Self Regulating Cables – Eltherm Heat Tracing

Self-Regulating Trace Heating Cables - Eltherm

Self-Regulating Trace Heating Cables – Eltherm

Eltherm self-regulating heat trace cable can be used for frost protection and maintaining constant temperatures in safe and hazardous areas on vessels, pipes, tanks, vessels, hoppers and valves – heating cables can be immersed in water if required, contact T&D for technical support and advice about selecting the correct heating cable for your application.

Self regulating CableS

Self regulating cables have an adaptable heat output and consist of two parallel bus wires embedded in a networked plastic heat element with surrounding carbon particles. If the temperature increases during operation, the plastic will expand and the distance between the carbon particles increases, resistance increases and output drops. When ambient temperature falls, this process is reversed and heat output increases – this is the principle of self regulation.

Self regulating cables intelligently adjust heat output according to ambient or air temperature – whenever the heat loss of the insulated pipe, tank or heated process increases (as ambient temperature drops), the heat output of the cable increases. Conversely, when the heat loss decreases (as the ambient temperature rises or product flows), the heating cable reacts by reducing its heat output.

Typical applications for Eltherm Self Regulating Cables include process heating in the chemical and petrochemical industry providing surface heat to pipes, drums, valves, tanks and vessels in both safe and hazardous areas.

Self Regulating Cables

Self Regulating Heating Cables Commercial Applications : Frost protection of pipes, temperature maintenance of process pipes, tank and drum heating, roof/gutter snow melting and snow and ice clearance for ramp heating.

Eltherm Self-Regulating Heat Trace Cable Application Options

The application options for Eltherm self regulating heat trace cable range from frost protection to temperature maintenance on pipes and vessels. In addition there is also a range of low temperature variants available. Common installations and heating applications include temperature maintenance for oil and gas pipes on oil rigs, frost protection and prevention of pipe freezing on water pipework.

Eltherm self regulating Heating cable  

high temperature ELSR-H-BOT termination (electrical heat trace)

Eltherm Self Regulating Trace Heating Cable Product Specifications

Eltherm Self Regulating Trace Heating Cable Product Specifications

Eltherm Self Regulating Heat Trace Cable

applications & Industries

Hazardous Area Self Regulating Trace Heating

Hazardous area heat tracing provides explosion proof, intrinsically safe heating in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous workplace locations. Eltherm cables are approved and certified according to international hazardous area classifications including ATEX, IECEx, FM and CSA.

When using self-regulating trace heating in hazardous areas, conditions and industries such as oil and gas or petrochemical, the cable sheath is protected with a special chemical resistant outer jacket (fluoropolymer), option Eltherm “BOT”.

Hazardous Area Trace Heating

Hazardous Area Heating

The range of Eltherm products suitable for use in hazardous areas include:

  • Hazardous Area Heating Cables (ELSR-N, ELSR-LS, ELSR-H)
  • Constant Wattage Heating Cables
  • Measurement & Control – Ex-box temperature controller
  • Temperature Sensors – ELTF-PTEx
  • Junction Boxes – Ex-it-R (or ELAK-Ex-…)
  • Termination Kits – EL-EC…ex
  • Insulation Bushings – ELISD
  • Mechanical Fasteners
  • Pipe Mounting Fittings
  • Warning Signs
Eltherm Heat Tracing For Hazardous Areas

Eltherm Heat Tracing For Hazardous Areas

Eltherm Self Regulating Trace Heating Cable ELSR-N up to 80 °C – Technical Information

Outer Jacket Bus Wire Max Exposure Temp (Power off) Max Exposure Temp (Power on) Nominal Voltage Bending Radius, min Installation Temperature, min Hazardous Area Classification System Hazardous Area Classification Cable Hazardous Area Certificates
TPE-O Nickel plated copper 80 °C 65 °C 230 V 25 mm – 45 °C IBExU II 2G Ex e IIC T6 Gb II 2D Ex tb IIIC TX Db EPS II 2G Ex e IIC Gb II 2D Ex tb IIIC D 12ATEX1431U IECEx EPS 12.0006U

Eltherm Heat Tracing Product Range

    • Frost Protection Pipework Heat Tracing
    • Hot Water Supply Temperature Maintenance
    • Ramp Heating
    • Roof & Gutter Heating
    • Fire Escape Heat Tracing
    • Hazardous Area Electric Heating Cables

➡ For complete specification, technical data and supporting information about Eltherm self-regulating heating cables please refer to the product pages below.

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