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Easyheat SR Trace Heating Cables - Self Regulating Heater Cable

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EasyHeat SR trace heating cables are used in frost protection and de-icing applications to prevent costly damage to residential and commercial guttering and roofs. This could be caused by ice formation or accumulation of snow in roof valleys, gutters which are prone to ice-damming and dangerous icicles and also downspouts that freeze and clog.  The self-regulating heater cable automatically varies its heat output as the surrounding temperature changes.

Self Regulating Heater Cable

EasyHeat SR – Features & Benefits

  • Cable manufactured with a waterproof TPE outer jacket, allowing cables to be installed in either dry or wet environments
  • Heating cables be wrapped over itself to minimise the risk of damaging temperature-sensitive roof coatings
  • Available in power densities of 3, 5 and 8 watts per foot (0.30 m) at 10°C/50°F for both 120 Vac and 240 Vac applications
  • 240 Vac heating cables can also be used in 208 Vac or 277 Vac applications
  • SR trace heating cables are UL Listed to US and Canadian Safety Standards and CSA Certified
  • Minimum installation temperature -40ºC
  • Available in cut-to-order lengths, 250 ft (76.20 m) self dispensing reel boxes and 750 ft (228.6 m) master supply reels
  • See further information about Heating & Heat Tracing Cables
EasyHeat SR Self Regulating Heater Cable

EasyHeat SR Self Regulating Heater Cable


EasyHeat Cable Part NumberSR51J Heating CableSR52J Heating Cable
Voltage (VAC)120208 / 240 / 277
Nominal Power Output in Ice (w/ft)8.08.0
Nominal Power Output at 50ºF5.05.0
Maximum Single Cable Length (ft)191381
Minimum Installation Temperature-40ºC-40ºC

self-regulating core

The self-regulating core at the centre of the EasyHeat SR trace heating cable is conductive and adjusts according to the surrounding temperature. When it is cold, the heating cable’s core has  many conductive paths that generate enough heat to keep water flowing from the roof to the ground. When the surrounding temperature rises, there are fewer conductive paths, therefore generating less heat.

Self Regulating Heater Cable | EasyHeat SR

Self Regulating Heater Cable | EasyHeat SR

EasyHeat Heater Cables provide frost protection using heat tracing cables to water pipework, hot water temperature maintenance, roof and gutter heating and snow melting for driveways, loading and car park ramps.