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Industrial & Hazardous Area Heating

Eltherm heat trace cables, heated hoses and heating jackets are suitable for use in safe non-hazardous and hazardous areas. The range of heat tracing solutions designed and manufactured by Eltherm are produced to the highest quality in order to meet and exceed customer expectations – ATEX heated hoses provide safe and reliable fluid transfer in potentially explosive Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Eltherm heating products provide freeze protection, temperature maintenance and temperature control ranges of up to 1000°C and are used in many industries and applications from oil and gas to utilities and power generation. Eltherm products are manufactured to the highest hazardous area specifications including ATEX and IECEx for heating pipes, hoses, drums, vessels and IBC’s.

Eltherm manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 9001and ISO 14001.

Thorne & Derrick, Experts in Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres, are the largest stockist and supplier of Eltherm cables and electrical heating products in the UK including ATEX and IECEx certified electrical heating products.

Eltherm Heat Trace cables & systems

Heat tracing cable is used in many industries to provide frost protection and to maintain an ambient temperature within a pipe, vessel, drum, tank or system. The benefits of this aside from freeze protection are maintaining product viscosity of liquids prone to heavy setting/thickening and ensuring safe unloading and transportation of liquids.

Eltherm product portfolio includes heating cables and tapes, heated hoses, flexible heating mats and jackets, measurement and control, special heating systems, accessories and hazardous area heating solutions.

Thorne & Derrick are the largest stockist of Eltherm heat trace cables and accessories in the UK and our heat trace engineers are able to design and specify an individual design to your exact requirements – this includes pipework frost protection, hot water distribution, roof/gutter heating and ramp heating.

Eltherm electric trace heating cables and systems area suitable for many industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical and food and drink with global hazardous area classifications including ATEX & IECEx.

Hazardous Area Trace Heating

Hazardous Area Heating

Eltherm self regulating heat trace cable provides frost protection and maintains product viscosity in pipes, tanks, drums and vessels

Eltherm self regulating heat trace cable provides frost protection and maintains product viscosity in pipes, tanks, drums and vessels

Heated Hoses


Heated hoses are used for the safe and efficient transportation of liquids and gases in either non-hazardous (safe) or hazardous areas – the hose transports the medium without any loss of heat. Each electrically heated hose is specified based upon the required heating temperature, power requirement and application.

Typical applications for heated hoses include chemicals, food and drink, petrochemicals, mechanical engineering and waste-water industries. There are many advantages of using heated hoses including the high power density resulting from the tight coiling and bending of the heating cable and spacer, homogenous and optimal heat distribution and high resistance to bending strains.

In addition, the heated hoses have a long service life and durability as well as excellent hot spot prevention.

Electric Heated Hoses

Electrical Heated Hoses & Heated Sample Lines – hazardous area hose heating for greases, oils, waxes, resins, bitumen, varnish, water, CO2 carbon dioxide, foam plastics, glues and foodstuffs.

Heated hoses certified for use in hazardous areas can be used in both Zone 1 and Zone 2 locations with application temperatures ranging from +5°C for frost protection of the hose to +200°C for high temperature maintenance of industrial hose processes. Each ATEX heated hose is configured and customised to individual customer requirements.

Typical areas of application for hazardous area heated hoses include process control, monitoring of ventilation systems, emission monitoring and prevention of condensation at low dew point deviation.

Heated Hose Types

  • Heated Sample Lines
  • Heated Analytic Hose
  • Bulk Transfer Heated Hose
  • Pressurised Heated Hose (Low, Medium & High Pressure)
  • Hazardous Area Heated Hose – ATEX & IECEx
ATEX Certified Electrical Heating Equipment for Hazardous Areas

ATEX Certified Electrical Heating Equipment for Hazardous Areas

Hazardous Area Electrical Heaters

Hazardous Area Electrical Heaters | International Certifications

Eltherm Self Regulating Heat Trace cables

heating For Standard Applications & Hazardous Areas

Eltherm’s range of heat trace cables are available as self-regulating, constant wattage and resistance heat cables and are suitable for use in hazardous and non-hazardous areas – applications including protecting water pipework against freezing effects of frost, maintaining hot water supply to prevent Legionella and heating for ramps, roofs and gutters.

Self regulating heat trace cables increase their power output as temperatures decrease and decrease their power output as the temperature increases. This means that the heating cables will never overheat or use any unnecessary power to heat the cable or pipes inefficiently.

The range of Eltherm self-regulating heat trace cable is ideal for applications including metallic and non-metallic pipes, tanks or vessels and the cables allow for ease of design and installation. Whether individual components are required or an entire electric trace heating system, Eltherm products are suitable and can be customised to any individual requirements.

Hazardous Area Heating Using Eltherm Electric Heat Trace Cables

Hazardous Area Heating Using Eltherm Electric Heat Trace Cables

About Eltherm

For over 40 years, Eltherm have been manufacturing the highest quality heat trace, heated hose and heating jacket solutions for standard and hazardous area applications. Eltherm’s state of the art manufacturing facilities produce the full range of heating cables and accessories. Eltherm uses the strap line “Innovations In Heat Tracing” and are constantly researching and updating their product offering as well as developing custom solutions and applications.

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