Frost Protection Of Water Pipework – Thermon FLX Heating Cables

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Frost Protection Of Water Pipework - Thermon FLX Heating Cables

Thermon FLX Heat Trace Cables – Trace Heating

Thermon FLX self-regulating heat tracing cables provide frost protection to pipework, instrument lines, tanks and drums up to 65° Celsius.

Thermon FLX Heat Tracing Cables

Frost Protection Of Water Pipework


Thermon FLX heat trace cable wattages per metre at 10°C – 10, 16, 26 and 33 watts.

  • Nominal Supply Voltage : 110-120 VAC or 208-277 VAC
  • Maximum Continuous Exposure Temperature : Power On: 65ºC, Power Off 85° Celsius
  • Circuit Protection : 30mA ground fault protection required
  • Minimum Cable Bend Radius : At -15ºC 10mm ; at -60ºC 32mm

Thermon FLX self-regulating trace heating cables increase power output as temperatures fall to provide guaranteed frost protection and temperature maintenance of pipework. Common applications include: mains cold water, sprinkler pipework, boosted cold water services, risers and chilled water frost protection in safe non-hazardous and hazardous area locations.

Trace Heating Cables - Frost Protection Heating Pipework

Pipework Frost Protection: Thermon FLX electric heat traced freeze protection for non-metallic* (plastic PVC, PEHD, PP, PVDF) and metallic (copper/stainless steel) pipework.

*Non-Metallic Pipe Frost Protection

  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • PEHD (Polyethylene – High Density)
  • PP (Polypropylene)
  • PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)
Frost Protection - Trace Heating For Pipes, Valves, Flanged, Elbows

Flange & Pipe Support Frost Protection. Flanges: heating cables should be looped around pipe on each side of adjacent to the flange, frost protection cable must maintain contact with surface to compensate for heat loss. Pipe Supports: insulated pipe supports do not require additional heating cables, for uninsulated supports allow two times the length of the support plus additional 40cm of heater cable.

Frost Protection - Trace Heating For Pipes, Valves, Flanged, Elbows

Elbow, Pump & Valve Frost Protection. Elbows: locate heating cable on outside radius of elbow providing sufficient heat dissipation to pipe and affixed by tape on each side of the elbow. Pumps: additional frost protection and electric surface heating is achieved by serpentining tracer cables and replacing heat loss from mechanical plant. Valves: install frost protection heating cables in looping style to allow future valve relocation.

Thermon FLX Heat Tracing Cables

Thermon video providing an overview of best practices for installing heat trace cables to both industrial and hazardous area location pipework. Video covers heat trace cable selection, testing, inspection and pipework preparation prior to installing cables to pipes, valves, flanges and un-insulated pipe supports.


Frost Protection Of Water Pipework - Thermon FLX Heating Cables

Frost Protection Pipe Heating Cable


Thermon FLX heating cables provide temperature maintenance and frost protection to pipework and mechanical services in all industries – typical applications include heating process pipework, instrument lines and storage tanks to maintain viscosity or prevent frost damage as an integral work-task of plant Winterisation.

Thermon FLX Heat Tracing Cables


Thermon FLX Heat Tracing Cables

Trace Heating

Trace Heating: Keeping Roofs, Gutters, Ramps, Pipes & Tanks Protected Against Frost, Snow & Ice

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