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EasyHeat and Nelson Heat Trace are Emerson Industrial Automation brands.

Nelson Heat Trace specialise in industrial and hazardous area heat trace cables, controls, monitors and accessories. EasyHeat trace heating cables provide frost protection to commercial and residential metal or plastic water pipework vulnerable to freezing.

EasyHeat have been manufacturing heat tracing cables and accessories since 1951 – they have been delivering the largest range of electric trace heating products that safely and efficiently provide pipe heating and frost protection of pipework.

Thorne & Derrick are stockists and distributors of the full range of EasyHeat heat tracing products and provide full system solutions for applications throughout most industries.

Using innovative designs, superior materials and extreme levels of quality control, EasyHeat manufacture easy-to-install, reliable trace heating products that have earned the trust of commercial and industrial customers.

Heat tracing for commercial and industrial applications provides both frost protection and process temperature maintenance of pipes, vessels, drums and tanks.

Heat tracing for commercial and industrial applications provides both frost protection and process temperature maintenance of pipes, vessels, drums and tanks.

Easyheat – CommerCIAL Heat Tracing Cable Products

EasyHeat is dedicated to ensuring working and living surroundings are safe, comfortable and productive by providing a wide range of heat trace cables and products that efficiently and safely heat within residential, industrial and commercial applications.

With electrical heating cables and products for applications that range from melting ice on pipes to preventing pipes from freezing and de-icing pavements to warming underfloors, Easyheat has a product or solution for most applications.

Pipe freeze protection cables from EasyHeat are used to protect water supply and drain pipes from freezing and ultimately bursting which can result in large areas of damage and serious financial implications.

EasyHeat offers safe and reliable heat trace cable products that are easy to install and reliable. The product range includes:

Easyheat SR Heat Trace Cable Installation

EasyHeat SR Heat Trace Cable Installation

Easyheat Self Regulating Cable

Electrical Solutions To Cold Weather Problems

EasyHeat SR heating cable provides an effective solution to cold weather related problems. From preventing pipes from freezing to removing ice build up in drains or gutter pipes, SR cable is engineered to alter its heat output as the surrounding temperature changes. As the the temperature gets colder the cable gets hotter.

SR heat trace cable is available in power densities of 3, 5 and 8 watts per foot, all heat trace cables are UL listed and can be supplied in 120 volt and 240 volt supply ratings.

The benefits of self regulated heat trace cable are that there is no wasted power as the cable automatically adjusts to the ambient temperature and as soon as that temperature has been reached, the cable powers-off meaning that only the exact amount of energy needed is ever used. SR cable is available in cut-to-length and pre-terminated kits making installation easier for cable installers.

An Introduction To EasyHeat AHB Electric Freeze Protection Cables

Self-Regulating Heat Trace Cable

How It Works

Easyheat Self Regulating Trace Heating Cable

EasyHeat Self Regulating Trace Heating Cable

EasyHeat SR heat trace cable is constructed from a special irradiated self-regulating core with a TPE inner jacket, copper ground braid with moisture and UV resistant over jacket. When the outside temperature drops, the cable core has many conductive paths that generate electric heat to keep the water flowing in the pipe.

As the surrounding temperature increases, there are fewer conductive paths and therefore less heat is generated meaning the trace heating cable uses the exact amount of energy needed.

As the cable is self-regulating, it can be wrapped over itself if required when installed on pipes, flanges or valves. Other key benefits of EasyHeat SR heat trace cable include:

    • specially designed Easyheat kits provide exactly what is required for installing SR trace heating cables. Included in each connection kit are instructions for connecting the cable to power supplies or other cables
    • cut to length design enables easy field sizing and installation of other cables


EasyHeat self-regulating trace heating cables are an effective solution to cold weather and frost problems in both residential and commercial applications providing freeze protection to water pipework for all winter conditions down to -40°C.

Easyheat Heat Trace Cable Typical Product Applications

EasyHeat cables and accessories are typically used for frost protection, temperature maintenance and melting ice on roofs. Specially designed EasyHeat kits provide the correct hardware for properly installing SR trace self-regulating heating cables.

Each connection kit contains detailed instructions for connecting the cable to power supplies and other heating cables. There are many industries in which heat tracing cable is used and for many applications – the most common industries include petrochemical, oil and gas, refineries, pharmaceutical and power generation.

In applications, where pipes are exposed to cold temperatures such as petrochemical plants in colder climates, trace heating cable is commonly used to prevent liquid from freezing or to maintain viscosity.

Thermal insulation alone is incapable of preventing pipework freezing and therefore pipes must be heat traced to guarantee frost protection.

Nelson Heat Trace Cables

Nelson Heat Trace Cables: Suitable For Hazardous Area Locations.

About Easyheat

Established in 1951, EasyHeat are today part of the Emerson industrial automation group of companies. Emerson Industrial offer the most trusted and innovative products for power generation, electrical protection, power quality, industrial heating, precision cleaning and materials joining.

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