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ATEX Certified | The Bulldog

The MFH Portable Fan Heater manufactured by EXHEAT and Distributed Exclusively in the UK by Thorne & Derrick is the world’s first truly portable fan assisted heater with dual hazardous area ATEX & IECEX Certification. The portable heater has been extensively adopted by the process and hazardous area industries to safely provide temporary and portable air warming to workplaces in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The EXHEAT Bulldog combines efficient design with simple functionality to provide a portable heating solution for use in hazardous environments where the explosive atmosphere is classified as Zone 1/2 (IIB+H2) or Zone 21/22 (IIIC).

Certified to the new EN 80079-36 and EN 80079-37 standards for constructional safety.ATEX IECEx Electrical Heaters

The Bulldog is supplied ready to ‘plug and play’ with the option of fitting a plug or hard wiring to an isolator unit.

The casing is moulded from a steel reinforced polymer which makes The Bulldog tough and durable. Using adjustable feet, the heater can be angled to allow for flexibility in its positioning and, with its compact design, can be easily stored or transported.

The Bulldog can be used with or without ducting to provide a warm stream of air that can be felt metres away, even in ambient temperatures as low as -40°C and up to +40°C.


The MFH Bulldog heater can be ducted from the front and rear using proprietary anti-static ducting. The ducting is available in 7.6m lengths and can be couple together if required. A Y-duct is also available to enable two portable electric heaters to be ducted together if required.

ATEX Ducting Heaters


Hazardous Area Classification: Zone 1 or Zone 2 (IIA, IIB & H2 T3 T4)

T Class: T3 or T4 Temperature Class Heaters

Rating: Up To 6kW

Voltage: Single Phase 110V to 277V | Three-Phase 380V to 690V 50/60Hz

  • Compact & Robust | provides safe and reliable onshore and offshore electric heating including typical applications: fabric maintenance, hazardous waste storage facilities, offshore containers/habitats, paint curing, storage and spray booths – extensive space heating to maintain worker comfort and productivity in the oil, gas, petrochemicals and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Versatile & Lighweight | electric heater allows for single user operation and can be supplied with optional long flying lead to introduce targetted and localised heating to hazardous and hard to reach locations.
  • Portable, Powerful & Efficient | electric heating outputs up to 6kW for direct comfort heating of engineers working in unheated cold environments or warm a mid-sized room to a comfortable operating temperature. Temperature rises from inlet to outlet of 18C makes it the most energy efficient portable ATEX heater available.
  • Floor & Wall | electric heater can be fitted with anti-static castors for improved mobility or a wall-mounting bracket (requires remote isolator for heater operation).
EXHEAT Bulldog Heater Portable ATEX Electric Fan Heaters

MFH “The Bulldog” Portable Fan Heater | Stocked & Supplied by Thorne & Derrick

Features of The Heaters

Heating Elements 

The tubular heating elements are constructed using a premium nickel chrome resistance wire, compacted in a high purity magnesium oxide powder and sheathed in environment resistant stainless steel. Each fin is fully soldered into place to improve the thermal transfer away from the element sheath, allowing for more powerful elements to be run in the same conditions whilst maintaining the temperature class. EXHEAT Industrial’s formation of its patented curved element allows for a very compact assembly, unlike normal hazardous area fan heaters that generally have a rectangular array.

Hazardous Area Portable Heaters | Onshore & Offshore

CasingATEX Heaters Portable

The Bulldog casing has been designed to not only be tough and durable, but also assist with the movement of air through the fan heater, ensuring that optimum thermal transfer can be achieved. The two part moulding is made from aliphatic polyamide (PA66) and is reinforced with both glass and steel fibres, which improve the strength of the base material whilst being electrically conductive to eradicate the chance of static build-up. An additional benefit for the casing is that it has EMI shielding. This means that the electrical components inside have an increased protection from electromagnetic frequencies operating in close proximity.

