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Eltherm ELSR-Ramp Cable

The ELSR-Ramp is a heating cable manufactured by Eltherm that is designed for outdoor applications to prevent snow and ice accumulation on ramps and walkways.

These self-regulating cables are designed to automatically adjust their heat output based on the surrounding temperature. When temperatures drop, the cables increase heat production, and when temperatures rise, the heat output decreases.

The ELSR-Ramp heat tracing cable is specifically designed for applications in ramps and walkways, where the cables need to be flexible, durable, and capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic. These ramp heating cables are typically installed underneath the surface of the ramp or walkway and can be connected to a control system that monitors and regulates the heat output.

The primary purpose of using ramp heater ELSR cables is to prevent the formation of ice and accumulation of snow, thereby ensuring safe and clear paths for pedestrians. This helps to prevent slip and fall accidents, especially in areas with cold climates or high precipitation.

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Ramp Heating Cables

Ramp Heating Cables | The heat trace cable type ELSR-Ramp is suitable for ramp embedded applications in concrete. Suitable power supply lead is type NYY 3G6 or NI2XY-J 3G6 with fine strands.


  • Nominal Supply Voltage : 230V
  • Maximum Exposure Temperature : Power off 100°C, power on 80°C
  • Minimum Installation Temperature : -20° Celsius
  • Minimum Heating Cable Bend Radius : 50mm
  • Cable Outer Jacket: TPE pressure-grouted with protective braid
  • Protection: Protective Braid (Cu, tin plated)
  • Bus Wire: Nickel plated copper 2.77 mm²
  • Dimensions Approx: 17.2mm x 9.5mm
  • Weight Approx (g/m): 253
ELSR Heating Cable : Frost Protection & Process Temperature Maintenance for Ramps

ELSR Heating Cable : Frost Protection & Process Temperature Maintenance for Ramps

ELSR-Ramp is not only very durable and designed for the most demanding installation conditions, but also offers on-site installation flexibility

Snow & Ice Melting for Ramps | Heat Tracing Cables & Systems –  Thorne & Derrick can design and supply outdoor ice and snow melting systems where the cables are being fitted into tarmac, concrete and under block paving constructions where the cables must be of durable construction to withstand building site environments.

Ramp heating technical Benefits

  • Highly robust ramp heating cable
  • Suited to complex installation conditions
  • Flexible mounting for the heating of ramps, stairs and walkways
  • Radially and longitudinally waterproof to suit all weather conditions
  • Outer jacket is strongly grouted with protective braid

Also by using heating for ramps in areas prone to weather conditions, property owners can enhance safety and minimise liability – this can improve accessibility during the cold seasons and prolonged periods of sub-zero temperatures leading to the formation of dangerous levels of ice and snow accumulation.

Ramp Heating Cable | Eltherm ELSR

Ramp Heating | Eltherm ELSR

Heating Circuit Length for elsr-ramp

Eltherm’s cables are specifically designed for easy installation and embedded or placed on top of existing surfaces. Additionally, the ELSR-RAMP cable offers minimal maintenance and are reliable with continuous solutions to keep surfaces free from snow and ice without manual intervention. The below table shows the exact heating circuit length for ELSR-RAMP.

Switch On Temperature Nominal Cutout Value (A) Heating Circuit Length (m) for ELSR-Ramp
-10ºC 10 18
-10ºC 16 28
-10ºC 20 36
-10ºC 25 45
-10ºC 32 55

hEATING cable circuit lengths on the following conditions:

  • 230V nominal voltage
  • Delayed action circuit breakers (C-characteristic) with 80% maximum load
  • Maximum 10% line voltage drop on ramp heating cable bus wire
  • Power connection to one trace heater cable end
  • In certain installation situations, the ramp heating circuit length may vary – contact Thorne & Derrick

Trace hEATING cable Applications

Ramp heater cables can be installed in various outdoor locations where snow and ice accumulation pose a risk. This includes the following:

  • Parking garages entrances and exits
  • Helicopter landing sites
  • Disable access ramps
  • Loading bay rampways
  • Concrete ramps
  • Stairs and footpaths

These heating cables are integral components of electric heating systems designed to automatically activate in response to temperature drops, ensuring surfaces remain free from snow and ice without manual intervention.

Ramp Heating Installation for Alleviation & Melting of Accumulated Snow & Ice Buildup

Ramp Heating Installation for Alleviation & Melting of Accumulated Snow & Ice Buildup

contact us for technical support and advice about selecting the correct heating cable for your application.

➡ T&D stock trace heating cables in a range of technologies including self-regulating, constant wattage, mineral insulated and parallel resistance types.

Did you know? Thorne & Derrick stock and supply a range of ATEX trace heating cables suitable for use in hazardous areas.

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