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Eltherm Heated Hoses

Heated Hoses For Frost Protection & Temperature Maintenance

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Heated hoses are the ideal solution for the reliable transfer and transportation of liquids or gases without any loss of heat in both safe and hazardous areas. The maintain temperature required, power, application and outer protection material will determine the choice of  hose. Typical applications include gas analysis, hot melt machines, bitumen transfer lines, heavy oil transfer and wax processing equipment.

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Gas substances are typically channelled between the measurement point and the analysis instrument in the analysis technique such as refineries, flue gas, mechanical engineering, chemical industry and the motor industry. For many applications the gas must have freeze protection, be protected against condensation or guarantee a constant temperature of up to 250°C.

A heated hose can be used to heat up, to prevent heat loss and to transport media such as grease, wax, oils, water, glue, foodstuffs etc – it is vital to keep these products in a liquid form.

Types Of Heated Hose

  1. Analyser Hoses – specified to provide temperature maintenance and frost protec tion up to 450° Celsius on hose diameters 4-10mm.
  2. Industrial Heated Pressure Hoses – to provide temperature maintenance and frost protection up to 250° Celsius on hose diameters 8-100mm.

All heated hoses are designed and produced specially to customer specifications – contact us with your requirement.

Controlled analytic hoses

This type of hose is installed to transport and transfer gaseous media from the point of withdrawal to an analytic measuring device – the hose is fixed-mounted in plants or in the form of portable systems.

Heated Hoses - Controlled Analytic Heated Hoses

Controlled Analytic Hoses

Heated Pressure Hoses

This type of heated hose provides process heating to maintain a constant temperature and transfer hose contents without heat loss – typical media include oil, wax, resin, tar, paint, grease, water, glue, plastic and foodstuffs.

Heated Hoses - Heated Pressure Hoses

Heated Pressure Hoses

Heated Hoses - Heated Analytic Hose Heated Sample Line

Heated Analytic Hose – used in analyser technologies

Eltherm Hose Benefits

In order to meet the high standards Eltherm have set and to ensure optimum cable heating output on the carrier hose, the range of standard hoses are configured to include bifilar heated cables and special spacers.

Spacial density in the hose that carries the heating cable ensures perfectly homogeneous heat distribution throughout the hose in addition to optimum element loading.

The additional glass fibre spacer serves to prevent hot spots in moving applications with greater bending strain, as contact between the heating cables is avoided.

Other key advantages include:

  • High power density resulting from tight winding of the heating cable with spacer
  • Homogeneous and therefore optimal heat distribution
  • Resistance to greater bending strain
  • Longer service life and durability
  • Very high quality standard
  • Hot spot prevention

Hose Heating Applications

  • hot melt machines
  • wax transfer systems
  • polyurethane foaming equipment
  • insulated glass machinery
  • gas analysis measuring equipment
  • chemical dosing systems
  • bitumen transfer
  • heavy fuel oil systems
  • food treatment and transfer
  • packaging equipment

Heated Hoses

Analytic Hoses


Eltherm Analytic Heated Hose

Eltherm Analytic Heated Hose

Eltherm controlled analytic heated hoses serve to transport gaseous media from the point of withdrawal to the analytic measuring device. In most cases they are fix mounted in plants or in the form of portable systems.

One of their primary functions is in officially mandated emission monitoring in power stations or waste incineration plants. The range of Eltherm analytic hoses are also increasingly used in process analytics by various industries including petrochemical, oil and gas.

Key benefits of the Eltherm analytic heated hoses include:

  • Transport of gaseous media without loss of temperature
  • Operating temperatures 5°C – 450°C
  • Nominal hose widths: 2mm – 12mm
  • Hose length: 0.3m – 150.0m
  • Voltage: 12V – 400V
  • Heat output optimised for each application
  • Great heating circuit lengths
  • Hose heating cables produced in-house
Eltherm Analytic Heated Hoses Product Components

Eltherm Analytic Hoses Product Components

Analytic Heated Hoses

Product Components

  1. Inner Liners – there are a range of liners available for the Eltherm analytic heated hoses – these are chosen dependent on the temperature required.
  2. Sensor – temperature sensor is mounted between the inner lining and heating cable for temperature control. Additional sensors can also be mounted in any position required for further temperature detection and monitoring using the equipment.
  3. A – Heating cable – the resistance heating cable is produced in-house and is the basic heater element. The cables are insulated with fluoropolymer. 3.B – Spacer – the spacer is manufactured from braided glass fibre and provides reliable protection for the heating cable against damage and hot spots in the event of bending strain.
  4. Insulation – insulation depends on the maximum operating temperature and the selection of the heater outer jacket.
  5. Outer Jacket – selection is determined by the application, bend radius and ambient temperatures. The outer jacket provides heated hoses with reliable protection from humidity, weather and external environmental impact and mechanical strain.
  6. End caps – used to seal off both ends of the hose and the integrated strain relief provides reliable relief for the connecting cable.
  7. Connecting fitting – connection to the analyser or probe
  8. Connecting cables – by default, the connecting cable is led out separately.

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Electric Heated Hoses

Electrical Heated Hoses & Heated Sample Lines – hose heating for greases, oils, waxes, resins, bitumen, varnish, water, CO2 carbon dioxide, foam plastics, glues and foodstuffs.


Hazardous Area Heated Hoses

Eltherm Hazardous Area Heated Hoses

Eltherm explosion proof heated hoses are used for the transportation of liquids or gases within hazardous areas without any loss of temperature and are certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 location hazardous areas.

The process temperatures range from 5°C – (frost protection) to 200°C and each heated hose is configured according to individual customer specifications. The entire system is hazardous area certified for use and only EC type-tested individual components are selected.

Anti-static outer jackets are used throughout chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors in addition to plant engineering and power stations.

Common areas of application include process control and control systems as well as monitoring of air-conditioning systems.

Hoses The for Automotive & Robotic Industry

Heated hoses for applications within the automotive and robotic industries, such as securing car windscreens. Car windscreens are secured using a hot adhesive applied using a robotic arm; this glue must be maintained within a specific temperature range to provide optimum adhesion and is delivered by industrial hose.

Heated Hoses for ONSHORE & OFFSHORE Oil Pumping

These products reduce viscosity of heavy oil to enable this to be pumped between containers and transporters with ease in safe and hazardous areas – electric hoses can be used with light oil in areas with severe winter and freezing conditions.

Heated Hose - flexible heated hoses used to transfer chocolate from process tanks

Flexible heated hoses used to transfer chocolate from process tanks

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