Over-Temperature Protection

The Bulldog is fitted with its own customised protection device which allows it to operate consistently at ambient temperatures as low as -40°C, where normal thermal protection circuits would struggle to run below 0°C. The Bulldog has an RTD sensor installed; this device constantly monitors the hottest part of the heating element protecting the unit from exceeding T-Class temperatures (through fault or misuse).

EnclosuresATEX Heaters Portable

The Bulldog comprises two enclosures that allows users to operate it safely:

  • Flameproof Ex d Enclosure: Housing sparking electrical components, this enclosure is made from hard anodised aluminium for use in offshore environments. By utilising aluminium for various other, normally heavier components, EXHEAT Industrial has been able to drastically reduce the ‘normal’ weight that is associated with a fan assisted heater.
  • Increased Safety Ex e Enclosure: Made from stainless steel, this enclosure allows for easy access to wiring, and is safe to use in the harshest of working environments – both onshore and offshore.

By directly mounting the enclosures to one another, EXHEAT Industrial ensures that there are no looping wire runs to be caught up in the impeller or heating elements. This provides the user with a single neat cabling solution ensuring safe connections between the protection device, and the wiring of the elements and motor. Each enclosure can be accessed separately, whether to manually reset the protection device in the Ex d enclosure, or to undertake the routine maintenance within the Ex e.

Heating Performance Examples

Uninsulated 20 Foot Container | Ambient Temperature 0°C

ATEX Heaters

Poorly Insulated 24m³ Room With 2.2kW Heat Losses | Ambient Temperature -15°C

ATEX Heaters

Adequately Insulated 110m³ With 1.7kW Heat Losses | Ambient Temperature 0°C

ATEX Heaters


Hazardous Area Fan Heaters

EXHEAT MFH Fan HeaterHazardous Area Heater Certification

ATEX Certification & Installation

Hazardous Area Certification
ATEX    II 2 G D Ex h
Ex db eb IIB + H2 T3 to T4 Gb
Ex tb IIIC T200°C to T135°C Db

 II 2 G D Ex h
Ex db eb IIB+H2 T3…T4 Gb
Ex tb IIIC T200°C…T135°C Db IP65

Ex db eb IIB + H2 T3…T4 Gb
Ex tb IIIC T200°C to T135°C Db IP65

1Ex db e IIB+H2 T3…T4 Gb X
Ex tb IIIC T200°C…T135°C Db X

CSA Approval Pending

Please download EXHEAT MFH hazardous area fan heaters O&M manual for full details on installation and maintenance procedures – this includes wiring diagrams, earth connection and pre installation inspection and checks.

ATEX Electrical Fan Heater Portable

World’s First Truly Portable Hazardous Area Electric Fan Heater | L475 x W470 x H530mm. Base Weight 28kg

Optional Heater Accessories 

Local IsolatorWall Mounting BracketEmergency Stop ButtonIndicating LampsAnti-Static Castors
IsolatorWall Mounting BracketEmergency Stop ButtonIndicating LampsAnti Static Castors
  • Local Isolator – suitably rated isolators can be fitted to the fan heater with up to 1 x M32 cable entry.
  • Wall Mounting Brackets – for fixed wall positioning of the electric heater in coated mld steel or 316l stainless steel
  • Emergency Stop Button – can be supplied as additional component to be installed in the incoming power supply
  • Indicating Lamps – can be fitted to The Bulldog heater to provide visual indication when the electric heater is live and energised
  • Anti-Static Castors – can be supplied in place of fixed feet for additional mobility of the portable heater
  • Ducting – flexible ducting to direct warm air can be affixed to the electric heater using a stainless steel mounting bracket (7.6m lengths)
EXHEAT MFH Fan Heaters – Applications
  • Fuel servicing areasOffshore Portable ATEX Heaters
  • Chemical plants
  • Offshore installations
  • Battery stores
  • Gas installations
  • Containers
  • Explosive stores
  • Paint / solvent stores
  • Dusty environments
  • Sugar refineries
  • Firework factories
  • Ammunition depots
  • Portable washdown heaters
  • Heating and drying manholes prior to spraylining

Offshore Heater Variant

Certified and modified for offshore applications.

