to +75 °C (+140 °F to +167 °F)
• Ambient Temperature: -30°C up to +55°C (-22°F up to +131°F)
• EU Declaration of Conformity: 50318
• ATEX Certificate: INERIS 18 ATEX 0042X
• IECEx Certificate: IECEx INE 18.0039X
Certification Type: FELED (emergency)
— Gas: Zones 1 and Zones 2 Hazardous Areas
– Conforming to ATEX 2014/34/EU: II 2 G
– Type of Explosion Protection: Ex db eb mb IIC Gb
– Temperature Class: T6
— Dust: Zones 21 and Zones 22 Hazardous Areas
– Conforming to ATEX 2014/34/EU: II 2 D
– Type of Explosion Protection: Ex tb IIIC Db
– Surface Temperature: +63 °C to +73 °C (+145 °F to +163 °F)
• Ambient Temperature: -20°C up to +50 °C (-4 °F up to 122 °F)
• EU Declaration of Conformity: 50317
• ATEX Certificate: LCIE 16 ATEX 3048X
• IECEx Certificate: IECEx LCIE 16.0038X
• Standard and Emergency Linear Light Fittings (LED Type)
— Index of Protection according EN/IEC 60529: IP66
— Impact Resistance (shock): IK10
— Photobiological Safety, IEC 62778 and IEC 62471: RG0 at 0.25m mounting height

Appleton ATX

Flameproof and Increased Safety electrical equipment certified by ATEX and IEC for Zone 1 & 2 (Gas) and
Zone 21 & 22 (Dust) – this includes hazardous area lighting, plugs and sockets, junction boxes, panel boards, control stations and electrical enclosures for explosive atmospheres.

Hazardous Area Lighting Control Station Plug Junction Box

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