Following the launch of the MFH Bulldog, Thorne & Derrick have worked in close collaboration with the offshore oil and gas industry – this includes exploration and production companies, engineering contractors and ATEX compliance inspectors to ensure the heater was fit for purpose. This process involved gaining feedback on the basic design and taking advice on what users needed to comply with offshore regulations for safe use of portable equipment. The offshore model has now been developed and received an Offshore Inspection Release Notice.

The Bulldog heater is now currently being used on assets owned and operated by some of the largest international O&G companies including BP, Shell, Apache and Total.

➡ MFH The Bulldog Offshore Portable Fan Heaters more information

Electrical Heating for Hazardous Areas Explosive Atmospheres

Fabric Maintenance & Habitat Heating | Composite Repair

During colder months fabric maintenance work needs to continue.

Today, aging asset infrastructure requires expensive maintenance and repair.

Asset life-extension programs require flexible, efficient and cost-effective maintenance products to enable infrastructure repairs.

This often includes painting and composite repairs of pipework and structures. Such work requires an elevated ambient temperature to ensure curing and drying processes are carried out in line with manufactures recommendations. The MFH heater can be used as a safe portable heating solution for such applications.

Heating | Ventilation | Lighting | Power | Gas Detection | Portable Products for Explosive Atmospheres

Heating | Ventilation | Lighting | Power | Gas Detection | Portable Products for Explosive Atmospheres

Hazardous Area Habitat

Product Range

The EXHEAT MFH Bulldog heater is available in a range of models and specifications – contact us to discuss your explosive atmosphere heating application.

EXHEAT Fan Heater ModelT RatingHazardous AreaNominal Output (kW)Voltage (V)Max Current (A)
MFH-5.5-220T3Zone 1 & Zone 25.522025.6
MFH-6-230T3Zone 1 & Zone 2623026.7
MFH-5.5-240T3Zone 1 & Zone 25.524023.5
MFH-6-254T3Zone 1 & Zone 2625424.2
MFH-6-277T3Zone 1 & Zone 2627722.3
MFH-5.5-380T3Zone 1 & Zone 25.53809.0
MFH-6-400T3Zone 1 & Zone 264009.3
MFH-5.5-415T3Zone 1 & Zone 25.54158.3
MFH-6-440T3Zone 1 & Zone 264408.5
MFH-6-480T3Zone 1 & Zone 264807.8
MFH-6-600T3Zone 1 & Zone 266006.4
MFH-6-690T3Zone 1 & Zone 266905.6
MFH-2.5-110T4Zone 1 & Zone 22.511023.3
MFH-3-120T4Zone 1 & Zone 2312025.6
MFH-2.75-220T4Zone 1 & Zone 22.7522013.1
MFH-3-230T4Zone 1 & Zone 2323013.6
MFH-2.75-240T4Zone 1 & Zone 22.7524012.1
MFH-3-254T4Zone 1 & Zone 2325412.4
MFH-3-277T4Zone 1 & Zone 2327711.4
MFH-2.75-380T4Zone 1 & Zone 22.753804.8
MFH-3-400T4Zone 1 & Zone 234004.9
MFH-2.75-415T4Zone 1 & Zone 22.754154.4
MFH-3-440T4Zone 1 & Zone 234404.6
MFH-3-480T4Zone 1 & Zone 234804.3
MFH-3.7-600T4Zone 1 & Zone 23.76004.2
MFH-3.7-690T4Zone 1 & Zone 23.76903.7


Confined Spaces Heating

The compact design of The Bulldog fan heater is ideal for heating confined spaces where limited working space places a premium on available workspace. Other confined space working applications where potentially explosive gases such as hydrogen sulphide, chlorine, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, nitrogen dixoide and carbon dioxide are a risk include:

  • Tanks, Silos & Process Vessels
  • Sewers, Pits, Sumps & Manholes
  • Grinding, Spraying, Painting & Shotblasting

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